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Bajaj Motorcycles Get Costlier By 2 %

Posted: 15 Oct 2010 05:30 PM PDT

After Hero Honda, Bajaj is the only manufacturer who sells at a pace very much in competition with the former. The brand has given the Indian two wheeler sector a lot and is still working on getting better with every new launch on the cards. The Bajaj Pulsar including all the models starting from the Pulsar 135LS, 150,  180, 200 upto Pulsar 220.

The brand's products are extremely good and well priced but the bad news is that the company has increased the prices of all its two wheeler products by as high as 2% with effect from 1st October 2010. Bajaj Auto Managing Director Rajiv Bajaj told reporters,"We have raised prices by up to 2 per cent for almost all two-wheeler models from October 1,"


The price hike trend initiated my major manufacturers like Tata, Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra & Mahindra owing to rising input costs is being followed by two wheeler brands also and Bajaj is the first one to take this step. Reported sales for Bajaj in the month of September were 3,14,515 units which is 26% percent growth in what it sold in the same month, the previous year.

Now we have to see how much sales are sacrificed due to the price change or no sales are sacrificed since it is the most loved brand. We will have to wait and watch.

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Honda May Split With Hero Group – End Of Hero Honda

Posted: 15 Oct 2010 05:00 PM PDT

Honda is one of the leading manufacturers of world class products including cars and two wheeler( In collaboration with Hero Group ) and is very popular in India too. Honda Motor Company being the second largest manufacturer carries enough potential to stand on its own and this could be one of the reasons why it is considering a split with the Hero Group.

Yes its true. The joint venture between the Munjals of the Hero Group and Honda Motor Company may come to an end since the latter is busy evaluating proposals for a deal effective enough to make Honda exit the venture.


The Munjals were the ones who made the proposal since Honda's technology licensing agreement is to end by 2014 before which the company should find a way out. Currently the Hondas hold 26 percent stake in the Hero Honda venture while the Munjals 26.21 percent share comprises of individual stakes from several investment companies.

As per the sources last month Honda Motor official had flown to New Delhi to meet the Munjal and discuss the proposed deals and reinforcing the news was the statement given to Australia's Sydney Morning Herald by Tatsuhiro Oyama, senior managing director, Honda Motor Company which said, "The (Munjal) family has its own intentions; we are considering them."

So we guess the matter is quite transparent and the actual result will be in front of us in some time from now. 

Honda May Split With Hero Group – End Of Hero Honda is a post from: Copyrights 2010 CarBlogIndia - All About Automobiles. All Rights Reserved. Copyright Policy

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