Scuba, First Car Can Dive

The car was driven by electric motors and can dive to a depth of 10 meters. Making a car moving in the water was no longer a dream. Rinspeed CEO Frank Rinderknecht, in March and showed a prototype of the world's first car that can swim and dive to a depth of 10 meters.

Located at the Geneva motor show this, Rinderknecht in a video showing how to design a car company can continue to run smoothly without any problems. Seen diving car and then came back to the surface to drive into the street freely. Operation of the car was fairly easy, because to function and do not dive it only takes one button.

Rinspeed cars from Switzerland this is the first claimed previously although many cars with similar design can also drove in the water. sQuba, so the car's name, the excess is on the use of modern technology and the car was able to dive following the passengers in depth.

car divers 2

On previous cars are also in the car amphibious species, such as climbers or ALPHA, Citroen DS made in 1960, and Chrysler Labarron made in the era of the 70s, is still a new car does not have such advantages are offered by the sQuba. This excess is, capable of diving, fuel-efficient, and lighter because although some of the frame made of steel but most components are made of carbon fiber materials.

"This makes the lightest and sQuba becomes one of the cars that have applied nanotechnology," said Rinderknecht.

sQuba car also became the first divers from class sedan. Design berkerangka open doors, use an electric motor, two propeller and two jet engines escapement, thus allowing the car can travel long distances. This car is also better claim because it is designed to produce no emissions either when walking on land and at sea. This car is because energy is supplied from the type of lithium-ion battery.

"We draw from a dream with a James Bond film The Spy films Who Loved Me, released in 1977."

Seeing this film, was amazed Rinspeed and then dreamed about it. But admittedly, very different from the design. James Bond vehicles original form is a closed sedan with wings on the right and left, while no Rinspeed design.

In the sQuba, this vehicle drivers must come dive with the car and to feel the chill of the water. Breathing in the cabin for the vehicle has provided equipment and diving equipment device oxygen regulators issued from the cabin automatically. The air is always guaranteed fresh with no leak records.

The concept of sQuba is capable of diving up to 10 meters makes it as a potential military vehicles going. Self-drive with free, anyone can use this car for sneak and snoop. The car also offered superior because it can maneuver freely. But that does not mean like a fish that can be shot. There are still many limitations which, according Rinspeed team is a challenge.

This car also is said to be incarnation of a racing car made in the special techniques Esoro facilities in Switzerland. In the first phase done is to remove and replace the combustion engine with three electric motors machine. Three engines are all placed in the rear. One for driving while on the ground and the other two are used to move the water.

Engines are also supported by two staff Seabob jet in front. These vehicles are used for breathing by utilizing lap time through HS Genion (for opening and closing function of water turnover). This specially designed jet with carbon nano materials.
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