2011 Nissan GT-R


The GT-R is somewhat of an exception given its legendary status and limited volumes. The U.S. allotment is an average of 1500 GT-Rs a year for five years, but Nissan is skewing production higher in the first year, to 2400 units. Dominique suspects the U.S. may need 2400 in the second year as well. The third model year is when the numbers are expected to drop off and the Spec V will make its timely entrance as a 2011 model.
Nissan wants to strategically introduce the Spec V to keep the GT-R fresh, Dominique says. The automaker also needs time to educate U.S. buyers on the GT-R itself. While this is the seventh generation of the Japanese icon, it is the first to be sold in the U.S.

Nissan GT R 2011 4 Nissan GT R 2011 6

Volumes for the Spec V will be even smaller than the limited run for the GT-R. And if customers are clamoring for the higher-performance version from day one, Dominique says he is fine with years of anticipation.
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