6 Fabulous Facts about 2011 Range Rover


(Contributed by Design 911 ). The Range Rover brand will forever emanate class, exquisiteness, and luxury. However, the further enhancements to the 2010 are beyond compare!

1. Luxury Akin to that of Jaguar

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The new knob style gear shift in the 2011 Range Rover was first seen similarly in the Jaguar XF. This new addition took the place of the previous lever shift. The knob style gear shift is from the steering wheel and allows the driver to manually select a mode of driving, be it sports or neutral.

2. Design Deluxe

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Enjoy the new body style with the 2011 Range Rover as Exterior Design Pack is composed of a new bumper, complete with grille, venting, surrounding fog lamps, side sill, and finishers for exhaust. While there is a limited edition available in Autobiography black, two new hues of white and blue are available.

3. Emissions Overhaul

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Emissions for the 2011 Range Rover are lessened by a whopping 14 percent. This new 4.4-litre V8 diesel outclasses the 3.6-litre TDV8 allowing for power packed performance above 30.1mpg.

4. Range Rover Gusto

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Power with this Range Rover is noticeable when the driver reaches top speeds in about eight seconds with a maximum speed of 130mph. This is evident by a torque increase rate of 60Nm to 700Nm.

5. Brembo Braking System

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With high rates of speed a dependable braking system is without question. Brembo braking system is preferred among car makers internationally. Their superior efficiency is standard in the Range Rover which is now an eight-cylinder diesel.

The 2011 edition is certainly fit for a king! Engine components have been upgraded. Fuel emissions are improved. Speed and torque have been upped. A new selection mode system for your driving preference is available. Perhaps the most obvious enhancement is the revamping is the new Exterior Design Pack. The name says it all, the Range Rover covers a range of luxuries most notably associated with its Range Rover brand.
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