Belcar: W Racing Team win the 10 Hours of Zolder and championship title

Belcar: W Racing Team win the 10 Hours of Zolder and championship title

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Belcar: W Racing Team win the 10 Hours of Zolder and championship title

Posted: 15 Nov 2010 05:59 AM PST


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The curtain has fallen on the Belcar Endurance Championship, although it was more of a rain curtain that participants in the Sun 10 Hours of Zolder process received. The terrible weather transformed this final match to a heavy ordeal for the participants. The teams from Audi finally achieved a double victory: François Verbist and Bert Longin won the race, while Anthony Kumpen and Greg Franchi captured the title with half point ahead of their rivals and Maxime Soulet Marc Goossens.Gallery after the jump!

As in the rest of the country, the weather is not too good when the celebrations begin: a threatening sky, persistent and sometimes heavy rain in short, that lets you not racing on the track is to. After removal of the warm-up in the morning, the qualifications held on a wet circuit. The Swiss Marcel Fässler, attracted as reinforcement in the Audi R8 LMS No. 73 on the side of Greg Franchi and Anthony Kumpen, shines.

At the scheduled start time the circuit is impassable by huge lakes and streams on the road, particularly at the braking zone for the hairpin at the emergency medical post. The maintenance done everything possible and half hour delay, the peloton started behind the safety car. Immediately there was commotion. Because the battery is suffering from the humidity, it takes time for the Porsche of Marc Goossens to start the car and drive back the field when the light turns green after four rounds at a leisurely pace.

Marcel Fässler front gives immediately the pace with the rapid Audi R8. The Swiss pilot plant as a shadow, followed by Germany’s Marc Lieb (Porsche), Francois Verbist (Audi) and a very enterprising Jeffrey Van Hooydonk (Dodge). Unfortunately laatstgenoemgde in the 23rd round back to the pits after a critical moment in the braking zone for the Jacky Ickx, which he loses contact with the leaders. The rain intensified again and some pilots are surprised by the precarious grip on the track. They become acquainted with the gravel and the tire wall. After about one hour ripped the safety car out twice, which changes the hierarchy at the expense of the tenors of Audi. “We have a strategic mistake by not entering in the first neutralization. Moreover, we have lost an extra 40 seconds by a balky wheel nut “says Anthony Kumpen.

Our competitors are fully Maxime Soulet Marc Goossens and to advance to second place behind Francois Verbist and Bert Longin (Audi) after 2:30 game, when the first points are awarded. This first ranking among the Porsche pilots increase their lead on Prospeed Kumpen Franchi-to three points. In the second quarter of the match the tenors increase their lead over the rest of the field, where the Lamborghini of Lagrange De Laet-Heyer (suspension) has disappeared. But the title race is wide open, because after driving the Audi wedstrijduur fifth of Kumpen-Franchi-Fässler in the lead a few seconds for the car here in degrindbak slide in Villeneuve chicane. The Swiss soon take his place, but Richard Westbrook has less luck.

The Briton gets first drive-through because of overtaking under yellow flags. When he has served his sentence, he goes on the runway in the Villeneuve chicane where he is the radiator of the beautiful 911 GT3-R damage. The verdict was harsh back to the pits for repairs that Maxime Soulet Marc Goossens and nine free rounds! The hope of changing final camp, although anything can still happen in these apocalyptic conditions. “The car moves continuously across the water. This is the hardest race of my career, “admits Marcel Fässler.

The second part of the race is a series of incidents which involved quite a few reputed pilots. Sliders usually end in the gravel with a few seconds delay and a good dose of stress for the team in the pitlane. Even the experienced Marc Goossens is here in error, but after this precious time lost, he pulls back in the chase. In the stands, everyone has his prediction about the outcome of the title race ready. Most tapping Franchi-Kumpen, although its no mistake afford because the championship could well be decided by half point.

Front believe François Verbist and Bert Longin something more in each round their chances. That first victory of 2010 is up for grabs! Nothing disturbs the triumph of the Audi No. 72 yet. The young Benjamin Bailly does not end in action. All credit goes to the two professors. WRT at Audi is the party completely, because Greg Franchi – are only the first relay in the run-based finished – and Anthony Kumpen, beautifully assisted by Marcel Fässler, achieved the third place, enough for the title by half point difference. “Formidable! Brilliant! Super! “Pats on the back, kisses, beers, the total triumph for the forces of Vincent Vosse, who ontroerder than he wants to show it. One year after Jean-Francois Hemroulle and Tim Verbergt extends the brand with the four rings title.

The youth of Prospeed, well supported by the rapid Marc Lieb, achieving a fine second place in the 10 hours, the new champions and the vice-champions and Maxime Soulet Marc Goossens, of course disappointed. They have done everything yet. “The title to lose half point, which is extremely frustrating”, analyzing “Goofy”, which tells that this is the biggest disappointment of his career. Also surprising are the Dutch Simon Knapp and Jochen Habets, winners in Class 4 with a “simple” Porsche 997 GT3, and Koen Wauters, Jeffrey Hoodonk Vanthoor and Raf, which still had advanced strongly after their problems in the beginning.

Beautiful champions in Classes
In this 10 Hours of Zolder, there were exciting fights and the great champions in various classes and divisions. Class 4 dominated Chris Matthew and Bert Redant, assisted by Nico Verdonck and Olivier Van Oost, long debates, but they had finally put the thumbs for Simon Knapp and Jochen Habets. This verdict brought the title of Patrick and Dylan Derdaele, the Champion Racing Porsche of Belgium, not in danger despite a defect in the beginning of the race (operating the gearbox). In Tourism wins the BMW 335i of the trio Becker-Van-Van Samang Samang, 8th place overall with a beautiful as the icing on the cake. Patrick and Dimitri Beliën Cuyvers satisfy themselves of their title with the BMW 120d.

1. Verbist-Longin (LMS Audi R8) 270 laps
2. Ide-Maes-Lieb (Porsche 911 GT3-R) at 2 laps
3. Franchise-Kumpen Fässler (Audi R8 LMS) at 4 laps
4. Goossens-Westbrook-Soulet (Porsche 911 GT3-R) 10 laps
5. Handsome-Habets (Porsche 997 GT3 Cup) on 12 laps, winners in Class 4
6. Wauters-Van Hooydonk-Vanthoor (Dodge Viper) 13 laps
7. Matthew Redant Verdonck-Van-Oost (Porsche 997 GT3 Cup)
8. Becker-Van-Van Samang Samang (BMW 335i Coupé) at 15 laps, winners in Tourism
9. Moser-Lémeret Schmetz-Renard (Aston Martin DBRS9)
10. Bruynoghe-Van Beurden-Lauwers (Porsche 997 GT3 Cup) at 16 laps
11. Beliën-Cuyvers (BMW 120d) on 17 laps
12. Grouwels-Grouwels (Renault Clio) at 22 laps
13. Bouvy-Coens-Cellars (Ferrari 430)
14. Franssen-Franssen-Franssen (BMW M3) 24 laps
15. Verhoeven Verhoeven (BMW M3 GTR) on 25 laps, etc.

Championship (unofficial):
1. Franchi-Kumpen 105.5
2. Goossens-Soulet 105
3. Verbist-Longin 95.5
4. Maes Ide 78
5. Wauters, Van Hooydonk 56

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