James Bond Aston Martin DB5: Video

Posted: 08 Nov 2010 04:11 AM PST

This is probably the most famous Aston Martin in the world, its is the silver DB5 that first appeared in the James Bond movie Goldfinger. This video is presented by The Daily Telegraph’s Motoring Correspondent Andrew English who outlines the car’s history and the gadgets that made the car so famous – the bullet-proof shield, machine guns, tire shredders, oil slick dispenser and, of course, the ejector seat.

What’s amazing is that almost all the gadgets used in the movie, are actually working on the real life Aston Martin DB5, which is priced at around 5 million GBP!

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Cars 2 trailer: Video

Posted: 08 Nov 2010 03:14 AM PST

Due to the huge success of the first Cars movie, Pixar has produced a sequel and here is the first look at the new film Cars 2.

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait until the summer of 2011 to watch the new cars movie but for now watch the Cars 2 trailer below with Lightning McQueen and Mater in a Mission Impossible style scene which doesn’t look much like Radiator Springs.

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