Vortex F1 makes world debut at Sema 2010

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 10:01 AM PST

There was certainly a lot cars at the 2010 SEMA show this year and while it’s great to see our favorite cars customized its even better to see automakers displaying new models and one of the newbies at the event making its debut was the Vortex F1.

The new F1 track car by Vortex motors is powered by an upgraded version of General Motors’ turbocharged 2.0-liter Ecotec inline-four engine which is mated to a six-speed manual transmission.

In the standard model, the F1 output is rated at 290 horsepower and 340 pound-feet of torque, but Vortex are also planning on selling an Ultimate version, bumping those numbers up to 330 and 360, respectively.

The body is constructed out of a mix of fiberglass and aluminum, with carbon fiber available as an option. The Turn Key weighs in at a feather-light 1,400 pounds, and thus, Vortex is targeting a 0-60 time of just 2.7 seconds and a quarter-mile run of just 10.5 seconds at 130 miles per hour.

The Vortex sits on a set of 17 inch rims and the price such a machine is $49,995 for the Turn Key or $69,995 for the Ultimate.

Check out the Vortex F1 gallery below.

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Redline Dodge Charger Concept: Sema 2010

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 08:13 AM PST

Chrysler were also present at the 2010 Sema show and one of the highlights of their display was the 2011 Dodge Charger Redline Concept.

The crimson four-door muscle car sits an inch lower to the ground on a set of 22-inch Super Alloy wheels. Other trim pieces include the black spoilers fore and aft, tinted head and taillights, a black roof and a black side scoop to take you back to the 1970 Dodge Charger R/T.

Powering this Charger is a 5.7-liter Hemi wearing Mopar headers, as well as a cold-air intake and exhaust.

The interior has been given a black and red theme. Other interior features include, aluminum bezels, Katzkin leather and prototype paddle shifters.

Check out the Redline Charger in the gallery of high-res photos below.

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Toyota Tundra Sportsman: Sema 2010

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 07:56 AM PST

Another one of Toyota’s custom cars on display at the 2010 Sema show was the Tundra Sportsman. Co-developed with Bass Pro Shops, this four-wheel drive, Tundra comes equipped with the optional TRD Rock Warrior package. and a gigantic deck that pops up and provides hunters with a camouflaged perch.

The Tundra Sportsman is powered by a 5.7 liter V8 engine mated with a six-speed automatic transmission. The ride height has been increased by three inches for improved ground clearance over uneven terrain. A custom exhaust was created with pipes routed up through the center of the bed and exiting the roof top deck for improved water crossing capability. Additional off-road enhancements include the installation of a custom air intake and snorkel.

Out back, there’s a fully operational kitchen complete with a gas stove and a sink. There’s also plenty of luxury inside, with a weather station, GPS system and a bevy of waterproof speakers.

Check out the gallery below and if you want more info on this ultimate off-roader then read the press release after the jump.

Toyota Tundra Sportsman Gallery

Toyota Tundra Sportsman press release

Making its public debut at the 2010 SEMA Show is the "Tundra Sportsman" concept pickup truck. For this project, Toyota teamed with long-time business partner Bass Pro Shops and their RedHead Pro Hunting Team members to create this unique show truck, inspired by the outdoor tradition of hunting. The "Tundra Sportsman" serves two roles: It provides an opportunity to push the creative boundaries of truck utility, and through use of the hunting theme, it reminds consumers of how Tundra and Bass Pro Shops complete the outdoor sports experience. This vehicle also boasts numerous vehicle performance upgrades that complement the utility and visual enhancements to maximize vehicle capability.

Toyota used a 2011 Tundra Double Cab 4×4 equipped with the TRD Rock Warrior Package and 5.7-liter V8 with a six-speed automatic transmission as the canvas for the concept truck. Performance modifications began with a three-inch suspension lift to increase ground clearance over uneven terrain. A custom exhaust was created with pipes routed up through the center of the bed and exiting the roof top deck for improved water crossing capability. Additional off-road enhancements included the installation of a custom air intake and snorkel. Finally, to help handle the roughest off-road conditions the Tundra Sportsman rides on ATX 18-inch Teflon-coated wheels fitted onto 33 x 12.5-inch Nitto Mud Grapplers.

The exterior design strategy was to create a truck that looked good on the street while still staying true to the build theme of an authentic off-road vehicle designed to be used by a sportsman. This was accomplished by using a muted color palette of Grays and Blacks to blend in with the wooded environment without the cliché of camouflage to sustain curb appeal. To further differentiate the Tundra Ultimate Sportsman from most contemporary "street" applications, semi-gloss paint was used for the body and shell while a flat finish was applied to the trim. The exterior was topped off with a custom front "Bull Bar" to protect the front end of the truck during off-roading.

Inside, the truck was designed to be a command center for extended hunting trips as essential field electronics such as a weather station and GPS have been installed. To minimize wear, the TRD Rock Warrior bucket seats were upholstered in waterproof Black and Gray material. The black Rock Warrior carpeting is weather protected by all-weather Browning branded camouflage floor mats. The stock 10 speaker JBL sound system is supplemented by JBL all-weather outdoor speakers that are wired into the bed area to create a simple but comfortable recreation space.

The truck bed received the most attention as it was modified to serve double-duty as the ultimate sportsman fantasy transport and base camp. Everything required for conventional firearm and bow hunting is included as well as an area for meal preparation. A bed cap or shell was fabricated to conceal and protect gear for extended hunting trips.

The extensive bed modifications create three unique zones. The driver side of the bed is dedicated to firearms. Close access to secured rifle storage and accessories was accomplished with a unique layout that allows the shell side to open vertically while the entire bed side swings out to a 90 degree angle from the truck. Two steel, locking rifle cases are integrated into cabinetry for safe and secure storage and transport. A work bench also folds down from the opened bed wall to provide a clean, secure work space for the cleaning and maintenance of rifles, pistols and other essential gear while in the field. Since many hunters also carry side arms while hunting and camping, a pistol safe is integrated into the cabinetry and structure of the truck.

The passenger side of the bed is designated for bow hunting and camping accessories that can be accessed through a unique bed side that slides out then folds flat. The folded down bed side is large and serves as a sizeable work surface ideal for the loading and unloading of packs. Plenty of room for two bows and archery accessories is built into the upper cabinet areas. A closet to accommodate camouflage hunting clothing as well as foul weather gear is also included.

The tailgate section of the bed was designed as a food preparation zone. Both the shell and the tailgate open in a conventional fashion to reveal a mobile kitchen complete with a small stove, sink and work surface. The space also includes storage for cooking utensils and a built-in seven-gallon water tank.

On top of the camper shell and cab, an 86 square foot platform was constructed to contain the living/sleeping quarters or hunting blind. The platform is surrounded by collapsible handrails for easy storage when driving as well as a ladder for easy access. The platform will accommodate a 7' x 7' two-man tent as well as a two-man camouflage blind. The platform can also be used to safely transport game bagged during the hunt.

After the SEMA Show Toyota and Bass Pro Shops will use this unique truck for a variety of local hunting and fishing events and may also be seen at a Bass Pro Shops near you.

Toyota Tundra Sportsman Features

Truck Technical Specs
• Base Truck: 2011MY Tundra Double Cab 4X4 with the TRD Rock Warrior Package 5.7L V8 with 6-Speed Automatic Transmission
• Three-inch suspension lift
• Custom exhaust
• A custom air intake and snorkel
• ATX 18-inch Teflon coated wheels and 33 x 12.5" Nitto Mud Grapplers tires
• Custom front "Bull Bar"

• Weather station and GPS
• Camouflage pattern all weather Browning branded floor mats
• Reupholstered bucket seats in waterproof black and gray material
• The stock JBL 10 Speaker sound system remains with JBL all weather outdoor speakers were wired into the bed area; four sets of paired mid-range and tweeter speakers in the shell area; and a sub-woofer mounted under the bed floor.

Bed Modifications
• Fabricated bed cap or shell with vertical opening; entire bed side swings out to a 90 degree angle from the truck.
• Two steel, locking rifle cases and pistol safe integrated into cabinetry
• Foldable work bench
• Driver side dedicated to firearms
• Passenger side dedicated to bow hunting and camping accessories
• Room for two bows and archery accessories is built into the upper cabinet areas.
• Closet to accommodate camouflage hunting clothing and foul weather gear
• Tailgate dedicated as a Food Preparation Zone
• Mobile kitchen includes a small stove, sink, work surface, storage for cooking utensils, and a built-in seven-gallon water tank
• 86 square foot platform with collapsible hand rails and ladder for use as living/sleeping quarters, hunting blind, 7' x 7' two-man tent, and to safely transport game

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