2011 Nissan GT-R ninety second review: Video

Posted: 24 Nov 2010 06:10 AM PST

The Brits from Autocar are among the first to get their hands on the new face lifted 2011 Nissan GT-R and they have released this 90 second video giving their verdict on the new sports car.

The 2011 Nissan GT-R is powered by a 3799 cc twin-turbo petrol engine that produces 523 hp and 451 lb-ft of torque. The engine is mated to a a 6-speed twin-clutch automatic transmission with steering wheel mounted paddle shifters and an all-wheel-drive system.

The new Nissan GT-R’s lightweight of 1750 kg helps push it up to a top speed of 196 mph (315km/h) along with a 0-60mph time of 3.5 seconds.

Watch the Nissan GT-R review below to see what Autocar’s 90 second verdict.

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Nissan Juke Urban Legend : Video

Posted: 24 Nov 2010 04:03 AM PST

Japanese car company – Nissan, has released a serious of futuristic CGI videos which portrays the Crossover as an Urban legend. The videos tell the tale of how the Nissan Juke became the stuff of legends.

Nissan JUKE – Trophy

This first video shows the Nissan Juke taking down a gang of motorcyclists. The advert is called Trophy and it tries to explain where the design of the motorbike style center console comes from.


Nissan JUKE – Weather

This next video shows the Juke Crossover battling all the weather elements to save a city from destruction and making the cars all wheel drive system a legend.


Nissan JUKE – The Dread

In this video the Nissan Juke battles with a 500-ton steel monster and of course the Juke comes out victories thanks to its 1.6 turbocharged heart making it once again the stuff of legends.

Tell us what you think of these Nissan Juke Urban Legend videos in the comments box below.

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2010 Jaguar XJ extensive review: Video

Posted: 23 Nov 2010 09:19 AM PST

The British journalists from Car Magazine have released a 10 minute video review of the New 2010 Jaguar XJ. CAR editor Phil McNamara took the Jag for a test drive adventure to Iceland and also teamed up with Golf World editor Chris Jones to see what he thinks of this luxury car.

The 2010 Jaguar XJ is powered by a 5.0 liter naturally aspirated V8 engine that develops 385hp. It’s price tag starts at 72,500 USD but if you want that bit extra power there is a supercharged version available which kicks out a much higher 510hp.

Watch the The 2010 Jaguar XJ review below. Enjoy!

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Skoda Fabia vRS mean commercial: Video

Posted: 23 Nov 2010 08:29 AM PST

You may remember the sweet Skoda Fabia commercial a while ago were they built a giant Skoda cake, well the company have beefed things up a bit for the Fabia VRS commercial showing the car being built from snake venom, samurai swords and crossbows and put together with punches, bites and head buts.

Watch the mean Skoda Fabia vRS commercial below and tell us what you think of it in the comments box after.

I guess this version of the Fabia is no longer full of lovely stuff.

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Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake heading for production

Posted: 23 Nov 2010 08:04 AM PST

German executive car maker – Mercedes has just announced that they will be putting into production the 2012 Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake, they have also released the first images of the new model.

The 2012 Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake will be built on the same production line as the CLS and the E-Class Sedan, at the company’s factory in Sindelfingen and will be launched on the market in 2012. This four-door coupe has been approved for production because of the immense positive feedback received from customers.

The 2012 Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake will probably be offered with petrol and diesel engines, and we may also see a hybrid version hitting the market.

For more information read the press release below.

Mercedes Press Release:

Decision for serial production: CLS Shooting Brake will be built in the Mercedes-Benz Plant Sindelfingen

Market launch in the year 2012 and integration into the manufacturing process in Sindelfingen Dr. Dieter Zetsche: "The decision to build the CLS Shooting Brake underscores the leading role of Mercedes-Benz in regards of innovative passenger car concepts and design."

The CLS Shooting Brake will go into serial production: As of 2012, the sporty four-door Coupe with sloping tail end based on the CLS will roll-off the assembly line in the Mercedes-Benz Plant Sindelfingen. Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board Daimler AG and H ead of Mercedes-Benz Cars: "In 2004, Mercedes-Benz established a new vehicle segment with the four-door Coupe CLS and created a design icon. 170,000 customers around the globe show how enthusiastic this car has been received by the market. The decision to build the CLS Shooting Brake underscores the leading role of Mercedes-Benz in regards of innovative passenger car concepts and design – and that is exactly what the customers expect from us." Sindelfingen, as largest production location of Mercedes-Benz globally, will add another model to its manufacturing portfolio. Currently, the plant is building the C-Class Sedan, the E-Class Sedan and Estate, the S-Class and the coupes CLS and CL as well as the Maybach models and Mercedes-Benz Guard vehicles. Recently, the plant started to produce the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and a small series of the B-Class powered by a fuel cell. As of 2014, the Mercedes-Benz SL will also be manufactured in Sindelfingen. The decision for the CLS Shooting Brake also reflects the flexibility of the plant: The new model will be build on the same production line as the CLS and the E-Class Sedan.

Dr. Wolfgang Bernhard, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG for Production and Procurement Mercedes-Benz Cars & Mercedes-Benz Vans: "This new model with its high emotional appeal is another highlight for the Sindelfingen plant. The location decision is an evidence for the significance of the plant as competence centre for the luxury class. The CLS Shooting Brake will contribute to a sustainable capacity utilization in this core location of our production network."

The fresh and exciting interpretation of the emotionally-appealing Coupe-based design had its premiere as a show car at Auto China in April 2010. Now, this insight by Mercedes designers into the possible future development of the Coupe concept will become reality. In 2012, the CLS Shooting Brake will be launched to the market.

Dr. Joachim Schmidt, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Cars: "The CLS still makes waves with its fascinating design and wows customers for our brand. With the new generation of the CLS we expand our pioneering role in this segment. We aim to extend this success story with the CLS Shooting Brake and complement our product portfolio with another appealing model. This car is based on the great tradition of a stylish, cultivated sportiness which has always characterised the great Mercedes Coupes, and it takes this unique legacy an exciting step further. At the same time it points the way towards the future design idiom of Mercedes-Benz.”

The proportions are clearly those of a coupe: the long bonnet, narrow-look windows with frameless side windows, and dynamic roof sloping back towards the rear. It is only when taking a second look that it becomes clear that the Shooting Brake actually has four doors and a large rear lid. The model features some astonishing proportions which at the same time are clearly reminiscent of another design icon – the CLS.

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