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2011 Moto Kawasaki KLX 250

Posted: 07 Nov 2010 09:53 AM PST

Kawasaki has introduced the 2011 version of the KLX 250, a bike that has substantially enduro characteristics but can also do well on paved roads due to its maneuverability and a project that has its strength in simplicity at every level, what that gives you great value for money and low running costs of the vehicle.The engine of the new KLX 250 is a 249 cc twin-cylinder with four valves, double camshaft in the head and liquid cooling. This engine is capable of developing a maximum output of 24 hp at 9000 rpm and maximum torque of 21 Nm at 7000 rpm.

The cycle follows closely the previous versions of the same model, the suspension setting is just a little ‘toward a more off-road configuration, but without being so extreme as to be suitable for city driving.

Surely a bike more useful than beautiful: the new home of the enduro Akashi may not tickle the interest of the large international press or strike the fancy of the Centaurs, but its ease of driving will allow no doubt to meet the needs of many consumers and to become the constant companion of those who want to tackle the mountain trails and at the same time the streets of the many mountain villages where perhaps you spend a few days off. The hand would not recommend for use if the city is only because you may not appreciate the way down and also to remain disappointed.
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Suzuki V-Strom 650 Xpedition

Posted: 07 Nov 2010 09:49 AM PST

The UK subsidiary of Suzuki has prepared a new version of the V-Strom 650 Xpedition named: it is essentially a development that has taken all those tricks that serve to make the bike much better suited to long journeys, making it similar to the Traveller version same motion of the House of Hamamatsu on the Italian market. The Xpedition has however provided a more complete, which includes ABS, side bags in two black aluminum from 82 caps for the knobs and the engine.

The new version of the Suzuki V-Strom will be available in orange and gray metal dealers in English from the Japanese brand in September at a price equal to 7300 pounds (more or less 8900 euro).

Waiting for a redesign of a model which now charges a bit ‘years in aesthetic terms and also technical, each importer is trying to make the V-Strom as attractive as possible for customers in the area it serves and from this point of view in England than they did a good job.

Remains a mystery why you do not agree to Hamamatsu to update a bike that would sell very well because of the Japanese models are for the most part very good technically and also competitive in terms of prices, almost always more than reasonable . It ‘possible that the manufacturer is reluctant to embark on new adventures because of the crisis of motorcycle sales in the sector even if the investments could be postponed a losing strategy and have serious consequences for workers and company.

2011 Buick Regal GS

Posted: 07 Nov 2010 09:39 AM PST

There are still questionable the “teeth”, the front air intakes remain unchanged and the wheels keep the size of over-size (20 inches). Compared to the prototype, in short, nothing changes. The changes are more pronounced in comparison with almost sister Opel Insignia OPC, which takes itself as the 2.8 V6 with twin-scroll turbine (325 hp) four-wheel drive as eLSD. Buick has today published the first pictures of the Regal GS, front-wheel drive sports sedan equipped with the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder (260 hp).

Less exclusive than the German signed OPC – which divides all the mechanical components – less sharp, but angry if it is true that the time to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h is less than 7 seconds. Proposed standard with six-speed manual transmission (in 2011 the Automatic always come to six grafts), the Buick Regal GS is offered with a Brembo braking system, with the Interactive Drive Control to adjust the suspension according to the standard mode, sports and GS and the new system for the StabiliTrak stability control, which also incorporates traction control.

Pagani Zonda HH

Posted: 07 Nov 2010 08:03 AM PST

The Pagani Zonda HH piece is ready. It is currently in Geneva (Switzerland) Carugati at the dealership waiting for his owner, who apparently did not hurry to withdraw. What we see are the first real pictures of this exclusive supercar cost the beauty of 2 million. HH The Zonda is derived from the already excellent Cinque Pagani Zonda Roadster. Its owner, however, can not take her with him to America because the Zonda does not comply with pollution regulations of that country. The Pagani Zonda HH has a magnificent 7.3 V12 engine with 680 hp and 780 Nm of torque. Its top speed is 350 km / h and ‘acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes 3.4 seconds. The superb performance of the car are due to the great weight (1,210 kg) in addition to the power of his engine.

To give a clear idea of the level of performance of this car, just remember that his sister Pagani Zonda Roadster Five currently holds the record lap at the Nurburgring. The Italian supercar has in fact completed the lap of the Ring in just 6 minutes and 47 seconds, 11 seconds faster than the Ferrari 599XX.

The wealthy client who can enjoy the benefits of the Pagani Zonda HH is the American David Heinemeier Hansson, a partner at 37signals, a company that develops tools for the web used by millions of businesses and professionals throughout the world.

2011 KTM Off Road Days

Posted: 07 Nov 2010 07:41 AM PST

The network of official dealers for KTM Italy provides the public with the new Off Road 2011 for a field test. You can try the queens of the motocross world: the revolutionary SX-F 350 with MX1 World Champion Antonio Cairoli, the 250 SX-F with MX2 champion Marvin Musquin and Steffi Laier and the powerful 450 SX-F for lovers of full power. In the days of testing the public can try the new KTM, motocross or enduro, in their natural habitat: the dirt road, the sling, the motocross track. In addition to the range KTM SX 2011, including the strong two-stroke cross Mattighofen the house of converts who continue to collect large fields around the world, it will be fun for the 2011 EXC enduro range due to the more refined and perfected.

KTM 990 Adventure Dakar

Posted: 07 Nov 2010 07:39 AM PST

Simply a special version of the KTM 990 Adventure devoted to victories in the world’s most famous rally. The blue and orange livery is unusual, as the graphics and adhesive Dakar “30th Edition” to identify the special edition. Additional details such as chassis skid colored orange, such as new hand protectors are the only details that diffieriscono the standard version, at first sight, but do not yet know what lies beneath the spiky superstructures or behind the windshield. E ‘can be something tasty as well as the opposite, limiting the 30th edition at a simple special coloring.

Rieju Mius 4.0

Posted: 07 Nov 2010 07:33 AM PST

Here’s the first image of Rieju Mius 4.0, the electric scooter that the Spanish brand will present the upcoming exhibition in Milan. The Mius 4.0 has a range of 65 km, weighs 85 kg and reaches a top speed of 45 km / h. The batteries have a lifespan of 3 years, while the charge is carried out in 6 hours. Addition, there is the interface for the iPhone and GPS devices that communicate directly with the scooter. After the presentation at EICMA, the scooter Rieju Mius 4.0 will be offered on the market at a price of € 4,000. Rieju is based mainly on sales of 4.0 Mius within public administrations and enterprises.

2011 Peugeot E-Vivacity

Posted: 07 Nov 2010 07:10 AM PST

Peugeot is planning to debut on its new electric scooter in January 2011. The new model, called E-Vivacity, Scoot’Elec heir to the ’90s, will debut world premiere at the Paris Motor Show and in the final version Intermot Cologne scheduled for Oct. 5 near the first note to be put in sales since the early months of the year. The French electric scooter has an electric motor capable of developing 5.5 hp powered with lithium-ion battery with around 80-100 km range and recharge time around four hours.

E-Peugeot Vivacity present four different modes: Eco, in which the maximum speed will be limited to 25 km / h, Normal, with which it has at its disposal the full power of the engine and two others that allow you to pace lower rate (something like 3 km / h) and also the reverse. Prices should fall in the range between 3000 and 3500 euro, but this would not be official yet.

The French manufacturer will maintain in Europe, specifically in the establishment of French Mendeure also where you assemble the new ION electric car, the production of new electric scooters and not move to China, where he also is investing in a rather strong.

In less than a month then you definitely know this new project with which the French manufacturer will recur as a key player with regard to the design and manufacture of motor vehicles can drastically reduce the level of pollutant emissions.

2010 Dr1 Ambassador

Posted: 07 Nov 2010 07:05 AM PST

Dr proposes a range of new car dealerships in Italian. This time the choice falls on the model of small Dr1 Ambassador. The car is offered by dealers from EUR 6830.00 instead of 8830.00 euro. The particular model has a capacity of 1.4 cc petrol. His power is 83 horses. A great handling car at a discounted price of about 2.000,00 euro for the petrol model and of 3,000.00 euro for the LPG model.

With regard to the preparation, this model offers many devices: metallic paint, 2 airbags, air conditioning, ABS, radio CD MP3, USB, parking sensors. The car also has alloy wheels. The discount, however, is applicable if the buyer becomes a true ambassador of the car, keeping at least one year with the livery of the brand stickers on the bodywork.

If will also bring new customers, will have an additional discount of 100 euro. A car small but dynamic, suited to city traffic and with a great personality. The details of the Ambassador Dr1 are studied in relation to a young audience, or at least tastes of young people. Inside the car, everything is calculated to maximize the low cost, without, however, neglecting the quality and impression of having done a good buy.

Details and conditions, however, can also be found on the website of Dr. The model is sold with zero advance rate by 81 and 100 euro. A price to pay for, then, for a utilitarian vehicle that never ceases to amaze. Its consumption is of 17.2 km per liter of petrol and LPG. The top speed is 153 km / h.

2011 Yamaha Stryker

Posted: 07 Nov 2010 04:02 AM PST

Yamaha, under the name “Star Motorcycles”, has just launched the North American market a new cruiser (read custom cruiser), the Stryker. Not wanting to be outdone by its neighbor and rival Honda had happened to us with the Fury (read VT1300CX STD, much more poetic), Yamaha thus mimics. Similar 1300cm3 V-twin liquid cooled, even fat rear tire, belt drive for the Stryker, and heaviness in the same pace as in the balance with 300 kilos.

That these two are fighting their market share with products targeted with military precision, it looks, but the fireworks that results are forgetting that a lot more authentic cruiser, the Victory Vegas exists ( yes, it also takes its inspiration from the Harley changed but we will not a big deal in this market, they copy all Harley).

Elegance has never been the forte of Japanese motorcycles that are struggling to stand out in this chapter. They are still too many, and this Stryker is no exception. Matter of engineering probably responsible behavior and reliability always perfect, but making the often awkward silhouette. Is the price to pay, the stylist never prevail over the engineer, and this lack of compromise that makes these attempts to copy so curious.

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