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Bmw 7 Series Sports Line Black Bison Edition

Posted: 27 Nov 2010 02:28 PM PST

Wald International introduces its inteprestazione of the BMW 7 Series. The German tuner called the Model 7 Series Sports Line Black Bison Edition, and has achieved an aerodynamic kit that includes a new front bumper with integrated LED daytime, side skirts, rear bumper with sports housing for the discharge and a double rear wing to the rear window and tailgate .

The alloy wheels 22 “, produced by the same tuner, are called Renovatio Wald R13, while the four tailpipes to have an unusual cut out and represent the only change to the mechanics of the car. The body kit is available for all versions of the 7 series, short wheelbase or long, given that the only change needed is that of the skirts.

Guzzi Stelvio 1200 4V NTX

Posted: 27 Nov 2010 05:15 AM PST

If the Japanese have baked a lot of bikes this year, Italian women were certainly not less. In fact, many new models on the market, as well as revisiting well-known means. Considering the latter case, it is necessary to mention the new Stelvio 1200 4V NTX, revised version of the Stelvio strongly supported by leaders of the Moto Guzzi. Compared to the previous version, this new model is intended for those who like to engage in significant out of town that wind for hundreds of miles.

The Stelvio 1200 NTX in fact all that they need the most intrepid travelers to engage in extra-raid. This bike is in fact equipped with bags of aluminum, guard, engine guard, hand guards full and additional lights, as well as an efficient system of protection of the cylinders and a lending facility abs.

The real innovation, however, affect the motor system. The new Stelvio it mounts a high-performance engine evolution “Quattrovalvole” (introduced three years ago) that has been consistently renewed for the occasion. The engine is in fact much more powerful at low and medium schemes, to ensure an excellent performance in more demanding routes.

Other innovations include the introduction of a new camshaft profile, the large volume airbox and a clutch much lighter than before.

As a result, the engine of this maxi enduro is able to provide well-paid 113 Nm at only 5,800 rpm combined with a maximum power that is stable (compared to previous version) of the 105 hp at 7250 rpm.

Garelli Tiesse Four 50 4t

Posted: 27 Nov 2010 05:11 AM PST

The motorcycle and PosteShop Garelli, become partners for the promotion of the scooter Tiesse Four 50 4t, with the objective of broadening its product offering. From June 1 in 230 stores Shop in the main offices of the Italian Post Office, you can order a scooter from the end of June Garelli and also at all other post offices in Italy. A strategy to encourage the purchase of a two-wheeled vehicle in unusual contexts.

The Four Tiesse 50 4t is a 49-cc scooter, omologazioone € 2, 4-stroke single-cylinder, air cooled, max 2.2 Kw/7500 rpm Max torque 3.1 Nm / 4500 rpm, electric start / pedal.

The tank has a capacity of 5 liters, weight (dry) 88 kg, dimensions 1855 x 680 x 1130 mm (Mon x width x height). Chapter brakes: 190 mm front disc brake, rear drum brake. It has a large underseat storage compartment useful for carrying a helmet and accessories.

The seat height is 780 mm front tires 120/70-12, 130/70-12 rear tires, alloy wheels, wheelbase 1285 mm.

Garelli scooter is available in four metallic colors: white city, white city, city blue and gray city.

The price? With the incentive of 300.00 € Garelli, this scooter costs € 1190.00. The price includes three-year warranty plus three years of insurance recovery vehicle. You can buy the Four Tiesse 50 4t also comfortable with payment by installment loans up to 36 months. Further benefits are provided if the buyer is entitled to BancoPosta account.

Sym Citycom 300i Scooter

Posted: 27 Nov 2010 04:49 AM PST

Citycom.300i Sym. For many, this cluster of words will be meaningless. However, it is good to give a connotation of those terms, in that they denote a real outsider in the international landscape scooter. The moped Citycom 300th is indeed one of the most interesting creations of Taiwanese Sym specifically designed to conquer the Italian public. This scooter is designed for that purpose by our Pierangelo Andreani, which gave it an original design and worthy of note.

Regarding the technical specifications, Citycom mounts a 4-stroke 263.7 cc single-cylinder engine with Euro 3 and 4-valve SOHC liquid-cooled. The bore and stroke is equal to 73 × 66 mm, while maximum power and torque, respectively, amounted to 16.9 kW at 7500 rpm and 23.9 Nm at 7500 rpm.

As for the chassis, the frame features a traditional steel tube that gives durability and security to medium. About the suspension, the front is a telescopic fork, while the rear stands a double-adjustable shock absorber. Front and rear which are also present in the brake system, disk Ø 260 mm.

The picture is completed, data on height and weight. The height of Citycom is 82 cm, while the weight is around 182 kg (as found naturally in the dry).

In addition to the traditional specification, Citycom also contains other interesting items of note. The headlights are made up of such a large optical unit with halogen lamp can significantly increase the visibility, the rear instead of the optical unit is to separate elements.

Noteworthy also compenent high-tech. This attractive scooter 300 in fact uses a very good analog-digital instruments, enhanced by a 12-volt power outlet to be able to recharge navigation systems, mobile phones, ipod etc..

Another fact meritovole mentioning is the space of the saddle, which accommodates very impressive. In fact, this compartment can be stored even an ordinary sized notebook or a full face helmet.

Scooter Piaggio X7 Evo 125/300

Posted: 27 Nov 2010 04:41 AM PST

A revamped version of the Evo X7 scooter, a two-wheeled vehicle dynamic and versatile for everyday use, available to the public in 125 and 300. X7 Evo was designed pursuing a complete ergonomics, a guidance for snappy but comfortable, fun and easy. Easy handling, easy access to land, space by GT, these are its winning features.

Highly protective shield and a large windscreen attached to the handlebars. The optical unit consists of two elongated headlights true bottom, while the saddle is large and, with the aim of improving the ergonomics and comfort on the road, has an overhang between the position of the pilot and the passenger. The tail section is designed to be able to easily hold together a full-face helmet and a jet. The handles are made in the passenger carrier, with the plate prepared for the possible installation of a trunk. The height is limited, making it accessible to scooter riders of all sizes. The handle has an electrically controlled opening of the tank (capacity of about 18 liters), which allows it to refuel without having to get out of their vehicle.

The new 125 engine fuel injection with a power output and torque at lower rpm, making driving easier and smoother, while significantly improving fuel economy. With the new Piaggio Quasar 300 cc engine, but more power and torque are achieved at a lower engine speed, all to the advantage of low noise, fuel consumption and driving pleasure. The two versions, 125 and 300 cc, weight 159 and 161 kg respectively.

Bmw R1250 GS

Posted: 27 Nov 2010 03:13 AM PST

The BMW R1250 GS could be one of the proposed new entry from the house during the Bavarian autumn market. Such motion would also be the natural evolution of the much appreciated BMW R1200 GS. So one of the bikes sold and praised may in fact be replaced by a revised review and correct, but especially with a higher power, as well as some specific innovative without, however, diverge from the established style BMW.

In particular, the R1250 GS should rely on the use of components of motor sport H2P that certainly would give higher efficiency, so as to bring it to reach a maximum power exceeding 120 hp. It is expected that the new BMW motorcycles should weigh less than 18 kg less than all’antesignana.

Also provided several modifications to the chassis, with as many goodies in the engine compartment, which would make the new bike by calling a two-wheeler sports enduro aftertaste (even if it is contained).

Aesthetically speaking, however, as proposed by the Italian designer Oberdan Bezzi (in photo), the style should certainly be sports, combined with a vibrant color-style bmw. Aesthetics, however, ordinary (albeit intriguing) that may also have some possible preziosismi style which the use of a futuristic exhaust under the seat.

In all this, however, the conditional momentemanete is a must, since we are talking about rumors exciting but certainly not confirmed by the German company. Certainly the fact that Bezzi strong foresight and experience hardly err with its predictions.

Ducati 848 Nicky Hayden replica

Posted: 27 Nov 2010 03:08 AM PST

A new bike celebration was created by the Ducati team. This is the Ducati 848 Nicky Hayden replica that was created to celebrate the “Kentucky Kid” who competes in MotoGP for the Bolognese. Theatre presentation of the new two-wheeler was the infamous Laguna Seca, just over the weekend that took place in the homonymous track the annual U.S. GP. Attended the event the entire Ducati team, with an enthusiastic front row Hayden.

In reviewing this response, there are several changes from the standard versions (as opposed to what was seen for the BMW G450X reply). In this regard stand a timing belt pretensioners lighter, mirrors the new design with LED lights and the industry.

The really new element, however, is a fantastic bike livery, which depicts in all and for all the colors of the former MotoGP World Champion. The colors in fact openly refer to the origins of “Stars and Stripes” of the pilot, in fact helps to give the vehicle unappeal truly remarkable.

Also present at the signing of the U.S. tank, which aims to reaffirm and give further references to the same originality to a special edition dedicated to a pilot that has particularly been very little.

Hayden fact, despite the good intentions of beginning of the year, has brought home substantial results, thus ending the curse of the second to confirm Ducati rider. The team has however not stopped believing in him, and this bike seems to be a real test.

Honda Faze 250

Posted: 27 Nov 2010 03:06 AM PST

Faze The Honda 250 is one of the last productions of the Japanese who best embodies the new style impressed by the big companies to their products. Faze The fact is a brilliant sport scooter of important dimensions. At first glance, this stands out for its abundant scoot earlier mo ’shield (style Honda V4), which is leading the way to the rest of the bike, which stands for the size and shape collection really consistent.

Regarding the engine compartment, this 250 is equipped with a water-cooled single-cylinder four-valve with a single overhead cam head and a forked rocker. The maximum output is around 23-hp at 7500 rpm, as it is coupled with a maximum torque of 23 Nm at 6000 rpm.

Very low power consumption with a good 40 per liter (the average speed of 60 km / h), as well as emissions, production of which settles in appreciable levels Faze able to uncover the truly environmentally-friendly profile.

As for the chassis, this two-wheeler full of interesting innovations. These include a double-cradle frame style bikes, as well as the braking system characterized by the use of discs with ABS, as well as the CBS version.

These, therefore, the first details on this innovative 250. About costs, Faze will be on sale at the figure of 557,500 yen, rising to 630,000 for the version with Abs. Figures so that roam on the order of 4300-4700 € depending on the version.

The price expressed in yen also reveals another problem for those interested in buying this means: that will be sold only in Japan with the prospect of landing in Europe quite uncertain.

Yamaha FZ1 Lazareth

Posted: 27 Nov 2010 03:04 AM PST

The Yamaha FZ1 Lazareth is an innovative two-wheeler that has been achieved recently by Ludovic Lazareth, eclectic artists in the world of search engines that can create more or less known bases of the models never seen before.
Theatre of these incredible changes, is a small town in Switzerland, where the tuner to the best of French, avant-garde creations in it wanted a new concept but also of unprecedented achievement.

As mentioned, the last item customization advocated by Lazareth (call him as a true artist) was the famous naked FZ1, Diamente tip of the chain’s home pitch.

The above motion was also substantially modified, so as not to have so many points in common with the pristine version. In terms of engine, for example, stands out the use of a compressor directly taken from a Mini Cooper S, and subsequently locked on to four-cylinder Yamaha with the results (they say) really crazy.

Other advancements include the chassis, which has been modified to accommodate the compressor drive belt, which in turn is situated in a strategic position, exactly in the mock tank.

Also affects the adoption of the headlights of the Yamaha YZF R1, in addition to the new drainage system, which has been completely renovated for the occasion. Another element that can strike the attention is definitely the price. The new version is in fact Fz1 Lazareth on sale at the modest sum of 40,000 €.

Buell 1125 RR superbike edition

Posted: 27 Nov 2010 03:00 AM PST

The new Buell 1125 RR is the last motion made in chronological order from the American home. Many of you know however that this model is certainly not an original, but rather a particular revision. The version that differs from the 1125 R, as was made just to put it in the AMA Superbike racing pro. This motion thus presents specific real pistaiola, thus making it a piece for connoisseurs and lovers of speed.

Looking at the engine compartment 1125 has a new cylinder head with higher compression ratio, which is well adapted to the new valves and new camshafts. The engine used is a twin-cylinder Rotax Helicon, with power above the normal of the adoption of an airbox from the large capacity.

The chassis however was not subject to change, resulting in restatement of the original model. Great attention has been paid to the reduction of the total weight of the vehicle. The house in East Troy in fact opted for the use of a titanium exhaust, which give great weight and aesthetics of this bike.

Another notable change has also resulted in the modification of the final drive, since the belt road edition has been replaced by a variant chain.

As for cost, Buell 1125 RR will be sold at the modest sum of $ 39,995, first in the U.S. and then in Europe. For those so interested, there is nothing (in addition to set aside $) to wait for the release of this gem.

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