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Kobra Electric Sport Bike

Posted: 28 Nov 2010 09:06 AM PST

Here is the Kobra, concept of electric-drive sport bike, made by Italian designer Christian Giuggioli. This is a bike that is able to meet the needs of each rider, in that it provides three modes of use: City, Touring and Sport. Moreover, the ESA II electronic suspension, the Kobra is adaptable to the height and weight of the rider. The Kobra is equipped with the electric motor production Lynch, powered by lithium-ion battery. The bike is also equipped with Kers that recover energy during braking that goes to recharge the battery. Kobra is currently the stadium concept, but it is possible that can be produced from MotoCzysz that already offers the E1pc, also designed by Giuggioli.

2011 Honda SH300i

Posted: 28 Nov 2010 08:59 AM PST

Honda unveiled the new SH300i Eicma Milan. His scooter is the reference model of the segment because of competition with all due respect, you sell a lot and, most importantly, it sells more than others. For next year the list of innovations designed for the SH is very rich. The key features, power and handling, have further evolved: the engine of 280cm3 is supported by a frame semi double cradle tubular steel finest hour, to ensure both comfort and safety at high speeds, both in the running at full load ( maximum 180 kg).

The single cylinder Honda has a capacity of over 27 horses is a powerful torque that supports the use of readily thanks to electronic throttle control Honda PGM-FI. This combination is also reflected on the efficiency of the scooter, capable of a range of over 250 and to reach 30.6 km / L. The tank contains nine liters of fuel.

The cycle is marked by the use of cast aluminum wheels 16 “for both circles. In addition, the rear, the SH now take a radial tire technology monospiral (size 110/70 – 16 front, 130/70R – 16 at the rear). The suspension is derived from motorcycle: telescopic front fork has a travel of 35mm, the rear swingarm Alloy “works” with two shock absorbers, and the feeling of security also allowed by the system “link floating” has grown.

The braking system also offers the solution of the combined action with the involvement of both discs (256 mm with three-piston front calipers and 256 mm with single piston caliper at the rear), but can also work in line with the ABS are available as C-SH 300i ABS. The SH has a height of only 785mm of the seat, a distance of 1.422mm, weighs 167 kg (170 version with ABS), the flat footrest platform and the handle is able to rotate on its axis up to 43 °.

The optional accessories are: polycarbonate dome for extra protection, burglar alarm kit Honda Averto (118dB siren power), the 35-liter storage compartment in the same color, the breathable fabric for outdoor or two jet helmets, the bag inside a black nylon from 15 to 25 liters, heated grips kit and the fabric insulation and waterproof repair the pilot in case of cold weather.

Finally, the colors will be five in 2011 with the arrival of three new features:
- Moondust Silver Metallic (new);
- Satin Blue Metallic (new);
- Pacific Blue Pearl (new);
- Balck Pearl Nightstar;
- Pearl Cool White.

Peugeot 206 Plus

Posted: 28 Nov 2010 05:11 AM PST

Peugeot proposes a range of new car dealerships in Rome. This time the choice is modeled on the Peugeot 206 Plus The car is given a starting price of € 7,950.00. The list price of the car is € 10,500.00. A price, then, just as the discount Roman dealerships for new vehicle of 2550.00 €. Price to be paid through the blazing Light magnétique formula with € 109.00 per month for the 206 three-door Trendy GPL.

With regard to the preparation, this model offers, according to the concessionaires: air conditioning, ABS, power steering, dual airbags, CD radio, fog lights, side airbags, height-adjustable driver’s seat and fire and theft insurance for 24 months in tribute. Size increased to make the best indoor comfort.

Laid out and comfortable five different storage compartments. Details and conditions, however, can also be found on the website of Peugeot. A great price, then, for a car and considered an evergreen, compact design. Its engine is powered by LPG or petrol, of 1.1 cc of 60 horses. Its consumption is of 4.6 liters per 100 km in combined cycle.

Among the features that must be emphasized to understand the valid reasons for a purchase like this, it is to indicate that the Peugeot 206 Plus emits 133 g / km of CO2. Its engine, in fact, extensively tested, it offers excellent performance tests. The top speed is 159 km / h, with a recovery from 0-100 km / h in 15.2 seconds. 5 star EuroNCAP safety provides to the car and four stars for children.

Porsche 911 V-RT Edition Turbo by Vorsteiner

Posted: 28 Nov 2010 05:06 AM PST

Vorsteiner has its V-RT (Vorsteiner Race Technologies) kit for the Porsche 911. The preparation, in this case mounted on a Turbo, focuses on the aerodynamics of the car and includes a new set of alloy wheels. The body is enriched by many details made of carbon fiber. The front fascia has air intakes that are more generous and say goodbye to the fog. According to the tuner, it is remarkable the downforce generated by the new front spoiler lip-composite material.

The rear seat is a new bumper that incorporates the extractor with carbon fiber seat dedicated to the tailpipe to 4 outputs, too, as evidenced by the large gills, is designed to provide an increased flow of air. But to stand out in the tail is the new wing aerodynamics, carbon fiber, which follows very closely what is seen on the GT3 RS, also includes a vacuum system similar to that of GT2. The circles, V-306, are 20 ‘, broken down into three pieces (alternatively, there are those with original Porsche nut only) and rubber tires Michelin Pilot Sport 2. Virgin’s interior, except for a few details, remain very similar to those in production (in this case before the restyling of 997): Many of the details of the options are in fact visible from the German original.

Kymco Xciting R500i

Posted: 27 Nov 2010 09:20 PM PST

Period of great revolutions in the world of cycling. The big houses have in fact spared no expense but to renew the fleet with intriguing innovations that can make the bang of sales. Among these works is of course the Taiwanese Kymco, which has decided to start manufacturing powerful scooter in order to compete with the giants of the Xciting category.Vedendo R500i we can easily say that this election has proved very positive. The Xciting in fact, strengthened by his aggressive racing style and compact, it aims to become a viable alternative incommensurabile Yamaha T-Max.

Regarding the engine, the Xciting features a single cylinder 4-stroke € 3 with liquid cooling and electronic fuel injection. The bore for what amounts to 92 × 75 mm while the maximum stood at 28.2 kW (38.4 hp) at 7,000 rpm. The max hand, is equal to 41.1 Nm at 5,500 rpm. The maximum speed of 147 km is developed / h.

Now on to cycling. The frame is steel tube plate printed, a solution that gives the bike excellent stability during running. With regard to the suspension, the front features a telescopic hydraulic fork ø 40 mm with range of 110 mm. The latter instead is equipped with a single arm swing and a double adjustable shock absorber, all seasoned with a stroke of 100 mm. To complete the picture also contributes an efficient braking system consists of triple petal disc with integral braking.

Bmw R 1200 GS Alpine White

Posted: 27 Nov 2010 09:19 PM PST

The motorcycle maker BMW celebrates production of 500,000 units of the twin-cylinder GS series with the package “Alpine White Version”, available only for 300 motorcycle enthusiasts. A unique design and special to commemorate the release of the assembly R 1200 GS motorcycle number 500,000, built in the factory on 12 May 2009. An important result for the German company, considering that in 2008 there were 35,305 registered well units worldwide, including R 1200 GS and R 1200 GS Adventure. In Italy they say that the data were registered in 5087 and 1976 R 1200 GS R 1200 GS Adventure. By virtue of this great sales success the German company then decided to market a special limited edition for fans of the universe BMW.

The BMW R 1200 GS Alpine White, motorcycle, boasting an output of 105 hp with a torque of 115 Nm, provides black spoked wheels, a front fender wider than the standard version, black front spoiler to the oil cooler , Tinted windshield, aluminum caps for the cylinder heads.

There are two options of choice for the seat. In fact, you can choose between two colors gray and black, height adjustable from 870 to 890 mm from the ground, and a model for the lowest single-color black, thus reducing measures at 820 mm.
In case you have special needs, at the time of purchase, you can request a kit lowered suspension to further reduce the saddle height of 790 mm.

Peugeot Geo Rs 250 Bianco

Posted: 27 Nov 2010 09:17 PM PST

When preparing to buy a scooter, it is often influenced by prejudices or stereotypes that cause us to exclude certain previously scooter that could do the job instead. For example, in a few points on a scooter Peugeot, since it is often part from the assumption that “only the French know how to make decent cars.” In this case, however, is mistaken in fact madornale.A watch the new line of mopeds Peugeot, you can find several models worthy of consideration.

Among them, today we discuss the Peugeot 250 White Geo Rs interesting scooter that combines the best of elegance and sportiness.
Let us, therefore, the technical examination of the vehicle. Regarding the engine, this two-wheeler features a single cylinder 4-stroke 4-valve liquid-cooler with electronic fuel injection. The bore and stroke is 72 × 60 mm, while maximum power is around 15 hp (11 kW) at 9750 rpm. Maximum torque is instead equal to 20.2 Nm at 6500 rpm.

As for the 250 chassis that has nothing to envy to the best-known competitors. Up front it stands a telescopic hydraulic fork 37 mm, while the rear stands 2 hydraulic shock absorbers 4-position. These specifications, combined with low weight, makes this scooter accessible to everyone without distinction of any kind. Also applies the brake system in which a disc 263 mm front and by a 226 mm.

Another noteworthy element is the extensive standard series equipment consisting of fairing, special decals, red brake calipers, forks over grilled black muffler “titanium” and the comfortable seat in a sport version.
This then, in addition to the above, a scooter makes the Geo Rs of good quality can compete with that would not look the best known Piaggio Beverly Tourer 300 and Honda Sh300i.

RM Racing Suzuki Gsx-R 1100 Dirt Bike

Posted: 27 Nov 2010 09:14 PM PST

And nobody is saying that the old are not subject to such trust. Looking fact of everyday life are more often the case that confirm the popular slogans. One of these cases, it was made in Bergamo at the hands of Roberto Nesi, owner of a workshop (RM racing) that has worked for years in the conception and production of special parts for road bikes.

Going into details, which have combined Nesi and co. really incredible because they have transformed a decrepit two-wheels of the twentieth century, a new and spirited off-road can unleash the envy of fans of “new entry”.

Subject of unusual mutation, it was a Suzuki GSX-R 1100, 1992, by the powerful sporty four-cylinder engine that was converted for the occasion in an SUV.
The company however has not been the easiest. The bike in question, belonging to a client workshop, it was specially prepared for the slopes, resulting in increase in displacement from 1100 to 1200 cc.

Therefore, the intervention of the guys racing the RM has been quite high. First road parts have been removed, replaced by purpose off-road components drawn from an old Ktm.Le other changes have led to the replacement of the rear fork with a shorter one that belonged to a Suzuki 750, together with the installation of a plant four in one exhaust (home made) with no muffler.

Of particular interest is the repainting of the engine block and head in the name of a sumptuous red gem racing.Ma the most important concerns the continuation of the original 150 hp, which gives the bike a spectacular drive, especially in the light of only 160 kg .

Ducati Monster 696 Rizoma version

Posted: 27 Nov 2010 09:11 PM PST

The customization of the bike is a process that consists of many facets. In this process, you can indeed revolutionize from head to foot their own half. Therefore there are those who change the motor, who adds special parts and who changes the configuration of accessories. In this respect, we can draw from different suppliers, however, a two-wheeler owners to customize style can not fail to consider the possibility to buy their accessories from Rizoma, which for years has excelled in the production of components.

In just 15 years, in fact, the company has managed to gain a respectable position in the elite producers, being able to quickly create several branches all over the world. Credit for this success is undoubtedly the design sought ours, which is the basis of aesthetics bursting of the products produced by the company.

Specifically, today will report the components produced by Rizoma specifically for the Ducati Monster 696. In order to better customize the bike, Rizoma has created several products such as pro 696 clutch lever and adjustable brake lever, handlebar conical, license plate, passenger pegs, protectors for the wheels and more.

An important element of the collection is, however, the system proguard, which was created to avoid contact between high-speed motion, since they are very frequent (in competitions) accidents caused by a slight touch of front brake lever of a motorcycle and part ant or post to another.

Hence, therefore, one can easily deduce that the mission of Rhizome, not just in the production of luxury accessories, but also in the production of components that can be a valid marriage between aesthetics and efficiency.

It ‘good to say that does not produce Rizoma Ducati accessories for the sun, but for all brands. So who might be interested in these products may legitimately view the official site.

Evaproducts Track T800CDI diesel

Posted: 27 Nov 2010 09:09 PM PST

If a few years ago we had announced the birth of a diesel motorcycle, many of us would surely erupt in laughter. No one could conceive of such a solution In 2009, however, this hypothetical assumption has become an undeniable reality. Product Group BV The Netherlands Eva fact, has developed a bike with common rail diesel engine and CVT automatic transmission, capable of giving good power consumption combined with significantly lower compared to the standards of the motorsport industry.

The fruit of this invention was called Evaproducts Track T800CDI diesel. From the point of view squisatamente motor, this two-wheeler fitted with a 799cc turbocharged by tricilindrico with power equal to 45 hp. The maximum torque is achieved by half of 100 Nm achieved at 1800 rpm, while maximum speed developed by the half stood at 175 km / h.

This trinket however, submitted months ago, has been at the center of a dust cloud from the first exposure. The audience of enthusiasts is in fact divided between positivists and constructive deniers traditionalists are ready to review the performance of the vehicle.

performance, something more was leaked just recently. Among the few found info, therefore it is necessary to mention the test drive made by the team of Motorcycle News, which showed a lack of power of the medium as well as various problems with automatic transmission. Negative data, therefore, but partially trusted. From Evaproduct fact, they know that the project is constantly in progress.

With regard to marketing, Track Diesel will be sold in 2009 in the Netherlands alone, at a cost of 17,500. Other Europeans should instead wait for the next year in order to purchase this innovative creation, designed to impress not so much by the power of Engine, but for the low consumption and high longevity of the plant motor.

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