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Peugeot 508

Posted: 04 Dec 2010 04:54 AM PST

The Peugeot 508 arrives at the Bologna Motor Show 2010. After being presented at the Paris Motor Show, the top range of the French company will also show the Italian public, to preview. The sedan’s house Leone immediately shows the high quality of its appearance. The harmonious shapes do nothing but emphasize the precise assembly of the body, slips away in the wind. The French designers have chosen to set up three levels to their 508: Access to the Active and Allure.

The price list established for the new car starts at 23,400 € and will be in dealerships in spring of next year. The willingness of the engineers was also to offer more space than the 407, for example, lengthening the wheelbase of more than 9 cm.

The goal was also achieved with the reduction of the front overhang and the concomitant increase in the rear, giving a favorable proportion to the availability of the boot volume. In fact, it ranges from 660 liters to 1865 liters up to, depending on the location of the seats. The Peugeot 508 is a truly streamlined body: its Cx, in fact, is 0.25.

The car is equipped with two gasoline engines and 120 horsepower respectively, the VTi, with 6-speed automatic gearbox, the THP and 156 horses, with uncambio 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. In addition, there are diesel engines, all HDi, with particulate filter as standard, starting from 1.6 cc to 112 hp, up to 2.2 cc 16 valve 204 bhp. Consumption start at 4.0 l/100 km, with 109 g / km of CO2.

2011 Chrysler 300C

Posted: 04 Dec 2010 04:47 AM PST

Six years after the introduction of the current generation renews the Chrysler 300C sedan segment and soon to be sold . 300c The second act is characterized by the appearance of refined style and less square than the version today, for the use of LED headlamps and the adoption of the new family feeling (including redesigned logo) introduced the 200C. Still, however, very similar proportions, while the belt line loses the characteristic continuity – does not draw a straight line over the bonnet, the third volume – but also sculpts the muscular and sloping. Available options circles of generous diameter, up to 20 inches of copy photograph. The interior trim receives the most valuable and differs in the arrangement of controls, thanks to the new multimedia system with 8.4-inch touch screen.

The new Chrysler 300C is available with the Pentastar 3.6 V6 (296 hp, 354 Nm) and 5.7 HEMI V8 (365 hp, 530 Nm), the latter device Fuel Saver Technology for reduced energy consumption. Not fail to list a version with all-wheel drive, while the wagon is not provided. The 300C will be sold in Italy with the Lancia brand as early as 2011: the presentation is in fact scheduled for the Geneva Motor Show (3-13 March).

2011 Citroen DS5

Posted: 04 Dec 2010 02:54 AM PST

The French magazine “L’Auto-Journal” published new graphic reconstructions of the Citroen DS5. The third model in the premium line DS will be presented at this stage of concept cars at the Geneva Motor Show held in March 2011, while the production version will be displayed at the Frankfurt Motor Show to be held in September 2011.

However, in recent days has left the production of copies of pre-plant in Sochaux, where they assembled the Peugeot 3008 and 5008. It was with the latter, the DS5 share the platform, even if you stand out from the MPV Leone crossover from the shapes of the body for sport and the length of 460 cm. In addition, the Citroen DS5 will be available in versions with micro-hybrid HDi e-Start & Stop and HYbrid4 hybrid four-wheel drive.

Vorsteiner Bmw X6M

Posted: 03 Dec 2010 11:01 PM PST

Vorsteiner presents his interpretation of the BMW X6M. The car has been modified with new body panels made of carbon fiber, like the air vents on the hood, front spoiler, wide spread back in the queue. The one-piece rims 22 “mountain tires Michelin Pilot Sport 2. However, this is a purely cosmetic surgery, since the 4.4 twin-turbo V8 with 555 hp and 680 Nm of torque is not changed, as well as the speed limiter set at 250 km / h. More tuner, as Hamann motorsport, have already pulled out 670 hp from this new BMW M engine, which will soon also find space in the boot of the new M5.

Toyota Etios 2011

Posted: 03 Dec 2010 06:05 PM PST

Toyota officially presented its new Etios, a low-cost model (“low cost”) for emerging countries, mainly Asian. But, unlike the Tata Nano (model “low cost” for reference) this is a car more “serious” and more expensive too. It’s really closer to a Dacia Logan car that Tata mini. Its only engine is a 1.5 liter gasoline, which offers 90 hp, which is attached to a 5-speed manual gearbox. It is also hoped that in future can mount a drive yet humble, a 1.2-liter. Its price will be around € 8,000 (exchange) and, except for the questionable design of the seats, as you can see is a very decent car.

Lexus GS-F

Posted: 03 Dec 2010 05:59 PM PST

To put into perspective the German companies that sell premium high-performance sedan in the coming years, probably in early 2012, Lexus will launch a variant of the GS with these characteristics. Although the Japanese brand has yet to confirm any data, in recent months come running various rumors concerning the exposition of this model.

Contrary to previous rumors that would have a less powerful version of the V10 engine that animates the Lexus LF-A, it seems that the employee will be a V8 engine of 5,000 cc capable of a maximum power of 465CV. The reason for this election is supposed to reduce the final cost of the vehicle.

Comparing the hypothetical 456CV the Lexus GS-F with respect to its European rivals, the Japanese model will have less power than the Audi RS6 580CV, 570CV future of the BMW M5 or the Mercedes E63 AMG 525CV. To compete with these rivals in point performance based, the Lexus GS-F will draw on a significant reduction in weight can have a final weight of 1,630 kilograms. May seem high as an absolute value, but not if compared with more than two tons of the Audi RS6 and 1.800kg. Mercedes E63 AMG.

Kia Soul Diva

Posted: 03 Dec 2010 05:56 PM PST

As you remember, when Kia Soul made it introduced its three variants: Diva, Burner and Searcher (in Spain there was formerly a version called “Drive”). The first two are already on sale in all markets where they sell the Soul, and now Kia has launched its latest variant, the Searcher. The Searcher will start selling in England from next January 4, at a price of £ 16,965 (manual version) and the automatic £ 18,025 (about € 20,041 and € 21,293, respectively). It is therefore the most expensive version, but also be the most equipped, including stability control, traction control and six airbags. The manual version is 5-speed automatic transmission while has 4. All of them are coupled to a diesel engine of 1.6 liters CDRI (temporarily, at least).

Dr1 Electric Car

Posted: 03 Dec 2010 05:49 PM PST

The Dr has brought its latest additions to the Bologna Motor Show. The preview of the brand has seen the gracious hospitality of many experts. The drive home showed little Dr1 Electric, then Citywagon: this version is always the small family Dr1. Finally, another presentation was the DR3, which illustrates the interpretation of the first car of Dr home for what concerns the B segment of the market. A car will be equipped with engines from 1.3 cc Ecopower, from 83 horses, bi-fuel. In addition, there will be the motor of 1.5 cc Ecopower 109 horses.

The parent company says the average fuel consumption, respectively, of 5.5 liters per 100 km and 6.3 liters per 100 km. The CO2 emissions are 130 g / km and 151 g / km, with an engine that is compliant with Euro 5. Performance is respectable, since they mark a top speed of 156 km / h and 160 km / h.

From the perspective of the car body, we must underline the fact that the quality is satisfactory and the customer can not find a negative surprise. The price list has not yet been formalized, but it comes to spending around € 11,000. As we said at the beginning, was also presented a family version of Dr1, a small wagon version.

What is important is that the trunk is large enough, which makes it attractive to customers. The interesting thing is the presentation of an electric car, always the Dr1, which has a 54 horsepower engine and a range of 150 km. The marketing will begin the new year and will, as usual, a strategy entirely original, such as the presence in supermarkets.

Hyundai i40 SW

Posted: 03 Dec 2010 04:33 PM PST

The winter has occurred. Especially in northern Scandinavia. And that means that the car manufacturers leave en masse back to the area around the Arctic Circle to serve their models of winter testing subjects. This Hyundai i40 by SW-Spyshots.nl visitor Edwin Rozendal spotted on the German Autobahn. The fact that the car carries two huge extra headlights indicates that the test drivers of the long road to the frigid north – it’s currently-20C – to his business.

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