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Kit Accessori Skidmarx for BMW F800R

Posted: 05 Dec 2010 06:49 AM PST

New Skidmarx for owners of BMW F800R. This is a kit that includes: front fairing, headlight glass, tip engine cover and rear fender kit. The fairing is derived from racing double bubble domes with a thickness of 3 mm which directs the air through higher above the driver’s helmet increases protection from the wind.

The windshield is available in 14 colors can be combined with glass optics to achieve a look really racing. The spike in fiberglass that protects the motor from the dirt road and is designed to follow the contours of the beautiful engine ever with stainless steel screws. Rear Fender useful to fix the mono-shock absorber. The rear mudguard with chain guard comes with stainless steel screws with protection for the shock.

Land Rover Freelander 2 SD4 Sport Limited Edition

Posted: 05 Dec 2010 06:42 AM PST

Land Rover introduces the Bologna Motor Show its new Freelander 2 SD4 Sport Limited Edition, a special version of the SUV. The new limited edition car is characterized by a pack of mostly aesthetic upgrades that offer customers a choice between a larger number of installations for both interior and exterior. The Land Rover Freelander 2 SD4 Sport Limited Edition goes on sale early next year along with Landmark Land Rover Discovery 4. The base price for the car will be 33,945 pounds (40,000 euros).

The main changes to the look of the Freelander 2 SD4 Sport are the new body kit, the rear spolier, tinted windows and alloy wheels 19 “Shadow Chrome. According to the manufacturer of these updates increase the presence and the sporty look of the car.

The colors from which you can choose from are Fuji White, Santorini Black and Red Florence. Handles and door mirrors in body color are standard. As for the interior there are two versions: Ebony leather with decorations Windsor Pimento, or leather finishes with Ebony Napoli Windsor. Other factors may be selected according to the tastes of customers.

The engine of the Land Rover Freelander 2 SD4 Sports Limited Edition is the same as the standard version, which is the 2.2 diesel with 190 hp can propel the car from 0 to 100 km / h in 8.7 seconds with top speed of 190 km / h. The CO2 emissions of 185 grams per chiloemtro, while consumption of 7.06 liters per 100 km. The limited edition can also be fed with a mixture of 10% biodiesel.

Renault Twizy

Posted: 05 Dec 2010 02:17 AM PST

Renault is the first European manufacturer to use the system iAd Apple to advertise the city car Renault Twizy through iPhone and iPod Touch. The electric car of the French company will be promoted through this new method of promotion, confirming the brand’s attention to technological innovation not only in the automotive field, but also communication and advertising. With this tool, Renault hopes to reach a large number of people among the millions of users of Apple’s mobile platforms.

“By launching the mobile marketing Twizy on IAD – says the manufacturer – Renault is clearly aimed at customers of Apple as a pioneer of a new generation of mobility. Without having to leave the application on which they are, users of iPhone and iPod Touch can navigate the world of electric vehicles. ”

The ad features iAd presents various options as to calculate the charging time of his Twizy during their daily activities (like going to the hairdresser or sports), discover the different design of the Renault Twizy shaking your device and also pre-order a vehicle Electric.

Twizy is that for the first campaign iAd at continental and goes perfectly with the innovative project represented by the 100% electric city car. The Twizy directed at the same target young and dynamic who is also the typical use of devices like the iPhone and iPod Touch. A score of urban early adopters.

2012 Opel Calibra coupe and cabriolet

Posted: 05 Dec 2010 01:21 AM PST

The Opel Calibra back in 2012 and will be touring coupe variant of the Insignia. In addition, the proposal will also sport Russelsheim inedita cabriolet variant which will debut during 2013. Thanks also to the length of about 480 cm, the range of Opel Calibra represent a viable alternative to the coupe and cabriolet versions of the Audi A5 and BMW 3 Series.

Stylistically, the new Opel Calibra coupe and cabriolet variants will look similar to the graphic reconstructions of “L’Automobile Magazine, as the car will be the production version of the Opel GTC concept shown at Geneva in 2007. In addition, the calibration is also available in sporting OPC, powered by the 2.8 V6 Turbo 325 hp, combined with traction 4 × 4. Most likely, the new Opel Calibra could point to return to the DTM, previously won in 1996.

Renault Latitude

Posted: 04 Dec 2010 10:19 PM PST

As reported by “Motorspain.com” Latitude Renault could be marketed in Europe under the Dacia brand. Thanks to this process of re-badging, the House of Pitesti have its top-range sedan. The Dacia Latitude anticipates that between 2014 and 2015, with an estimated price of between € 15,000 and € 18,000, and in perfect low cost philosophy.

Of course, to keep the price list at levels not high, the Latitude Romania will have a poorer standard equipment than the twin with the brand of the diamond that comes from Samsung SM5 sedan. It should also be equipped with gasoline engines with power ranging from 90 to 140 bhp and the diesel engines with power ranging from 85 to 130 hp.

As for style, Dacia Latitude could have the same aspect of graphic reconstruction proposed by “Caradisiac.com. The car should be produced in Romania and will also benefit from synergies with the Renault Laguna, which is the 4-door variant. Initially, the Latitude has been considered the heir to the Vel Satis, but the top of the range of Renault will be represented, most likely, only the fifth generation of the Espace minivan, waiting on the market for 2013.

Sbay Flying 1800

Posted: 04 Dec 2010 06:09 PM PST

Sbay Motor Company is a Spanish manufacturer founded in 2009 and specialized in the development and preparation of custom bikes and special high-powered. His latest creation is called the Flying Sbay 1800 and is characterized by its construction, however, almost completely united to craft a high-level technology.

This custom bike has an engine made in Spain Rev-Tech Evolution 110th with a cylinder capacity of 1840cc, which delivers a maximum power of 115 hp.

The chassis features a tubular chassis of a true muscle bike, the adjustable Öhlins suspension front and the rear swingarm derived from the Ducati 916. The braking system has instead Galfer Wave discs and calipers with 320 mm of radial four-piston Brembo. Of note is the five-spoke Marchesini wheels in magnesium, always well made as all the other products of the important Italian company.

From the aesthetic point of view, what is most striking is the exhaust that follow the lines of the engine and the frame itself by giving it a two-wheel look like a real hard, stressed, inter alia, the modest behind this creation , whose components are counted from among the best on the market.

The dry weight of 1800 is well Sbay Flying 215 kg, a high value in general, but small compared with the motion of its own segment, real beasts devour eaters of miles, in the best tradition of American custom brands, Harley Davidson and Victory at all.

Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Posted: 04 Dec 2010 04:48 PM PST

The Essen Motor Show has almost no surprise to us, having published all (or nearly all) their news in recent weeks. But, however, “something” itself remains. I am referring, of course, to this beautiful Mansory preparing the Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

For the model of the Korean house Mansory has redesigned the front and rear bumpers, has incorporated some side skirts and a rear spoiler, it made of carbon fiber. Also, in addition, has completed the cosmetic kit with front spoiler (quite striking) and a new rear diffuser with a “flirty” tap on the shape of the hexagonal exhaust. Read

Also mention the new wheels (21 inches) in black, and Recaro sport seats inside and a Pioneer audio system. The mechanical part of its 3.8-liter V6 that yields 214 horsepower has not been modified.

Mazda MX-5 kit turbo BBR

Posted: 04 Dec 2010 04:39 PM PST

Long live the Mazda MX-5, or rather, its first two generations, the NA and NB, hymn on wheels driving pleasure at an acceptable cost. Today, the tuner English BBR has announced two new turbo kit include dedicated to the first two incarnations of Miatina. Who are born to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the first BBR kit, launched in 1990.

The tuning kit for the NA, however, does even more, since it includes a number of interventions aimed at improving the qualities of the frame and some cosmetic changes to the line. On the contrary the preparation for the MX-5 NC, announced yesterday, based on a supercharger, the one for NA and NB relies, as mentioned above, on a turbocharger.

The turbine, a water-cooled Garrett GT25 housing and coated ceramic is combined with new intake ducts and the processing unit. The result, on 1.6, is amazing on a chassis dynamometer, the engine delivers 224 hp reformatted to 6900 rpm and 237 Nm at 5100 rpm. With regard to 1.8 of NB, BBR has not released official numbers.

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