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Mercedes E Class by Piecha Design

Posted: 07 Dec 2010 02:29 PM PST

The Mercedes E-Class Convertible staged by Piece. A personalized version of the work of fine tuning to make this discovery even more attractive in the eyes of the devoted clientele of Mercedes-Benz. The tuner shows its new aerodynamic package that devotes the last generation E-Class car of the house in Stuttgart. Piech’s intervention involved a new front spoiler with a very special kit specifically for the discovery of the German model.

The other interventions inclu the rest of the car body, with the involvement of the sides, where the tuner has added new side skirts. The redesign also included a rear spoiler, slightly projecting, and the trunk. The side skirts look of the new design, so that, at first glance, one receives the impression of sportiness and speed.

The back of the Mercedes E-Class has a bumper constructed so that it can accommodate a new Speaker in the air, with four new releases coupled two by two, the sides of the body. The livery of this beautiful spider is supplemented by light-alloy wheels with 19 inch. The play Design has made available all its aerodynamic changes for the model of the E-Class coupe

The customers who would like more information about the model in question may also contact the manufacturer through its dedicated website, easily found on the web. As the prices of kits provided by the tuner Piece.

Maserati SUV Kubang

Posted: 07 Dec 2010 02:25 PM PST

As we had reported about a month ago, Maserati is preparing to propose a completely new model in its range, a sport utility based on the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. The SUV of the Trident, as announced by Sergio Marchionne in person, will be produced in the Jefferson North plant in Detroit. It will debut a number of interesting innovations, which have begun to leak today.

The implementation in a series of project that has its roots in the Time of Kubang prototype of the 2003 Detroit Motor Show, will serve to give a hand to the range of Modena, especially in markets like the USA, where sport utilities continue to gain prestige success.

The Maserati SUV, it is worth remembering, born on the floor of the new Grand Cherokee, which was developed when Chrysler was still in the hands of Mercedes. The same modern platform, which will come even the sport utility Alfa Romeo, will therefore in the dress of the next Mercedes ML, expected in the near future on the international markets.

2011 Audi Q3

Posted: 07 Dec 2010 09:59 AM PST

Here are the first spy photos of the Audi Q3, destined to go into production at the end of 2011 in the Spanish Seat plant in Martorell. As has become customary habit Audi Q3 retains all the stylistic features common to current models, ranging in size from perfect younger sister of the Q5, using the common technical base for the Volkswagen Tiguan.

Despite the camouflage, it is evident especially cutting back, with rather sloping rear window, while reducing the space available, surely will give impetus and determination to the small crossover, thus confirming in full the lines anticipated by the Cross Coupe concept presented in 2007. The Q3 will be produced in 80,000 copies a year, with a wide range of petrol and diesel versions and the now inevitable front-wheel drive and has not ruled out a hybrid version, after confirmation of Q5 Hybrid and the future availability of A6 and A8 hybrid.

Renault Megane RS N4

Posted: 07 Dec 2010 09:56 AM PST

The range of cars race-ready Renault expands with the introduction of the Megane RS N4 model developed in accordance with the regulations of group N and therefore loyal to the RS series. Compared to the latter using the new N4 developed in collaboration with Öhlins suspension, braking system has a larger (355mm front and 290mm discs at the rear) and a special five-speed transmission with limited slip differential motion and H . ! There is the safety components (roll cage, Sabelt seats with six-point seat belts designed for the HANS system, fire extinguisher), while the instrument panel and center console differs in minor details.

Despite the adoption of a flange as deadlines 2.0 turbo engine delivers 270 hp (+20 compared to the unit as standard) and well 470 Nm (+130), made even more vigorous due to the clear weight of less than 1,312 pounds RS standard, the ultimate value will, however, announced after practice to get the FIA homologation. The Renault Megane RS N4 is marketed as a complete kit. Please refer to our cousins Motorsportblog for additional details.

2011 Kia Picanto

Posted: 07 Dec 2010 09:52 AM PST

After the exhibition of sculpture at the Bologna Motor Show, Kia has released official sketches of the new Picanto. Looking at the pictures, it appears that the new generation of South Korean city cars have a sporty style. In addition, the front will “Tiger” introduced by the designer Peter Schreyer on other models and some stylistic elements of the concept Pop.

The Kia Picanto will debut the new platform that will be shared with the next generation of the Hyundai i10. In fact, the new Picanto will be longer and wider than the present one and will be equipped with new petrol engines and 3-cylinder turbodiesel. The new generation of Kia Picanto will be proposed, probably also nell’inedita 3-door variant and the U.S. market.

The car is waiting at the Geneva Motor Show, held in March 2011. The debut on the market, however, is expected during the next spring and the second generation of Kia Picanto will be available in the basic price of 8,500 €. In addition, in 2012 could be also available in a low environmental impact with ISG Stop & Start device as standard.

Honda Brio

Posted: 06 Dec 2010 04:12 PM PST

Few changes that we proposed Theophiluschi (in my view, rightly, to boot) for the production model, ie the final of the Honda Brio presented at the Motor Show Thailand late last month. Besides the obvious color change the front grill, keeping the defense almost unchanged. In the rear, clear type tuning lights have been modified by some lights more “normal”, with a broad red zone. A very accurate recreation and might get very close to reality. Remember that this beautiful little Honda model is intended for emerging markets to compete with the Suzuki Alto, the Kia Picanto, Hyundai i10 and Toyota Aygo, among others. Hopefully Honda also has the bright idea to distribute in Europe

Volvo S262C Gran Turismo

Posted: 06 Dec 2010 04:10 PM PST

Inspired by the 262C, and the fact that Volvo is not a great sports sedan performance, a Gran Turismo “authentic” British designer Andy Waugh has decided to take a first step and make it one conceptually, a 3D rendering, the truth is not bad.
The model is quite futuristic, with a use of LED lights around their front and back, which is undoubtedly the most striking, with a “bulge” (which lacked the “classic” 262 C designed by Bertone for Swedish house 33 years ago), and eye-catching “gill” side. The setting is inside a clear 2 +2.

Great Wall Kulla

Posted: 06 Dec 2010 04:04 PM PST

The Chinese manufacturer Great Wall, more and more present on our territory, has chosen the Motor Show 2010 to showcase its solution in terms of electric mobility. It ’s the Great Wall Kulla, zero emission city car that represents the first attempt by the Asian brands to produce an electric car. The Bologna Motor Show was chosen by Great Wall as an occasion for presenting the European premiere Kulla, after he has exhibited in several international shows. It ‘available in two versions: a three-door and five-door.

The smaller version (three goals and two seats) weighs just 500 kg, while the five-door model is able to accommodate 4 or 5 passengers (not very high). With its electric motor the car has a range of 140 km for the three-door and 160 km for the five-door, with a consumption of 10 kWh per 100 km. E ‘powered by lithium ion batteries with a duration of at least five years and 2,000 recharges.

The design of the Great Wall Kulla is a pioneer and original. There is no news yet about the possible mass production of cars, which is currently still in concept car. If the conditions are fulfilled, however, seems an attractive solution for mobility and power came from China is likely to have a lower cost compared to European competitors.

One of the most original style is the design of the headlights with LED daytime running lights. Also, the colors chosen for the cover (a combination of green and black very particular) make Kulla recognizable and different from most other cars in its segment.

Tesla Roadster Sport Brabus Green Package

Posted: 06 Dec 2010 03:58 PM PST

Brabus Tesla and continue in their unique collaboration: the German tuner, first and only coach to have his say on the electric Roadster in California, today unveiled all the details on behalf of the Green Package, which has set up for the Sport Roadster.

The “green package” is very original offer, including home station for quick recharging of the car, and 30,000 km of free energy for the buyer, offered through an agreement with the German electricity supplier RWE, as well as 12 months of unlimited use of the columns already set up by the supplier.

The Green Package is currently only available in Germany and thanks to the installation of the pedestal of rapid charging at home, will allow customers to have the batteries ready for use in less than six hours. The “full” of energy provides a range of 350 km, according to official figures. The Sports Roadster Brabus also changes in some aesthetic detail than the original model.

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