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BMW 1 Series M Coupe

Posted: 08 Dec 2010 03:04 PM PST

After many weeks that the BMW 1 Series M Coupe was photographed with a number of protections that ultimately altered their aesthetics, even being launched by the German company itself, BMW has revealed the variant that will be your little sports coupe through a video you can see the inside of the story, “where we can admire without protections for the first time.

The design of the 1 Series M Coupe is significantly more aggressive than the rest of the range of BMW 1 Series, with a passing front bumper incorporating a cooling outlets generously sized ensachados wheel arches because of the greater width of ways and the two double exhaust exits the rear of the vehicle. Read

Despite the release of this video, BMW has made no official statement on details regarding the new version of the BMW 1 Series. Following previous reports, the BMW 1 Series M Coupe will be powered by a six-cylinder, twin-turbocharged and 3,000 cubic centimeters, managed to develop a maximum power of 340CV.

Pending BMW get more information about its new model in the coming days, since its official launch takes place next month of January in Detroit, we leave you with the video that lets us know the 1 Series Coupe M first natural.

Aston Martin One-77

Posted: 08 Dec 2010 02:59 PM PST

Despite a price of nearly 1.5 million Aston Martin One-77, super exclusive car manufacturer produced the English, proved a commercial success. Ben 60 of the 77 models where, in fact, have already been sold (10 of them to one buyer). The One-77 is currently the most exclusive and expensive model of the full range Aston Martin. Crisis or not, the world is full of millionaires willing to spend the equivalent of a villa or a pair of large apartments for an exclusive and for the various options it matched.

The limited edition supercar coupe is powered by a 7.3 V12 engine, 750 hp. The platform is based on the principles VH (vertical – horizontal) that characterize other models in the Aston Martin family, but is specifically built by the Canadian Multimatic making extensive use of carbon fiber and aluminum.

With its powerful V12 engine, the Aston Martin One-77 is capable of excellent performance. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes 3.5 seconds and the car continues to accelerate until it touches the 354 km / h.

Customers who purchase one of these extreme supercar might be also interested in the latest news of the manufacturer: the city car Aston Martin Cygnet, based on the Toyota iQ. This is also offered with a body matching the One-77. Most of those who bought the limited edition sports car said they were also interested in taking the small Cygnet.

Jeep Compass Facelift

Posted: 08 Dec 2010 02:52 PM PST

New images have surfaced online of the renewed Jeep Compass, subject to a technical update / contemporary aesthetic to the total renovation of the range Chrysler Group products. The U.S. crossover is characterized by the new front grille and redesigned headlights staring less for the lower front panel by two rectangular air intake and rear bumper more linear and square. Of the bill also different taillights. There are also changes to the interior, more elegant thanks to the use of unpublished material soft to the touch.

Under the hood will be replaced the 2.0 turbodiesel (140 hp, 310 Nm) of origin with Volkswagen’s new 2.2 CRD with 163 hp and 320 Nm, combined with a six-speed manual transmission and complies with Euro 5. The presentation of the new Compass is expected during the Detroit Motor Show in January.

Mini All4 Racing

Posted: 08 Dec 2010 03:58 AM PST

The “rally of rallies,” the Argentina-Chile Dakar, approaches, and this year will also run on South American soil. The most striking developments this year is this special version of the Mini Countryman to participate in it, made for the occasion but with dyes (and many similar) you will see in the WRC.

All 4 Racing Mini Countryman is a 4 × 4 with a raised suspension will be in the X-Raid Team, sponsored by Monster energy drinks (rival par excellence of Red-Bull, although in this case the Monster tend to be more known the world of two wheels, where they have had a presence far more important). As a driver will be Frenchman Guerlain Chicherit. Read

About the car, striking its rapid development (only have 90 days to build it) and still not be tested (will do so at mid-month, specifically to be announced on 13 and 14 December). Its engine is a bi-turbo diesel, which takes the BMW X3, with an output of 315 hp and 710 Nm of torque.

Volkswagen Jetta New Variant

Posted: 08 Dec 2010 03:52 AM PST

The new Volkswagen Jetta will be offered, most likely, even with the wagon body called Variant. In Europe and Italy, the car would replace the existing Golf Variant, criticized especially for the Japanese car back style of the ’90s. However, in the Old Continent, the proposal would Jetta Variant version for the first time in its history, though the Volkswagen Bora was already available in some markets bodied station wagon. In the United States, however, the Variant Jetta would replace the current Jetta Sportwagen, keeping the trade name. Volkswagen Jetta Variant should have the same appearance as the top graphic reconstructions, carried out by Malaysian designer “TheophilusChin.

TTre RossoPuro

Posted: 07 Dec 2010 04:12 PM PST

RossoPuro Barbican and Philip have prepared a new special starting from Moto Guzzi SP 1000: it is a cafe racer that retains the original air-cooled engine, but is enriched with many details that make the lines very elegant, retro-style similar to that Triumph Bonneville. This new bike is called a special TTre and has an exhaust cone and the counter-Megaton. The news, however, are found in major department cycling: the front fork has 45 mm Marzocchi, there are two springs at the rear Asatek to support the original swing arm, while the tubeless rims 17 “mountain tires to 120/70-17 ‘ front and 50/55-17.

The braking system is made up of intermante calipers and discs Brembo Gold (320 mm and double-piston caliper front disc caliper and 280 mm behind normal, all with braided hoses) are always the Bergamo pumps for brake and clutch.

The other details are the result of preparatory work, which took four months to complete this project: fenders, running boards, number plate, seat, tank, instruments, and in general all the superstructure of the bike are made in the traditional way as the rest are also such as painting, graphics el’aerografia.

The only flaw is perhaps the tail a bit ‘flat even if this ends at the end to feature even more than other TTre cafe racer on base Moto Guzzi, of which this building is certainly one of the best, like with the equally fascinating John Williams.

Citroen DS2 Concept Car Revolte

Posted: 07 Dec 2010 04:09 PM PST

The new Citroen concept car could come from DS2 Revolte. It is already a year now that he speaks, but has not yet reached the final realization. The prototype, in fact, was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009, but had not received the impetus to move to implementation. But now, back to talking about the design of the new DS2. Since the development of its specific segment within a market where there is plenty of competition, the parent is thinking of the glories that were to follow in its predecessor: the 2CV.

If you were to take shape, the new car would be an entry level model and would replace the three-door variant of C1. Moreover, the new generation of the DS2 should also receive the new C1 platform, sharing therefore the length, approximately 3.60 meters.

His body should reflect a 5-door, to create a cabin that can accommodate 4 passengers. From the perspective of the engines, the new car for the French company will have equipment with gasoline-powered engines, which will have a power range from 60 hp to 100 hp. The architecture of the engine could have an unprecedented three-cylinder, which could soon find on C3.

As well as many other brands of cars, the Citroen also think of giving so many customizations for future DS2. A car you might see around 2013, at a launch price of 10,000 €. Citroen’s engineers believe that, in future, there may also be given an electric version of city car across the Alps.

Project Kahn Cosworth Range Rover Evoque

Posted: 07 Dec 2010 03:59 PM PST

Project Kahn and Cosworth have released the first image of tuning Evoque dedicated to the Range Rover. It is their record as the first realization based on the new crossover, but for now we can only see a teaser and do not know the technical content of the model. Following the tradition of the tuner, the styling changes will be very limited, while the alloy wheels plus retain the look already chosen for the calculations Range Rover. Given the involvement of Cosworth, it will be interesting to see how it will develop the new 2-liter turbo EcoBoost version of Si4, which already offers a range of 240 hp.

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