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Chrysler 300C Interior

Posted: 12 Dec 2010 01:50 PM PST

Have been unveiled the interior of the new Chrysler 300C, the American sedan that soon we will see in Europe with the Lancia brand as a new flagship of the house. The 300C, which boasts impressive line outside and led lights, has been a strong passenger compartment is also cooled, with a more modern dashboard and a center console designed around the latest generation multimedia system with 8.4 inch screen. Generoso also the space between the front seats, occupied by a wide armrest and all too “traditional” automatic transmission shifter, with the classic climbing positions reminiscent of Mercedes.

At the moment it can not be sure a miracle as to originality, but we trust in the necessary customization that designers put in place to transform the 300C in Thema (or Flaminia, as some have speculated): In addition to the classic Lancia grille in the front, too extensions may be partially revised according to the canons of European customers. Discover the new Lancia at Geneva, in March 2011.

2011 Dacia Duster

Posted: 12 Dec 2010 06:52 AM PST

The low-cost Dacia Duster SUV continues to attract the interest of the public and experts. The car produced by the sister group of the Romanian Renault Autobest won the 2011 best car on the market in 2010. The jury for this award is made up of 15 automotive journalists, particularly in emerging markets such as Russia, Turkey and Eastern Europe. The Duster was launched in the spring and has already seen more than 60,000 registrations, numbers that certifies commercial success.

The criteria used by the jurors to award the prize Autobest 2011 were thirteen. Among these were the most important consumption, versatility, interior space and style. The Romanian was the first SUV in the lists of 10 of the 15 jurors, from Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Macedonia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine and Malta.

The Autobest Awards 2011 are awarded for 10 years and represent an important recognition for cars sold in countries where the automobile markets are expanding. In addition to Europe, Turkey and the Maghreb, the Duster is also marketed in the Gulf, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Chile and Russia.

Dacia Duster has aroused great interest because it offers the features of an urban terrain, such as space and off-road capability, the price of a small car. In some markets, the car will be brought directly under the Renault brand.

Audi R18

Posted: 12 Dec 2010 06:48 AM PST

The evolution from a small boat coupe proves less extreme than it might imply the car body. “We have accumulated experience with the R8C and Bentley Speed 8. Also fundamental studies to develop the A4 DTM, “explain in presenting the new Audi R18, closed cockpit prototype for the championship ILMC (excluding the 12 Hours of Sebring) and obviously the 24 Hours of Le Mans. After the boats R8, R10 and R15 at Ingolstadt have therefore opted for a revolution that will provide benefits to the pilot (less stressed) and aerodynamics. The previous V10 TDI engine is replaced by a new 3.7 V6 diesel, subject to a “progressive electrification” in order to increase the average mileage.

McLaren Edition SLR

Posted: 12 Dec 2010 06:46 AM PST

Explained the mystery behind the debut of the SLR McLaren Edition at the show in Essen. The British home has specified that it has decided to produce new copies of the SLR, but will offer an exclusive kit official updates to existing ones. The members involved the changes were designed to improve the performance of the car: new aerodynamics and new suspension settings and steering. The kit will be made in only 25 specimens and is suitable for all variants of the SLR coupe, roadster, edition 722 SLR and even for Stirling Moss. It remains unknown cost of the kit, as well as how to install: Install an exclusive treatment, with a visit to “forced” to upgrade to the McLaren headquarters.

Volkswagen Up!

Posted: 11 Dec 2010 11:53 PM PST

$ 10,000 will be sufficient to purchase the new city car produced by Germany’s Volkswagen. The manufacturer said that the Volkswagen Up! is almost ready to go into production, confirming the submission to the Frankfurt Motor Show next year. Initially the car will be available with two doors and four seats, while later it will be also produced a five-door version. It will be powered by a range of efficient three-cylinder engines, both petrol and diesel.

“The latest prototype of the Volkswagen Up! is ready and is currently being tested – said Ulrich Hackenberg, head of development department of the German carmaker – We will be very soon be able to start assembling cars almost ready for mass production. ”

According to rumors, in conjunction with the introduction of the five-door will also be offered an electric version of VW Up! This should happen in 2013. Since the launch until then it will be available only in type two-door powered by a three-cylinder engine from Volkswagen.

The German company has recently ruled out the possibility of producing and using two-cylinder engines, such as the Fiat Twin, on their car. A Wolsfburg still prefer to invest on the development of the technology currently used, because it did not serve to further reduce the size of the engines, the work on efficiency and performance.


Posted: 11 Dec 2010 11:46 PM PST

Friday, the British have launched an interesting anticipation of AutoExpress, which if established would prove to be the testimony of a nice change of pace for the MG brand. The English house, a few years in Chinese hands, could launch in the near future, the MG7, a mid-high class sedan based on the platform even the critically Opel Insignia, which should also catch the engines.

The new three-volume characteristics of MG should be very sporty and later give birth to a twin-brand Roewe, called 750. Just as the current model, which is none other except the old Rover 75 in the flesh, just rebadged. The indiscretion of the agreement with GM is not entirely far-fetched, indeed: SAIC, the Chinese group, owner of the assets of the MG brand has a joint venture with the Americans since 1997.

The style of the MG7 will be treated in Britain, at the historic Longbridge site, where it was drawn, the physiognomy of the MG6 (which will debut in spring 2011) will be born and where the hatchback MG3 (instead of waiting for 2012). The model will mark the first step in an interesting technical collaboration between GM and SAIC. Chinese and Americans, according to a memorandum of understanding signed recently, will collaborate to develop electric and hybrid powertrain in the future.

Ford Mustang Jet Cobra

Posted: 11 Dec 2010 11:38 PM PST

Ford announced its decision to debut the new Mustang, in a version with vitamins. The Ford Mustang Cobra Jet at its third edition and will arrive in the new year, but produced only 50 copies. Fans of the genre will enjoy the muscle cars at the Performance Racing Industry, Orlando, Florida, where Ford has shown to the press all that the new Mustang is able to do.

The 50 units will be produced will have three colors: the Red Race, the Grabber Blue, the White Winner. Under the hood of the Mustang Cobra beats always a wonderful V8 engine of 5.4 cc, turbocharged, capable of emitting an output of 430 horsepower. The car is equipped with a change C4 Auto Race.

Ford Mustang Cobra Jet side
A machine that becomes a bomb on the track, with a pressure that crushes the driver well over 1 G acceleration. The fitting of the new muscle car, Ford will make sense typical of racing cars, with the adrenaline that goes to each of the pilot changed. The new car of the house of American car is the new benchmark for racing cars ready for delivery, which can damage the reliability during the competitions.

Ford Mustang Cobra Jet back
The management of the house decided that the blue oval has 50 pieces of Cobra Jet Mustang will be made available to customers starting in the spring of 2011, spending an amount of $ 103,980, approximately € 99,000 at today’s exchange.

Porsche Cayenne II 958 by Hamann

Posted: 11 Dec 2010 09:46 PM PST

Still impressive, even for some a little excessive in his achievements, a small spotlight on this new preparation produced by the German tuner Hamann Motorsport on the new Porsche Cayenne. Totally bodybuilder for a look now furiously aggressive, Porsche sees itself equipped with a body kit, new headlights with LEDs, new pieces of carbon fiber as a front spoiler, side skirts and a new extractor and back to monstrous forged wheels home a stunning 23-inch diameter fitted with tires 315/25 R 23. Engine side, there is a reprogramming of the ECU and a work on the exhaust sound to a report with the beast

Jaguar C-X75

Posted: 11 Dec 2010 07:28 PM PST

When, at the Paris Motor Show, we speak here of the C-X75, the conceptual prototype was too futuristic to see rolling down the streets. But it seems that Jaguar is changing his mind, and apart from the plans for the crossover, has set its sights on developing a high performance sports.

The model, according to some sources suggest, have little aesthetic changes (you have to take it with clips from “little change”) with respect to the prototype. The car would go into production in 2013, and instead of the 4 electric motors will be powered by a 500 hp V8 engine. Not been ruled out, then offered an alternative electric

Mitsubishi World Car

Posted: 11 Dec 2010 07:21 PM PST

The Japanese company Mitsubishi submitted renderings of its latest small car to the American market. The new “Global Small Car”, however, is also aimed at emerging markets and should be an entry-level for any country which will be marketed. As for Japan and the European continent, the new compact car is supposed to represent the new Mitsubishi Colt. Nevertheless, the Japanese new car will adopt a new platform and will have new engines that will be in ecological character displacement of 1.0 cc and 1.2 cc.

The will of the house of the Japanese car is to be able to achieve a small town that has an engine with very low CO2 emissions. In this area, in fact, the Mitsubishi is in good condition, having regard to the constant attendance of his research in the field of eco-friendly engines.

In addition there may also be supercharged versions. The new cars will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show, scheduled for March 2011. The Japanese parent has decided that the Colt model no longer produced in Holland, but the new plant in Bangkok Thailand, where Mitsubishi will invest something like 531 million dollars.

Mitsubishi world car back
The new plant will be taken at least 3,000 new workers. The Japanese decided that the production of the new utility vehicle will go into production in March of 2012. At first, the volume of units produced should be around 200,000 units a year. The Mitsubishi will follow the same example of the Nissan Micra, world car assembled in India.

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