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Bmw 1M Series coupè

Posted: 13 Dec 2010 01:57 AM PST

It’s been just days before the first official pictures of BMW 1M Series coupe, but already you try to evaluate its effectiveness by comparing the now traditional lap times at Nurburgring. According to information provided by Bimmerfile, the small M with 340 hp is able to complete the 22 km of the German track in 8 minutes and 12 seconds.

This time is 1 second faster than the E60 M5 V10, as soon as production output of 507 hp and strong, but with more weight. The most interesting comparison, however, is with her older sisters M3 E46 with the old 6-cylinder 343 hp never went beyond 8 minutes and 22 seconds at the time, while the current standard V8 420 hp and 450 hp GTS marked respectively 8 minutes and 5 seconds and 7 minutes and 48 seconds. To complete the comparison, we recall that the 1M declares a weight of 1495 kg, compared with 1580 kg of M3 420 hp and 1490 kg of GTS 450 hp.

2011 Porsche 911 GT3 RSR

Posted: 13 Dec 2010 01:51 AM PST

Porsche disseminate images and data of the 911 GT3 RSR 2011, the new weapon for GT racing. The main changes from the original 2010 cover aerodynamics, trim and engine: 6 cylinder boxer from 4-liter 455 hp at 7800 rpm and 9400 rpm can touch, thanks to new discharges, changes in intake and new electronic controls. The front wings can now accommodate 18-inch wheels with 12-channel, while the rear wing is being changed in shape and position. The RSR, as well as the latest GT3 Cup and GT3 R, now adopts the rear lights with LEDs, which are common to model road and declare a total weight of just 1220 kg. The new car can be purchased from Porsche motorsport department at a price of 410,000 euros, but 2010 models can be upgraded with an official kit.

Covini C6W

Posted: 12 Dec 2010 08:47 PM PST

After more than thirty years of development, Coviello C6W will go into production, albeit in small series. The 6-wheeled supercar designed by the Italian Ferruccio Covini will debut soon on the market, despite the list price is still to be defined. The car is equipped with four 15-inch front wheels and two 20-inch rear wheels, all combined to produce Brembo disc brakes. In addition, the C6W has independent front suspension and double wishbone rear.

The system is inspired by the 6-wheeled Tyrrell P34 car, used in Formula 1 in ‘76 and ‘77 seasons. Engineering Coviello said that the four front wheels provide greater convenience, more strength, more grip and better braking and less understeer and less vibration. In addition, the tires have more strength and reduce the chance of aquaplaning.

The Covini C6W is 418 cm long, 199 cm wide and 108 cm high. The mass was contained in 1150 kg, thanks to the tubular steel frame, reinforced with carbon fiber body combined with glass and carbon fiber. Inside, the cabin is configured according to the scheme 2 2, the seats are upholstered in two-tone leather and aluminum accents are present. The car is equipped with the 4.2 V8 engine of Audi origin with 440 hp and 470 Nm of torque, central location and combined with 6-speed manual transmission. As for performance, Coviello C6W of nearly 300 km / h top speed.

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