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Hyundai Tucson ix FCEV

Posted: 22 Dec 2010 03:21 PM PST

Hyundai has completed development of its Tucson ix FCEVO, the variant of its hydrogen-ix35, which is of course still under development. The Korean house has announced that with the arrival of the new party also road testing of the model, with a view to putting into production, scheduled for 2015, following a pilot marketing in 2012. The new fuel cell SUV, represents the third generation of such vehicles to Hyundai.

With two tanks of hydrogen at 700 bar pressure, the Tucson can boast ix FCEVO declared autonomy of 650 km. According to the house also, the model is able to run without problems even with outside temperatures of -25 ° C. The value of autonomy, one of the best of today’s prototype fuel cell, takes on a meaning more understandable when compared to that of the previous generation Hyundai hydrogen, which did not go beyond 370 km.

95% of the components of this advanced prototype has been produced in Korea and the volume of the organs that make up the system of fuel cells was reduced by 20%. Consumption, the equivalent of 31 km with one liter of petrol will be cut by 15% over the previous generation. The maximum speed of Tucson ix FCEVO is 160 km / h.

VTM Spacester

Posted: 22 Dec 2010 10:51 AM PST

Bernard Massart, Buck said, is a French coach who has his own “studio”, called VTM (V-Twin Mechanic), the South West of France. His latest creation takes its name instead of Spacester and is a candidate to be one of the stars of the forthcoming AMD World Bike Building Championships to be held in August 2011 that the Sturgis (USA), as tradzione.

Constructed from a Harley-Davidson Sportster series, has a frame that, despite the ultra-modern line, was made entirely by hand, its structure also encompasses all the components needed to leave even see the level of ‘oil. Further technical details are noteworthy then the upside-down that comes directly from the Yamaha YZF-R1 and low discharge, whose exit hole is visible just by looking at the bike especially on the left side.

Looking at the Krugger Veon, who won in 2010 in Sturgis, one can not help thinking that this Spacester VTM has a chance of victory despite the competition that will, as always, numerous and fierce.

From the perspective of a more technical and constructive solutions, it can not but recall a few details offered by Erik Buell, one of the best genes of modern motorcycling.

2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Spec C 2011

Posted: 22 Dec 2010 10:41 AM PST

Minor updates for the Subaru Impreza WRX STI Spec C, which is renewed as model year 2011: the most powerful variant of the WRX STI gains slightly redesigned front of the starting model (shown at the Salon in New York in April), but will also future holds for the Japanese market.

The performance of this extreme Impreza has been further improved with the occasion: the remapped ECU and some modifications to the supercharger’s new principal. The numbers do not say much about how much he stole the engine from the interventions: the horses of boxer 2.0 were 308 and torque has increased from 422 to 430 Nm, but refinements to the engine can not be reduced solely to these two coordinates.

Far more important is to stress the replacement of type rear Torsen limited-slip differential with a classic mechanical, and the introduction of a new cross-cutting element in front of the chassis. Confirm the various measures for weight reduction (aluminum engine hood, alloy wheels 18 “and battery size), rounds off the Brembo brakes as standard, with gold calipers and Recaro sports seats, available as optional.

Aston Martin DB9 Special Edition

Posted: 22 Dec 2010 10:40 AM PST

Aston Martin has three special exhibitions dedicated to the DB9 coupe and Volante versions. The DB9 Morning Frost offers pearl white paint, Metallic Bronze with leather interior, while versions Quantum Carbon Black and Silver have the colors black and silver with leather interior and special Obsidian Black Piano Black interior trim.

All models offer standard automatic transmission 6-speed Touchtronic II combined with the 6-liter V12 engine 476 hp. The DB9 Morning Frost also offers 19-inch wheel, brake calipers with silver and silver grilles, while the sportier Quantum Carbon Black and Silver offer a range of sports exhaust, 19-inch forged, grills and sports seats with black stitching contrasting color. These special editions have already been ordered from the official Aston Martin dealers.

Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera by Underground Racing

Posted: 22 Dec 2010 05:21 AM PST

We recommend for the faint of heart to give up this article because we are going to talk about extremism automobile drivers of pure madness. Underground Racing took the tuner car of the most outstanding performance, the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera LP570-4, and transformed it into a monster, putting the Italian supercar directly dominated by Olympus of Hypercar Bugatti Veyron and the like. The world is beautiful drawing because there are men like Underground Racing products we offer of this kind.

Capiamoci: when we speak of madness automobislitica we say it in a positive way. Criticize it as someone taking a car from 570 hp and decides to double (you read that right) the power? The Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera LP1000-4 TT (Twin Turbo) created by Underground Racing in fact a power of 1,000 hp.

The tuner said that modification kits are also available less extreme. That four-digit number is called Stage Three, and we do not believe that there might be someone interested in the others. A similar level of power has been earned by working hard on the 5.2 V10 engine of the Gallardo Superleggera, installing two turbochargers and making a number of other changes.

The 1,000-hp Gallardo is not even the most powerful car of the Underground Racing, who also wrote in the past such as a 1,200-hp Ferrari F430. That is, only to see the pictures of the modified engine shudder, we can imagine to hear the noise.

Audi RS4

Posted: 22 Dec 2010 01:08 AM PST

With the arrival of the Audi A5 Cabrio and A5, the German manufacturer announced it would no longer be developing an Audi A4 Cabrio, to be replaced by models of the family mentioned above. What we did not know then is that the arrival of the first generation of this coupe would mean that the Audi A4 will not have a high performance RS4 variant, leaving only reserved for his brother coupe, the Audi RS5. This decision had been taken earlier on one of the models that are emerging as one of its main competitors in the hypothetical RS4, BMW M3 Sedan since the spring of this year announced he would not have continuity. In this way, the Mercedes C63 AMG sedan is the only radical cutting of the German premium brands, but must await the announcement of its upcoming makeover to be fully confident that it will continue to market.

In addition, Audi has confirmed himself that the new Audi A6 will have a new extreme variant under the name of RS6. There will be new under the hood, since instead of the current supercharged V10 with twin turbochargers, it is expected that the new version of the model happens to also have a twin turbo V8.

Carlsson Mercedes CLS

Posted: 22 Dec 2010 01:02 AM PST

Carlsson will present at theGeneva Motor Show ’s newaccessories for the Mercedes CLS . It ‘was in fact created a new aerodynamic kit, also available with carbon fiber components, including front bumper with integrated LED, modified hood, side vents on the new wheel arches, side skirts, rear bumper with extractor and a new sports muffler with dual outlets oval. The petrol engine of the CLS 350 CGI can be modified with the CK35 kit, which carries the maximum power from 306 to 333 hp with a torque increase from 370 to 410 Nm and an improvement of 2 / 10 in acceleration 0-100 km / h, which is done so in just 5.9 seconds. The CLS 350 CDI diesel version is instead modified by the additional unit C-Tronic, which allows you to switch from 265 hp and 650 Nm of the original version at 320 hp and 780 Nm CLS is so capable of touching 100 km / h 5.9 seconds.

Land Rover Discovery

Posted: 22 Dec 2010 12:59 AM PST

Land Rover has announced the first details of Discovery with reinforced body, produced with the support of the specialized Centigon and approved in the classes of membership to meet European standards BS EN1522 and BS EN 1063 level FB6 BR6 level. That? It can withstand close to the explosion of a bomb with 15 kilograms of TNT, grenades DM51 and of course the “simple” bullets. Centingon’s engineers have created a car half a ton heavier than the standard version, as amended, especially in chassis (suspension and reinforced shock absorbers, brakes more effective), which do not make updates to the motor-propeller. The Discovery is reinforced with the proposed five-liter V8 version of 375 hp and 510 Nm, controlled by the six-speed automatic transmission system TerrainResponse. Despite the 3,550 pounds are very positive overall performance: acceleration 0-100 km / h is in fact completed in 10.6 seconds.

2011 Hyundai Veloster

Posted: 21 Dec 2010 04:07 PM PST

The new Hyundai Veloster will be launched on the Italian market during the month of May 2011. The new coupe the Korean house, as you know, he drew attention to a very particular body, with two doors on the passenger side and one on the driver’s side. The car in the final version will be presented to the upcoming Detroit Auto Show, scheduled from January 10 next year.

In the viewfinder will Veloster models like the Volkswagen Scirocco, the Megane Coupe, the Astra GTC and-in part-even the Honda CR-Z. At the time of the debut of the new sports will be launched in our country with just 1.6 direct injection petrol 140 bhp aspirated unit that will initially be offered only with manual six-speed transmission, but already by the end of 2011 will be matched also to the change automatically.

The Veloster, like other Hyundai, will rely on five-year warranty Triple 5, but not in Italy will be offered with diesel engines. In contrast, at a later time will be offered with a new turbo over 200 HP to meet customer needs more sporty. With the arrival of the supercharged may also launched new dual-clutch gearbox.

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