Volkswagen Group: Deliveries after eleven months exceed full year 2009

Volkswagen Group: Deliveries after eleven months exceed full year 2009

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Volkswagen Group: Deliveries after eleven months exceed full year 2009

Posted: 16 Dec 2010 05:05 AM PST

The Volkswagen Group has already exceeded total deliveries for the full year 2009 after only eleven months of the current year. Europe’s largest automaker delivered a total of 6.59 million (5.85 million; +12.7 percent)* vehicles worldwide from January to November, again outperforming the positive trend on global automobile markets (+11.3 percent). At 617,100 (531,200)** units, more vehicles were also delivered in the month of November than in the same month last year. While the market only improved by 10.3 percent in November, Group deliveries grew by 16.2 percent. “The Volkswagen Group is benefiting disproportionately from the upturn on most major automobile markets. We anticipate a new delivery record of more than seven million vehicles for the full year,” Group Board Member for Sales Christian Klingler said in Wolfsburg on Friday.

  • 12.7 percent increase in deliveries to 6.59 million vehicles in period to November
  • Month of November saw strong 16.2 percent rise in deliveries of Group models to 617,100 units
  • Volkswagen brand deliveries grow 18.3 percent in November
  • Group Board member for Sales Klingler: “We will be well above last year’s level and anticipate annual deliveries of more than 7 million vehicles for first time”

Continued positive development on established markets and in growth regions

There was a further significant rise in Volkswagen Group deliveries to customers in China, with the total for January to November running at 1.82 (1.32; +37.8 percent) million units. Growth in the Asia / Pacific region as a whole was 38.6 percent. The Group also reported continued high growth in the USA, delivering 325,600 (268,400; +21.3 percent) units.

In Western Europe (excluding Germany), the Group brands delivered 1.71 (1.52; +12.5 percent) million units. The Volkswagen Group therefore developed noticeably better than the overall market, which only grew by 2.7 percent. In Central and Eastern Europe, the Group delivered 382,900 (348,800) vehicles to customers, a rise of 9.8 percent. Growth was particularly positive in Russia (+36.3 percent).

In Germany, the Volkswagen Group delivered 950,000 (1.17 million; -19 percent) vehicles in the period to November. As the overall market continued to contract due to the effects of the scrapping premium (-25.2 percent), the Group was able to expand its market share.

Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand increases deliveries

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand delivered a total of 4.18 (3.71; +12.7 percent) million units. The brand continued its very pleasing growth on key markets such as China (+34.4 percent), the USA (+20.7 percent) and Russia (+42.9 percent). Volkswagen’s progress continued on the Indian market, too, where 24,100 (2,600) vehicles were delivered, representing a further significant increase.

Group’s Audi and Škoda brands again grow deliveries

Audi broke through the one million barrier in the period January to November, delivering more than 1 million (870,500; +15.3 percent) vehicles worldwide. The brand with the four rings reported growth in almost all of the world’s sales regions, in Europe, North and South America, Asia / Pacific and Africa plus the Middle East. The Ingolstadt-based subsidiary delivered 209,800 (139,900; +50 percent) vehicles on the key market of China.

The Škoda brand also reported further growth, with deliveries to customers worldwide totaling 702,400 (625,700; +12.3 percent). Here, too, there was strong growth on the Chinese market, where the Czech brand delivered 56.2 percent (167,000; 106,900) more vehicles.

SEAT maintained its position on the market in the period January to November, delivering 313,000 (312,900) vehicles, on a par with the prior-year period. Developments on the brand’s home market of Spain were very pleasing, with deliveries rising by 13 percent (86,300; 76,300 units).

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered 390,700 (327,400) vehicles, a very gratifying rise of 19.3 percent. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles even reported a 38.4 percent increase for the month of November. Deliveries in South America were particularly positive. Here, the Hanover-based automaker delivered 103,200 (55,900) units, an increase of 84.5 percent.

*) excluding Scania, including Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Trucks and Buses for January/February 2009
**) excluding Scania

- Volkswagen AG

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Forza Motorsport 4 Trailer

Posted: 15 Dec 2010 07:51 AM PST

For the love of…

For the past several months, we here at Turn 10 have been talking to you, the Forza Faithful, about our mysterious Next Big Thing. Today, we toss aside those hushed mentions and sidelong glances, and officially unveil the identity of our next project: Forza Motorsport 4! The ground-breaking Forza Motorsport series will return to Xbox 360 in fall 2011, featuring support for Kinect as well as the classic controls you've come to expect from the Forza series.

Our GT: oneighturbo Hook it up!

- Turn 10 Studios

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