Weekend Pit Stop 3

Posted: 22 Jan 2011 03:32 AM PST

Lets slow things down again with another pit stop, check out some of these popular posts that you may have missed on Chrises Cars.

Matrix fanatic repaints Subaru with his favorite characters

pic 1

Most of us usually just have the basic of colors on our cars, red , blue, black etc but this person is so crazy for the Matrix trilogy that he has gone and painted all the Matrix characters onto his Subaru.

Click here to see more images of this Matrix Subaru.


Porsche 911 and Nissan GT-R in a head to head drag race


Here is a video which shows a drag race between a Porsche 911 Turbo and a Nissan GT-R.
You want to know who wins?

Then click here to find out.


Collection of rally car crashes in Finland: Video


If you like car rallies and even more car rally crashes then watch this video which shows 10 minutes of pure rally car crashes.

Click here to watch the video


BMW will be chauffeuring 2012 Olympians in London


The next Olympic games is only a year away now and what will all the athletes be chauffeured around in? A BMW of course.

Click here to find out more


Does this car look ridiculous or what


Many people love tunning up their cars and some even turn them into dragsters, well this person has had the idea of turning an old Honda CRX into a dragster.

Click here to see more.


Corvette C6 explodes due to a faulty nitrous system


The guy driving this Corvette C6 didn’t even make it to the drag race, the nitrous exploded under the bonnet before the owner could even start the race, what a waste.

Click here to watch the video


Well thats it for this week on Chrises Cars, but we will be back on Monday with more motoring news and lots more. Have a great weekend from all of us at Chrises cars.

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Police race through London to deliver liver: Video

Posted: 21 Jan 2011 09:47 AM PST

police run

This video is titled ‘The Liver Run’ and is a complete episode from the popular British TV series Police, Camera Action that aired in the UK many years ago.

This video is actually quite a few years old now but still holds a certain amount of excitement as the Metropolitan police have only 35 minutes to transport the liver to a hospital in the center of London, if you want to know if they make it then you will have to watch the following video to find out.

The video is from May 1987, the Police cars involved are old Rover SD1 models, and the route that was covered was from Stansted Airport, Essex, to Cromwell Hospital in Kensington, London.

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2012 Ford Focus Review by Autocar: Video

Posted: 21 Jan 2011 09:19 AM PST


The latest car review from Autocar gives a detailed report on the new 2012 Ford Focus, the Brits test drive the new 5-door hatchback but claim that it has lost some of its fun characteristics.

The Focus has always been a successful selling car, winning numerous awards and Ford are hopping that this new version will follow in its predecessors success.

The new Ford Focus being tested in this video is the diesel version and it is surprisingly silent, watch the video below to see what else Autocar has to say about the 2012 Ford Focus.

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