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Kia Picanto 2011

Posted: 03 Jan 2011 10:24 AM PST

No more secret and remodeling model Kia Picanto. These spy pictures are the best in this type of photos you’ve seen lately, and teaches us the new Picanto from all angles. So you hardly need to continue with his sketches Kia and artistic advances.

Nor do we have to wait until March to see it (since it was the Geneva Motor Show where it was awaiting official presentation). And as we advance here, the new model will be a five-door with a rear quite nice (although I expected something better aesthetically, but certainly not bad) and a very modern sideline. The design of the new Picanto (shown in South Korea and Kia Morning) is the work of Peter Schreyer, and is also larger (longer and wider) than the current model. Apart from a three-door version, the expected 1.0-liter engine, three-cylinder (69 hp engine of the Hyundai i10), together with the 1.2-liter gasoline (and also speaks of a version of the more “racing “, equipped with turbo, and top-end) plus the 1.1-liter CRDi diesel.

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

Posted: 03 Jan 2011 10:18 AM PST

The rumors that the new Ferrari 612 Scaglietti could be presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2011, continue to chase each other again. Continue now the rumors are triggered by the words issued recently by President Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, who spoke a very different Ferrari, which was submitted to the Swiss motor show. This would have triggered the most improbable fantasies and an increasing number of rumors and speculation, as has become increasingly usually happens in these cases, it takes no time to create great expectations.

What has been called the revolution will not affect the red line of the new Ferrari will be increasingly characterized by the usual configuration coupe with four seats, but will instead be different in the technology and mechanics of the car. Under the hood, the engine will be the evolution of the V12 mounted sula 599 GTB, the displacement of 6.3 liters will be capable of delivering 670 hp, delivered by a dual-clutch gearbox with seven gears. The most interesting, however, should be the kind of traction that will offer this new Ferrari Scaglietti, it would be a four wheel drive system with electronic control that will operate if the benefits warrant the use.

Among the many items, also known as a likely use of a hybrid system that reduces fuel consumption and emissions by more than 30%. With all these features the Maranello sports car should be capable of a maximum speed of 330 km / h and accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.7 seconds. While waiting for people to know something more you can do is wait for the festival in Switzerland.

Porsche 918

Posted: 02 Jan 2011 08:33 PM PST

Autobild reports new advances on the debut of a new Porsche at the show in Detroit. After the assumptions about the launch of the Panamera and the 928 based on a Volkswagen Bluesport spyder baby, make their way now the possibility that the U.S. stand is revealed in the 918 coupe version of the competition.
This would, in fact, the anticipation of a possible production model already announced with hybrid engines, but at the same time confirm the rumors in recent months, that would actually debuted the Porsche 918 at Nurburgring 24 of the first to present the approved version for road use. From Worldcarfans resume instead render some of the possible appearance of this car, waiting to find out what really will live under the canopy with the same Porsche

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