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Alfa Romeo MiTo 2012 TwinAir

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 02:07 PM PST

In 2012, exactly four years after its debut, the Alfa Romeo MiTo will receive a slight facelift that will cool the forms and simultaneously gain new and more efficient engines. The most interesting innovations cover just the engine department, which will be updated with the new family of greener engines, compact Twin, launched for the first time on the Fiat 500 in July.

Under the hood of the House of Arese supermini will install the cylinder 875 cc Twin declined in the power of 105 hp, 85 hp instead of 500 provided on, so going to replace the current 1.4-liter 105 bhp Multi Air.

This update will serve mainly to consumption and operating costs of small Alfa: it speaks of a decline to 30% of fuel requirements and emissions of CO2. As the small Fiat Twin, the MiTo will also use the settings “Normal ” and “ECO”, it will save on energy through a torque limiter that will ensure medium-distance in case the citizens in the order of 4.5 / 100 km.

Suzuki Burgman Executive and Racing

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 01:58 PM PST

Suzuki has decided to hand its scooter range for 2011 and in particular on the model Burgman, one of those on which the house of Hamamatsu bit more and decided to customize both from the technical point of view that the aesthetic point of view , to meet the very diverse needs of customers.

Suzuki Burgman Executive will then have a version and Racing for the first, available in displacements of 125 cc and 200 cc, the new cover plate to protect the exhaust, windshield deflector, the new design of instruments and optics and some minor details like the color range of black and white saddle stitching.Racing Suzuki Burgman scooter only available in 125 cc, of the same innovations of the Executive, except to the seams of the seat here to recall the red and blue colors of the livery, definitely more suited to young audiences.

In short, the Japanese manufacturer has opted for small adjustments on the details (but able to make a difference, at least in the house), hoping to boost sales in a market situation very difficult.

Only in 2011, however, will tell whether the manufacturer Hamamatsu have been right, and to what extent, if the year that will open soon certainly is not auspicious for the motorcycle industry as a whole and also for the global economy , still struggling with sluggish consumption, which despite some signs indicate that the recession (at least technically) can now be said of almost everything behind.

Harley Davidson SE 120 R

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 01:56 PM PST

Harley Davidson has shown in recent days the last engine developed in its historic factory in Milwaukee: This is the SE 120 R, V-Twin engine with a displacement of 120 cubic inches (about 1966 cc) capable of providing a power maximum of 135 hp at 6000 rpm and maximum torque of 185 Nm at 3800 rpm (the values recorded at the wheel with the engine tested on a chassis Dyna 2009 with modified intake and exhaust).

The acronym stands for IF Screamin ‘Eagle, a company whose catalog were taken from the special parts used in the engine, some of which are for racing, as indicated by the letter R is meant precisely to emphasize the fact that the new engine will be Harley Davidson also used in competition.

Indeed, according to the technicians of the American home, it would be suitable for both the racing and off-road, which would seem very surprising unless you consider “off-road racing to dirt track where the U.S. still use the same engines Harley. As for the track but you think maybe the races of the dragster in confidence cruiser motorcycles with two cylinders with two valves (to understand the categories that do not assemble Suzuki Hayabusa powered turbine engines, etc.) or the short track, even if the couple seems too good to be able to manage during the drift.

However, the new SE 120 R is available now at Harley Davidson but it is limited and can only be mounted on the Dyna, Softail and Touring models built from 2006 onwards.

Renault Kangoo Generation 2011

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 01:49 PM PST

Renault announced today the specifications of the Kangoo “Generation 2011″, which contemplates new construction of minor importance (paints, finishes, equipment) in compliance with the imposed by the 2011 model year. The French MPV is available in combination with the 1.6 petrol engines (105 hp) and 1.5 dCi (75, 90 and 110 hp), both of which meet Euro 5 and offered as standard with manual transmission. The automatic transmission is available only to the 1.6 versions Expression and Privilege, and the diesel unit responds with the hallmark “eco2″ to recognize the demonstrated respect for the environment.

The Renault Kangoo “Generation 2011″ Access is offered in the fitting, Authentique, Expression and Privilege, with achoice of of three new paint ( MochaBrown Taupe Etoile Blue and Grey )in addition to the seven already useful. The cosmetic changes are intended to cover in the bottom half shall (darker), bumpers, mirrors and colored handles chrome door open (from Expression), and with different interior upholstery depending on the outfit . The list of options is enhanced with three new audio systems, tires 15-inch all-terrain, unprecedented door-all bars and package style inspired by the Kangoo Be Bop. On the market since March 2011 with strike price (relative to the French market) of € 13,499, the version “2011 Generation”is also available for Kangoo Express and Be Bop. The latter can be ordered with only the dCi 90 and dCi 110 engines.

GWA Tuning Ciento Once

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 01:47 PM PST

The Texan will carry out the GWA Tuning Ciento One, a one-off supercar inspired by the Mercedes C111, 1970, the second in a series of design with 4-rotor Wankel engine, which then struck for its futuristic design and the back door gull-wing, but without reaching up to mass production.

The GWA Tuning was carried out from a space frame chassis and equipped with a V12 Mercedes engine M120 naturally aspirated 408 hp combined with a 6-speed manual transmission with a transaxle. The brakes are derived from the S55 AMG, while the alloy wheels are manufactured by GWA measures 9 × 19 inch wheels with 265/35 tires and 11 × 19 “rear with 295/30 tires. The total weight is 1400 kg, thanks to the aluminum body, but the interior does not waive a retro style, with simple lines, foreign exchange and open grid fabric coverings. Unknown, for now, the price of this model, as well as the date of its debut on the road.

Spy Photo Ferrari Scaglietti

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 01:42 PM PST

At the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, as always planned for early March, will present a major new Ferrari, the heir to the 612 Scaglietti, the flagship of the house. With the approaching date of the debut, rumors and spy photos have become increasingly insistent as. We currently have these new shots, made by a member of the forum FerrariChat.

The photos, taken around Maranello, have as their protagonist a forklift still heavily camouflaged. Circumstances which led to the hypothesis of attractive shooting brake body, the much talked about recently. Needless to say, given the consistency of the panels that blacks incerottano the Horse’s new supercar, you can now check the validity of these items.

But it seems likely that the heir to the Scaglietti can adopt a much more handsome of the naturally aspirated V12 5.7 540 HP. The multi-cylinder unit in question could be from 6.0 or 6.3 liter engine (depending on the source) and 670 horsepower, the same peak from the brutal 599 GTO. In this engine will be paired in all likelihood the new seven-speed dual-clutch.

Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Hamann Victory II

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 06:51 AM PST

The German-Italian Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 receives the vertical opening doors, the exclusive preserve of the older sister Murciélago. Hamann draws winged opening the doors in the name: Gallardo LP560-4 Hamann Victory II. The essence of the brand Emilia is restored, according to the German tuner, and you can then concentrate on the mechanics of the precious original supercar. The rise of the motor peak values is in fact limited, given the sophisticated base. We are talking about 572 hp and 575 Nm of torque, “responsible” of 328 km / h top speed.

At these speeds dominate much of the aerodynamic forces acting on the body of the car, impressing their effect on adherence to the 20-inch tires are able to develop the ground. The size, however, speak for themselves: 235/30 ZR 20 325/25 ZR 20 on the fore and rear. The appendices added by the Hamann LP560-4 is therefore to help and provide direction through the front spoiler in carbon fiber, and increase downforce on the rear wing with side covers and extractors in the underbody. The side skirts finally link up with the widened and equipped with oversized air intakes aggiuntive.La stands out in carbon fiber, with a set of 14 components they replace, among others, also the steering wheel and door handles .

Hyundai Veloster

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 06:48 AM PST

Only a few hours of birth Hyundai Veloster series, ready to debut on January 10 next Detroit Motor Show (15-23 January 2011). South Korea’s innovative coupe inspired by the homonymous concept in 2007 to offer a curious four-door with two doors on the right and one on the left. With this solution, which is found in part on the MINI Clubman and the 1999 Saturn SC, the quasi-coupe seems to want to tackle head on the different Volkswagen Scirocco, Opel Astra, Renault Megane and Honda CR-Z, but focusing on increased ease of entry and exit and a wider rear roominess.

In the new teaser image spread by Hyundai is also known the great door divided into two windows to ensure original shape and vision to the rear. Still no official information has been disseminated on the mechanics and engines, even if the latest rumors talk about a 4-cylinder direct-injection petrol 1.6 can already deliver around 140 hp in naturally aspirated form. Although designed with an eye to the North American market, the Hyundai Veloster looks forward to Europe and Italy, where from next spring will be marketed with the intent to revive the feats of the previous Hyundai Coupe.

Renault Kangoo Generation 2011

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 06:47 AM PST

Renault Kangoo Generation 2011

The Renault Kangoo MPV derived from the parent of light commercial vehicles, is renewed for 2011 with a new look with exterior and interior revisited. You can also choose colors from the palette colors unpublished scheduled for the body. The equipment will be richer and the range of Euro 5 engine will be characterized by the approval. The launch will take place at the Motor Show in Brussels (15-23 January) and marketing will begin in March.

The four versions of the Kangoo (Access,
Authentique, Expression and Privilege) receive an updated aesthetic, from opportunity to order three new body colors, for a total of ten colors. The lower part of the dashboard takes on a darker color and is coupled to the new surface treatment of the bridge “-like graphite. The bumpers and door mirrors are painted the same color in setting Authentique, Expression and the features of the same elements in metallic gray. It ‘also possible to equip the Kangoo’ Generation 2011 ‘all-terrain wheels with 15 inch.

The main improvements of equipment are represented by a wide range of audio systems, equipped with Bluetooth, MP3 player and AUX jack for connecting a media device. Even the preparation of entry, called Access, is now equipped with tachometer, rear shelf above the trunk, and tire repair kit. The Express version receives a dowry of the side straps in body color, leather steering wheel, cruise control with speed limiter, trip computer, automatic control of air conditioning and.

The technical innovation more important than updating ‘Generation 2011′ approval of the Kangoo is Euro 5, obtained from all engines in the range. Other features worth mentioning in the 1.6 petrol 105 bhp, which can be fed ethanol and mated to automatic transmission and the 1.5 dCi turbo diesel available in three power levels: 75, 90 and 110 hp.

Suzuki R3 2012

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 04:22 AM PST

Suzuki will produce in the compact van R3 series presented as a concept at the show in New Delhi in 2010, as reported in the pages of Autoevolution. The novel model will be marketed in India as early as 2012 with the Maruti brand, but already open prospects for a global spread of the vehicle, starting with the right-hand drive markets. The R3 Concept offers 7 seats in 3 rows with rather small external dimensions and engines of small displacement range derived from Swift.

The only obstacle to the spread on foreign markets is one of the standards of approval, much more severe outside of India. The globalization of R3 then passes through the use of the highest quality materials and safety features included as standard equipment, driving up the price compared to those for the domestic market. At the same time, however, Suzuki would be in a segment never explored, perhaps with a little help from the Volkswagen Group, the current main shareholder.

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