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Saab 9-5 SportWagon

Posted: 22 Jan 2011 06:30 AM PST

At the Geneva Motor Show 2011 will present a preview of the new Saab 9-5 SportWagon version. Just about exactly one year from the arrival on the market for Saab 9-5 sedan in the classic version, in September will begin sales of the new model station wagon. Orders will be opened instead of immediately after the presentation at the show in Switzerland.

For the Swedish brand, now owned by the Dutch Spyker, the new 9-5 SportWagon is a very important model, together with the 9-4X, the SUV that will arrive next summer.

Up front, which have not yet been released images, the line is very similar to that of the sedan, with clean lines, while the rear is the characteristic of the pillar and glass hidden in the roof with the roof rail thin.

The engines will be the same as the sedan, all turbo: 180 hp 1.6 petrol, 2.0 petrol 220 bhp, 2.8 300 bhp petrol, 2.0 diesel 160 and 190 hp. The four-wheel drive is available.

Saab is known that lowering the rear seats, you can load long objects 1.96 meters, while the carrying capacity of the trunk can be up to 1,600 liters.

Volkswagen XL1 concept

Posted: 22 Jan 2011 06:22 AM PST

As reported by the German weekly Wirtschaftswoche, Qatar Motor Show to be held next week January 25 to 29, Volkswagen would introduce its new concept can travel 100 kilometers on one liter of fuel. This prototype should be the anticipation of the much-talked-about model of 1 liter per 100 km, of which we hear in Wolfsburg for many years, and which is expected on the market could rise even during the course of 2013.

Previously, Volkswagen had already presented two concepts of gender, in 2002 and 2009, the SDI 1L L1 TDI, which are the two models of the photos. The new car, the dream has always been declared by Ferdinand Piech, chairman of the supervisory board of Volkswagen, could be called the XL1 and should retain many features of the L1 Concept, including the two seats for the passenger compartment, the hybrid system and the use of carbon fiber (now cheaper than in the past) for body and chassis.

Rumor has carbon fiber should also remain on the production model, to keep the weight very low. There is talk of 500 kg in total.

L1 was present on a TDI diesel engine cylinder TDI with 800 combined with a 27 hp electric motor, which allowed to consume only 1.38 liters of diesel per 100 km, with 39 total horsepower and 100 Nm of torque.

Infiniti EX Black Premium

Posted: 22 Jan 2011 05:25 AM PST

To infinity and always wanted to preserve his trademark elegance and being formed in a position to provide a different class of car than the others. And then the Nissan’s rib house certainly not denied on the market by launching a limited edition of the SUV EX30d, namely the EX Premium Black.

This car will be released in only 150 copies, in a development that builds on the version EX30d GT Premium. Characteristic features are the Malbec Black paint, alloy wheels and elegant leather Graphite.

If you decide to enter the exclusive world Infiniti, spending a minimum of € 61,950,’ll be joining for two years in the magical world of Relais & Châteaux 5C Club. This is a unique consortium of more than 500 hotels and restaurants around the globe.

Renault Scenic 2011

Posted: 22 Jan 2011 05:22 AM PST

Renault strong point on the range and Scenic Scenic Xmod. And then he could not miss the renewal with the introduction of Model Year 2011. You can choose between three different models for the MPV Alps.
There are variations Attractive, and Dynamique Luxe, focusing on new design and color choices of all respect. Motors link up with the approval of the 1.5 dCi 110 bhp, modified to produce emissions of just 128 g / km of CO2. It should be remembered that MY birthday is the 2011 Renault (15 years) of the Scenic. We speak of the distant 1996, the day from which it was produced in over 4 million copies. ? ?

The installation replaces the Comfort Attractive, introducing Flexwheels alloy wheels from 16 inches. If you want you can also have the Visibility Pack with integrated TomTom Navigator 2.0 Live cameras and parking assist, front and rear.

Ferrari FF

Posted: 22 Jan 2011 04:16 AM PST

Ferrari FF is the official website has been taken by storm photos and video of the brand new model from Maranello baked breaking cleanly with the past and is in line with the traditions both in substance. The new Ferrari has been portrayed in several high-quality images that can be found in our gallery and especially dense in a video that has captured the four for four in an impressive assembly in different conditions from the road to the track from day to night in different places of character . Find the video and the technical characteristics of the new Ferrari FF after the jump.

Spectacular video of the new Ferrari FF, which has been tested in several different regions of the globe in order to test the seal, and performances by Argentina in the southern Tierra del Fuego, to the test at home Michelin in Clermont-Ferrand in France and to test Pirelli Vizzola Ticino and Northern Europe, Scandinavia.

The Ferrari tradition integral 4WD interior surprises with its large thanks to the line designed by Pininfarina 6.3-liter V12 engine with direct injection which delivers 660 horsepower at 8,000 rpm and 683 Nm of torque at 6,000 rpm.

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