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Zero Police Motorcycle

Posted: 16 Jan 2011 09:00 PM PST

Hi guys. This Zero DS below is the first bike from the California-based company to enter service with a police department. Scotts Valley just accepted delivery of a single DS, which will be used for local patrol and traffic enforcement duties. Electric motorcycles like this one make near-perfect urban police vehicles due to their silent operation, friendly image and ease of use (good for gang drive-bys too – Ed).

Many cities and towns have hybrid and electric cars to their fleets to help reduce fuel costs and other expenses, and to test their durability.

The Zero DS is lighter the typical police motorcycle, has an upright riding position and should be more versatile for riding on and off-road when necessary. "We are excited to be the first police department in California to receive an electric Zero motorcycle because it will allow our officers to patrol more places, more often," said John Hohmann, a lieutenant with the Scotts Valley Police.

Getting a police department to try out its bike is a breakthrough for Zero for a number of reasons. Using the machine for everyday police chores will test its durability and reveal potential weaknesses faster than they might arise in the consumer market. Not to mention that it’s free publicity.

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