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Helmet Police Harass Motorcyclists

Posted: 29 Jan 2011 09:00 PM PST

Hi guys, Paul here. The police in Hemet, CA were heavily profiling motorcyclists between 6 P.M. Saturday, January 22 and 2 A.M. on Sunday, January 23.

The officers claim they were looking for any and all motorcycle safety violations as well as riding behavior suggestive of a DUI.

Broken taillights, missing mirrors, speeding, or just leaving on your turn signal lights prompted officers to pursue you for questioning.

In the past three years, there was a total of 58 motorcycle related collisions in the city of Hemet injuring 55 people,” says the Hemet Police through a media release. Further noting that, “motorcycles are inherently dangerous.” And yet, the cops ride them too…

The Hemet police seem to be focusing on making the streets safer and targeting motorcycles is their plan. One has to wonder, what they are doing to make the streets safe for motorcyclists.

Sometimes, it is the street itself that needs to be cleaned up. Take a look.

Rocks, potholes, and even drunk drivers are constant threats to the safety of every type of motorist, on a car, bicycle, or motorcycle. Now motorcyclists even have to watch out for the police trying to run them over.

The police should be saving the motorcycles and their riders from the drunks.

While this profiling behavior is clearly only targeting motorcyclist and suspected DUI drivers, it does not necessarily profile against protected segments of the public. It is not “only drunk motorcyclist of ‘this’ particular race or ‘that’ gender”. Even if the pursuits and stops resulted in only one race, gender, disability, etc. being arrested, proving illegal profiling in a court has been a difficult task. The Supreme Court routinely rejects cases that deal with profiling, Virginia v. Moore 2008, Whren v. United States 1996, Cerqueira v. American Airlines, Inc., 2008.

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