Mazda 6 US-spec, 2009

Mazda 6 US-spec, 2009


The original Mazda 6, introduced in late 2002 for the 2003 model year, made Zoom-Zoom the two most evocative words in the automotive lexicon. This sport sedan was the first Mazda vehicle to benefit from the spirit of a true sports car infused in a five-passenger, 4-door sedan. That revolutionary combination created a commotion in the mid-size class where strict practicality, affordability, and economy of operation usually leave no room for driving enjoyment. The original Mazda 6's vitality is what set it apart from competitors.

Times and tastes change. The all-new 2009 Mazda 6 takes everything learned in that first-generation car, as well as lessons learned from volumes of customer feedback, and proves Mazda's commitment to continuous improvement. Most important, though, this is the first Mazda vehicle designed, engineered, developed, and manufactured on US soil with the intention of surpassing American customer needs in countless categories.

Hiroshi Kajiyama served as program engineer for the new Mazda 6. Kajiyama, who graduated in electrical engineering at the Hiroshima Institute of Technology, brings 21 years of service at Mazda, ample experience with the first generation Mazda 6, and several years of program management to the project. Unlike most engineers, Kajiyama treats the Mazda 6 as a work of art rather than an inanimate machine. That attitude was key to instilling the soul of a sports car in the new Mazda 6.

Kajiyama established ambitious goals and high standards. To be widely recognized as the best vehicle available in the mid-size market, the Mazda 6's underlying concept rests solidly on three fundamental pillars:

A Unique Experience. The Mazda 6 inspires pride of ownership. Notes Kajiyama, "By elevating the quality level with exquisite craftsmanship, each Mazda 6 will form a strong bond and a powerful emotional connection with its owner. This relationship is reinforced by driving pleasure keyed to adult tastes, comfort that the driver and every passenger can feel and appreciate, and numerous special features that make every trip, long or short, a highly memorable and pleasurable experience."

An Insightful Package. The Mazda 6 goes beyond existing mid-size sedan solutions to provide innovative packaging inside a larger envelope, highly flexible seating and storage space, and an unusually attractive appearance. Kajiyama adds, "By building on our strengths and accomplishments, we're able to make the Mazda 6 the most versatile, comfortable, and enjoyable automobile this company has ever produced. This is what we mean by the evolution of Zoom-Zoom."
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