BMW planning 1 Series GT?

BMW series GT
BMW is austere about its genre-bending multi-purpose vehicles. Proof of such can be apparent in cartage such as the X6 and 5 Series Gran Turismo, both of which were advised to action article that fits in amid a accepted wagon and addition carbon-copy crossover.
It appears BMW may be cerebration of downsizing the trend with a not-a-wagon, not-an-X1 adaptation of its 1 Series that would aperture in beneath the accepted 3 Series GT. For those befitting track, such a action agency that BMW could potentially action its 1, 3 and 5 Series nameplates in sedan, wagon (or hatchback), crossover (X-series) and Gran Turismo styles, not to acknowledgment a ambit of coupes. And don't balloon that BMW is additionally affective its Mini cast up in admeasurement a few notches, best afresh with the Countryman.
The 1 Series GT (which may or may not be pictured above, an angel that reportedly came from an alien UK magazine...) would about absolutely be front-wheel drive, as the German automaker is accepted to be alive on such an architectonics for its smallest, entry-level models and it would action the best able use of space. All-wheel drive could potentially be offered as an option, as the belvedere is accepted to abutment such an arrangement.
Yes, BMW's accounted calendar acutely leaves lots of allowance to action article for aloof about any – and we do beggarly any – abeyant buyer.
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