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Reva G-Wiz Phased Out From UK

Posted: 22 Feb 2011 03:10 AM PST

The electric vehicles market is moving pretty fast. Reva G-Wiz which used to be the "Only Electric car" in UK some years back has now become one of the "oldest and out-dated electric car" in almost no time. The era for the small and low range Reva G-Wiz is over. The new entrants in the UK EV market like  Mitsubishi i-Miev, Citroen C-Zero, Nissan Leaf, Peugeot iOn, Tata Indica EV have taken over the sales territory of EV in UK.


We hope that the next generation cars from Reva the Reva NXR and Reva NXG will replace the G-Wiz soon as they are scheduled for launch by end of year 2011.

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Maruti Suzuki SX4 Diesel Launched–Price, Specifications, Features, Variants, Colours And Details

Posted: 22 Feb 2011 02:41 AM PST

Maruti Suzuki has finally launched the much awaited diesel sedan, the Maruti SX4 Diesel today at an introductory price starting at Rs. 7.74  Lakhs for VDi variant Ex-showroom Delhi. The Maruti SX4 Diesel looks identical from outside and has a powerful turbo charged Multi-jet CRDI diesel engine from Fiat. In this post, we will share with you Detailed Features, Specifications, Variants and Price of Maruti SX4 Diesel in India. It boats of having best in class mileage of 21.5 KMPL on Diesel which makes the running cost very low. The Super Turbo DDiS engine will be manufactured at Suzuki Powertrain India Limited, the Manesar-based joint venture of Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan and Maruti Suzuki India Limited. This joint venture manufactures diesel engines for Maruti Swift, Maruti Swift DZire & Maruti Ritz and has an annual capacity of 300,000 units.


Maruti Suzuki SX4 Diesel India Features

  • Impressive fuel efficiency of 21.5 kmpl
  • This is the first car in the country to be certified as 'OBD-2' compliant. OBD refers to On Board Diagnostics.
  • OBD-2 informs the customer of any malfunction in the emission control system which may be leading to undue increase in exhaust emissions.
  • First popular sedan to sport a Petrol, Diesel and CNG variant
  • The SX4 Diesel is cleaner and more fuel efficient than all comparable cars in its class
  • The high torque at lower rpm levels makes SX4 Diesel highly suited for city driving conditions as well.
  • Super Turbo engine, with a linear acceleration curve, provides a consistent and smooth drive.
  • SX4 Super Turbo Diesel is high on power and performance while being low on emissions. SX4 Diesel offers an economical and punchier ride.
  • Adequate noise suppressants improve the NVH performance and make the cabin silent and comforting.
  • The suspension and brakes of the SX4 Diesel Super Turbo have been suitably modified to account for the heavier engine and the changed weight distribution of the car.




Maruti Suzuki SX4 Diesel India Specifications

  • The Super Turbo DDiS engine
  • 90PS of peak power at 4000rpm
  • Maximum torque of 200Nm at 1750rpm
  • Variable Geometry Turbocharger delivers higher efficiency and reduced emissions, besides instant power. Depending on requirement, the vanes in the turbocharger change their angle to provide optimum air flow. This optimizes efficiency across the engine rpm range.
  • The high pressure fuel injection system delivers fuel at up to 1600bars. The high pressure pump has an in-built flow control mechanism to improve efficiency, while adding power.
  • The high pressure pump, fitted on the engine, is equipped with an in-built 'flow control mechanism', further improving fuel utilization.
  • The Super Turbo DDiS engine uses lower viscosity engine oil (SAE 5W40), which enhances lubrication for smoother running.
  • The Super Turbo engine is controlled through a remapped ECU which continuously communicates between the engine and the user.
  • The engine has been calibrated for drive pleasure and offers excellent acceleration of 0-100 km in just 14.5 seconds.
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmission

Maruti Suzuki SX4 Diesel India Variants and Colour Options

Maruti Suzuki SX4 Diesel comes in 3 variants:

  • Maruti SX4 Diesel VDi
  • Maruti SX4 Diesel ZDi
  • Maruti SX4 Diesel ZDi with leather upholstery

Following color options are available in SX4 Diesel:

  • Azure Grey
  • Pearl Arctic White
  • Oyster Blue
  • Midnight Black
  • Clear Beige
  • Silky Silver


Maruti Suzuki SX4 Diesel Price In India

  • Maruti SX4 Diesel is priced at Rs. 7.74 Lakhs Ex-showroom Delhi for VDi variant.
  • Maruti SX4 Diesel is priced at Rs. 8.62 Lakhs Ex-showroom Delhi for ZDi variant.

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Volkswagen Will Sell Maruti A-Start Small Car With VW Badge

Posted: 22 Feb 2011 12:18 AM PST

Maruti Suzuki and Volkswagen group has agreed upon a deal where Maruti will supply its global small car Maruti A-Star to Volkswagen AG. Volkswagen will sell the small car in some of the global markets (not disclosed as of now) with the Volkswagen Badge. This is not the first time that such car agreement have taken place, many car companies buy cars from other companies and sell them. Nissan sells Maruti A-Star as Nissan Pixo in Japanese market.


Maruti will customize the exteriors and equipments of A-Star as per the requirements of Volkswagen. This will help create more business for both VW and Maruti as per their agreement to cooperate.

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Toyota Etios Liva Hatchback Launch Preponed for April 2011

Posted: 21 Feb 2011 11:42 PM PST

Toyota Etios sedan has been launched by Toyota in December 2010 and has received tremendous demand for the same. The bookings which Toyota received in just a few weeks from launch has been a lot more than Toyota was equipped to supply when the production will start. Also there has been news about Toyota Etios sedan buyers cancelling their booking because of long waiting periods of as long as 8 months. To prevent its customers from choosing other brands, Toyota has now preponed the launch of Toyota Etios Liva hatchback so that it can at least some of the potential hatchback buyers form moving away from Toyota brand. As per the initial plans, the launch was scheduled for mid of 2011, but now it seems likely to happen around April 2011. The launch date of the Diesel Etios

for more details Etios Liva Hatchback, check out -

Toyota Etios Liva Petrol Hatchback Specifications, Features

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BMW Four Cylinder Engines Get Turbochargers

Posted: 21 Feb 2011 11:05 PM PST

BMW has a very rich heritage of technologically top-notch engine which kept on setting benchmarks after benchmarks. The 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines from BMW came into existence from 1931 but were completely rare with being fitted only in some popular cars. The family later encouraged the V8, V10 and then V12 which completely changed the scenario of the market.

In fact it was the first German automotive manufacture to revive the V12 engine in 1986 therefore forcing Mercedes-Benz to keep abreast with the latest ongoing then. So far the company has proved itself at every point where the customers and market demanded and recently it has made an announcement which would definitely force other majors to think over their strategies.


A new report claims that BMW plans to eventually add turbocharging technology to its entire range of four-cylinder engines with the most powerful application being of 245 horsepower unit with TwinPower Turbo technology. This clearly tells that for all models demanding more power i.e more than 245 HP will be fitted with straight six cylinder arrangement or V8.

The new turbocharged engine line-up is expected to feature 2.0 Liter aluminum blocks each having different power outputs which could be varied by employing different turbocharging technologies and engine mapping. A unique thing being reported about the new engines is a a thin 0.3 mm sprayed-on iron cylinder lining instead of the current 1.5 mm cast iron liners.

BMW is also claiming that this new line-up produces more power than its naturally aspirated 6-cylinder engines and that too with fewer emissions. So all in all this could help the company get more sales figures and eventually bring a larger market share to it.

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Hyundai ix35 Tucson SUV Coming To India– Specifications Feature & Price

Posted: 21 Feb 2011 10:50 PM PST

Hyundai is getting very serious with its market plans and is going to make some extremely important launches in the coming days. A new TV commercial which is said to be of Hyundai Verna or Hyundai RB Concept is on air and is appealing very much to the viewers. So very obviously the new sedan being showing in the ad will make its debut soon.

But that's not all from the manufacturer as the SUV segment is also going to get a new present from the same. Hyundai Tucson which was launched in our market a few years back with expectations of some good sales, drastically went into extinction for no relevant reason and maybe that is the reason why the company feels of bringing it back into competition.


The car has been recently spied in Kolkata and we would be wrong saying that it will be officially launched soon. Also known as Hyundai ix35 globally, this new SUV looks very much refreshing and contemporary and looks completely different from the previous model. Resembling the Hyundai i10 from front, it certainly derives its looks from the small car and does appeal to an extent.


Hyundai Tucson/Hyundai ix35 SUV Specifications In India

Internationally the car is offered with a number of engine options which are as follows:-

1)       1.6 GDI 6 speed 2WD Manual generating maximum power of 133bhp and maximum torque of 165Nm

2)       1.7 CRDI 6 speed 4WD Manual generating maximum power of 114bhp and maximum torque of 260Nm

3)       2.0 CRDI 6 speed 2WD4WD Manual generating maximum power of 134bhp maximum torque of 320Nm

4)       2.0 CRDI 6speed 4WD Automatic generating maximum power of 181bhp and maximum torque of 392Nm

Hyundai-ix35_2011_1024x768_wallpaper_6a (1)

Hyundai Tucson/Hyundai ix35 SUV Features In India

  • 17" alloy wheels
  • Air conditioning
  • Reversing sensors
  • Bluetooth connectivity with voice recognition
  • Leather steering wheel and gear knob
  • Eco Drive Indicator
  • Heated front and rear seats (outer rear seat bases only)
  • Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)
  • 6 Airbags
  • Panoramic sunroof

Hyundai Tucson/Hyundai ix35 SUV Price In India

The car is expected to be priced between Rs.14 to Rs.20 Lakh and will compete against Chevrolet Captiva, Tata Aria and Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara and BMW X1 compact SUV.

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