Chevrolet Camaro pickup from Australia

Posted: 07 Feb 2011 04:05 AM PST

holden commmodore

A company from Australia has created (what is most probably the first), Chevrolet Camaro pickup up or Ute as they call them in Oz.

Even though this customized car looks like a Camaro it is actually a Holden VE Commodore wearing a Chevy Camaro fascia.

holden commmodore

What do you think? Let us know in the comments area below.

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Dodge Commercial SNOWPOCALYPSE: video

Posted: 07 Feb 2011 02:45 AM PST


With all the snowy weather we’ve been having this winter, Dodge has used this to their advantage and released a new commercial titled SNOWPOCALYPSE which promotes the Dodge all-wheel drive system.

This new commercial features the new 2011 Charger R/T with 375 hp and all-wheel-drive system, the 2011 Dodge Journey with AWD and 2011 Durango.

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2010 Camaro with Retro fascia: Car of the week

Posted: 07 Feb 2011 02:20 AM PST

Here is our car of the week, its a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro with a Retro 1969 Fascia. it sure is unique and definitely deserves to be our car of the week.

Give us your comments on this customized muscle car!!!

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2011 Ford Mustang by RK Sport

Posted: 07 Feb 2011 02:10 AM PST

car tuning

American muscle car tuners – RK Sport, has released information on their new styling kit for the Ford Mustang.

This modified Ford Mustang features: a more aggressive body kit with carbon fiber inlays, TSW wheels and massive AP Racing brakes.

The power has also been increased thanks to a Ford Racing / Whipple supercharger system underneath the hood.

The Mustang 6-piece body kit comes with front and rear valence, side skirts and door fillers. Fenders with vents, functional ram-air hood, and a 3-piece trunk spoiler are also available, as well as a carbon fiber roof overlay. The components are made of various materials depending on the piece, and the hood and fender come with an optional carbon fiber inlay. Individual pieces of the body kit can also be purchased separately. You can see more details about the RKSport body kit below:

RKSport 2010+ Mustang Ground Effects Kit – Includes Front & Rear valance, and left & Right side skirts and door panels. 6 pieces total. Made out of Urethane – $1,195.95

RKSport 2010+ Mustang Fenders with Vent – Made from fiberglass. Add the carbon fiber inlay for an extra 35 dollars per side – $295.95 each.

RKSport 2010+ Mustang Ram Air Hood – Functional ram air hood made from fiberglass. Available with a carbon fiber center – $695.95, $899.95 with CF.

RKSport 2010+ Mustang Trunk Spoiler – 3-piece trunk spoiler made from urethane. Uses factory holes in the trunk lid, can be bolted down or taped down with provided 3M tape – $299.95

RKSport 2010+ Mustang Carbon Fiber Roof Overlay – Bonded to the roof using epoxy – $599.95

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Roller Skating Ninjas attack Honda Zoe: Video

Posted: 07 Feb 2011 01:45 AM PST

car chase

Here is something that might just cheer you up on a Monday morning, its a highly amusing video clip taken from a Japanese movie and it features a Honda Zoe being chased by a group of Ninjas on roller skates.

The Honda Zoe is basically a 3-wheeled enclosed scooter, its powered by an 80cc two stroke engine, it features wipers, blinkers and an electric motor to move you in reverse if you feel the need to go in that direction and the top speed is around 45 mph.

Now I don’t know what’s more comical about this clip, the 3 wheeled pyramid car or the ninjas on yellow and red roller skates, watch the video and give us your opinion in the comments box below.

Also if anybody knows what film this is taken from let us know!!!

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Hamann Motorsport

Posted: 07 Feb 2011 01:23 AM PST

car tuners

Hamann Motorsport is a German car tuning company based in Laupheim, it was founded in 1986 by professional racing car driver Richard Hamann.

This car tuning company specializes in modifying vehicles from manufacturers: Audi, Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW, Mini, Ferrari, Fiat, Jaguar, Land Rover, Maserati, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, SLR, Porsche and Lamborghini cars.

Hamann Motorsport was originally founded and dedicated to work on cars only made in Germany, specifically BMW, but since then, has expanded its business to include modifying other car manufacturers such as Lamborghini, Porsche, and Ferrari. It also creates it own, one-of-a-kind cars.

The company designs and builds upon many parts of the original car, such as tuning the car’s engine, lowering the car, making a new body with more aggressive features, and installing racing tires.

The first car from the Hamann Motorsport was a BMW M3 (E30), which produced 348 PS (256 kW) from its 2.3L R4 engine (with Turbocharger). The car could accelerate from 0-60 mph in 5.1 seconds and had a top speed of 170 mph (273 km/h).

Some of Hamann Motorsports upgrade packages include the:

Hamann Mercedes SLR Volcano

car tuners

Hamann BMW X6m

car tuners

Hamann Lamborghini Gallardo Victory II

hamann motorsport car tuners

Watch the video below which the range of cars that have been modified by car tuners – Hamann Motorsport.

If you wish to know more about Hamann motorsport then visit their official site here: Hamann Motorsport

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