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2011 Toyota iQ Tobasco

Posted: 01 Feb 2011 08:14 AM PST

Toyota introduces the Limited Edition Toyota iQ Tobasco model year 2011 prepared for the Italian market. Therefore continues the evolution of the small Toyota iQ, which changes its appearance and shows a more elegant look. The newcomer is called, therefore, Tobasco and is on sale from 1 February. Tobasco The iQ will be available in limited edition, the supermini is characterized by the new aesthetics of the body color was called orange metallic, but are not the only novelty in color.

Indeed, there are also new 15-inch alloy wheels in anthracite color aurora and mirrors as carbon look, even the new badge on the riser while leather seats are heated and equipped with two combination black / ice. The Toyota iQ Tobasco is also equipped with manual air conditioning and power steering and also offers a dual gaming traction control and stability. The driver’s seat is height adjustable and the bridge is also a radio-CD with MP3 Aux jack for connecting external devices with 6 speakers, while the mirrors are electric. Everything up to the Toyota iQ.

The Toyota iQ Tobasco is powered by the one-liter VVT-i can deliver maximum power of 68 hp and is equipped with a continuously variable automatic transmission Multidrive. As for security, there are nine airbags, in addition to the electronic control of vehicle stability and traction control of the vehicle. The list price on the market is 15,000 €, and is available in a single setting, the fact that Tobasco does not provide any other additional optional fee. The recovery also depends on the market for this new Toyota iQ.

Mercedes GP W02 Fórmula 1 2011

Posted: 01 Feb 2011 05:48 AM PST

Mercedes-Benz (Mercedes GP or rather his team) has presented the new “silver arrow”for the Formula 1 Championship 2011, which is called W02, in the Valencia circuit, having as protagonists, among others, the two drivers: Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg.Twelve months is that MGP has invested in creating this car, although it is an evolution of its predecessor, featuring a pretty “airbrush work” on his body to highlight their volumes and shapes

Aston Martin One-77

Posted: 01 Feb 2011 05:40 AM PST

The first Aston Martin One-77 supercar has been delivered to Monte Carlo. The car, produced in a limited edition of only 77 specimens (60 of which already sold), has a price of 1.2 million pounds (1.4 million). The model presented is characterized by black bodywork. The car was previewed at the Paris Motor Show 2008 and unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2009. As explained by CEO Ulrich Bez, the car is the most extreme result of the design of the mark, an example of what the manufacturer is able to do.

The standard version homologated for road use of Aston Martin One-77 was produced in September, confirming the introduction not only of the most powerful engine ever produced by Aston Martin, but also the most powerful naturally aspirated engine installed on a ‘road car. This is a 7.3 V12 750 hp with 750 Nm of torque.The One-77 has rear-wheel drive and is equipped with six-speed manual transmission with steering wheel controls. This reflects the intention of Aston Martin to keep the transmission on his robotic car, in the belief that you can have times changed faster than to automatic, almost to the level of a double-clutch gearbox.

Even with this measure the vehicle’s total weight is 1,500 kg. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 355 km / h. The manufacturer has reported that all Aston Martin One-77 will be delivered later this year.

Skoda Joyster 2012

Posted: 01 Feb 2011 05:35 AM PST

According to rumors, Skoda may soon launch a new city car, the Volkswagen Up Joyster based or Wolf (which we propose some spy photos): the mark of the Czech Republic would have to make sure the frame and mechanics of the new VW commercial vehicle and equip it with some modifications to the bodywork, and interior lights of your badge. Just like a few years ago with the Seat Arosa: basically a VW Lupo Spain. Under the hood will end up smaller 4-cylinder units of the group, with a cubic capacity of between 1000 and 1200 cc. In the first case we speak of petrol and diesel by about 75 hp. It is not excluded, however, the arrival del’1 .2 TSI (supercharged) from about 90 hp. Later it may also be supplied in a fully electric version with 82 hp and 210 Nm of torque. The car will probably be produced in Bratislava and will be marketed from 2012.

Lotus Renault R31 Formula 1 2011

Posted: 01 Feb 2011 12:13 AM PST

presented in Valencia Lotus Renault R31 Formula 1 for the 2011 season. The car, with the new livery and black gold that has already been discussed, will be piloted by Robert Kubica confirmed and Vitaly Petrov. It will just ride it first, in preliminary tests at the Spanish track.

Minicar Electric

Posted: 31 Jan 2011 06:44 PM PST

Electra and is the minicar that is emerging from the collaboration between Energy Resources, WT Motors LogosTech el’Isam, Pomos in conjunction with the University of Rome, Polo Sustainable Mobility of the Faculty of Engineering. The goal is to create a four levels that exceed safety of small cars that are currently on the market, which has a structure for the energy-absorbing front and rear, so as to offer, more protection to those inside if they should occur for shock. Further work will be carried out instead to solve the problems of instability. The electric propulsion has the advantage of being able to fix the battery on the floor, thus lowering the center of gravity and improved stability. The microcar electricity can be achieved with either front-wheel drive electric motor of 4 kW, 4 × 4 wheel drive with a second electric motor 8 KW. The advantage of electric propulsion is unable to increase performance. Are overcome the problems of autonomy, as the new Lithium batteries provide for a minimum of 140 km, with a duration of 1800 recharges.

New 2011 Bugatti

Posted: 31 Jan 2011 06:41 PM PST

At the Geneva Motor Show 2011 as well as FF Ferrari, Lamborghini LP 700-4 Aventador and many other new cars, should be also a new super sports car built by Bugatti. The presence of the French to the Swiss event, scheduled for March 3 to 13, is safe, but it is still true that there is also this new product we are talking about. In fact, a voice of unusual presentation of a new supercar had already been around for a few weeks ago, but seems to be well founded and also fairly reliable, even if it has not yet been officially notified by the same car manufacturer.

On the Bugatti sports that we see at the Geneva 2011, did not add more, it comes from many quarters of unprecedented luxury sedan powered by the Bugatti Veyron’s W16 and will have about 800 horses. But there would also be a different hypothesis, namely that the manufacturer of the Volkswagen Group has created a new fastback, coupe a low and wide, so it can replace or complement the current supercar, the Bugatti Veyron. This new coupe, however, could be equipped with the same W16 engine and may also be equipped with the same 800 horsepower.

Some characteristics therefore remain the same. It was not even able to know if the new Bugatti car that should put on display at the Geneva Motor Show 2011 will be a concept car or a model ready for production. At this point it is quite likely that in the coming days should get out of some more news on this new Bugatti car.

New Lancia Thema

Posted: 31 Jan 2011 06:35 PM PST

New details emerge about what could be the new Lancia Thema. In particular the front of this new car. Quattroruote The Italian magazine has published pictures apparently depicting what could be the front of the new Lancia Thema and what could be the front of the new Lancia Flavia. Both modified versions respectively of the new Chrysler 300 and the new Chrysler 200, which are intended to be marketed in Europe.

These two new cars will be showcased at the Geneva Motor Show 2011, scheduled for March 3 to 13, together with the new Lancia Ypsilon, which will be available in dealerships by the end of the year, the Flavia are already talking about this summer. Lance is not going to change Chrysler 200 and Chrysler 300 and even spend too much money to make the two European American sedans. What is unclear is whether this is just a rendering or should be regarded as the real official photos.

The new Chrysler 300 and Chrysler 200 will have a mask similar to the classic Lancia and the logo of the Italian Fiat Group. Other changes are also made inside the car, albeit to a lesser extent and more under the hood of the two American sedans. The rest should remain unchanged, the new Lancia Thema should be equipped with rear-wheel drive Lancia Flavia in the front. A month of waiting and then during the Geneva Motor Show 2011, will be formalized in all the news regarding the two new Lancia cars.

Suv Porsche Roxster

Posted: 31 Jan 2011 06:02 PM PST

The project Cajun, which is discussed for a long time and ever more insistently, will give birth to a sporty compact SUV from Porsche, the upper-medium segment, which could be called Cajun or Roxster. The launch of this new SUV should be done by September 2013, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, while the market should instead start in 2014. An important project whose development is linked to the next generation of Audio Q5, which is expected in 2015 and took inspiration from the new Audi A4.

The Porsche SUV would have the characteristics of sports and a low body which could also be initiated in three-door version, even and especially if the variant of Evoque should have similar success to justify a production of this type. As for what will be the size of the new SUV that we will be more or less the length of 470 cm and width of 190, but do not know when other more accurate data.

It is also said that this new car will be very habitable and the first initial phase will be made only with the 6-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, with outputs from 240 hp and will be available in four-wheel drive cars with prices still higher than € 50,000. The carmaker evaluate this hypothesis for some time now and it seems increasingly likely that the possibility of seeing a sporty compact SUV, Porsche is actually real. Porsche at home usually do not move in any direction before they have the confidence to complete the project.

KTM Super Duke R SuperSpinnie

Posted: 31 Jan 2011 05:47 PM PST

KTM is not between the marks on which the preparatory usually point to be used as a basis for their special or at least it was not until a German tuner has decided to exercise their creativity on a KTM Super Duke R, which he renamed SuperSpinnie for the occasion. This particular bike is very compact and devoid of any decoration to guarantee lightness and agility, many parts (fairing, knobs, etc..) are also made of carbon fiber to further reduce weight. As far as appearance, compact and aggressive front stands the two spotlights attached to the handlebars, the lack of rear tail and discharges racing shortened; also be noted that the panel was placed above the tank thanks to a support carbon fiber made ad hoc.

In short, the bike was transformed from a naked sporting a custom model with characteristics of a real streetfighter, that certainly shows a large dose of creativity and courage on the part of the tuner.

The end result is interesting but, in my opinion, far from the usual Europeans: two wheels gives the impression it to be rather extreme, so it can be compared, in due proportion, with some decidedly American achievements in original The coach seems to have inspired.

In any case, the originality to choose and to thereby change a KTM Super Duke R is not without certain and indubitable this is a point in favor of this example of tuning made in Germany.

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