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Fiat Freemont 2011

Posted: 16 Feb 2011 05:45 AM PST

If you are looking for the real signal of merger with Chrysler, Fiat, just wait a couple of weeks when at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show 2011 scheduled for March 3 to 13 you can watch the live debut of the Fiat Freemont. But the importance of this car does not end in the merger of the two marks: it is a car that finally delivered the Fiat brand a 4×4 crossover is lacking a bit ‘in the range of Turin.

The internationalization of the range of Lingotto is evidenced by the fact that Fremont will be built in the factory in Toluca, Mexico. A factory that has already begun to cooperate with Fiat since it has already been agreed for the production of the Fiat 500 for the U.S. and China.

The sale of Freemont should begin this summer. This is a car that will also have front-wheel drive and a 2.0 Multijet diesel engines to choose between either 140 hp or 170 hp. Both will be available with manual transmission. To have four-wheel drive will have to wait a few more months, probably in early 2012, also will debut when the 2.0 Multijet 170 bhp petrol and 3.6 V6 276 bhp. In this case we are talking about engines with automatic transmission.

Aesthetically, the Freemont Fiat stands for a design embellished with rear LED taillights and new bumpers. Before the other hand stands the new front bumper and grille where stands the Fiat logo. Not all models will be fitted with roof rails. Depends dall’allestimento you like, because if you do not have transportation needs Fiat prefers to give you a seven-seater car cleaner. The displays will be available until the summer only two, very complete, both with three-zone automatic climate control.

Fiat Bravo Mylife 1.6 eco motor 120 hp

Posted: 16 Feb 2011 05:40 AM PST

New colors and green engine technology is the new Fiat Bravo Mylife. A lot of news, the first through the USB port of the Blue & Me – analyzes driving behavior of motorists by helping to optimize the behavior in terms of consumption and hence emissions. Then the radio with MP3-CD player, navigation system with maps Instant Nav with 6.5-inch screen that allows for real-time traffic information. The colors for the new Bravo MyLife are three: Black, Grey and Red. The engine Bravo MyLife equipped with the 1.6 Multi Jet 120 bhp, the rest is only to be seen at the Geneva since March 3.

Porsche Panamera S Hybrid

Posted: 16 Feb 2011 03:16 AM PST

Porsche has confirmed the launch of the Panamera S nuvo Hybrid at Geneva. The hybrid version of the German 5-door offers the same mechanics of the Cayenne Hybrid, with the 3-liter V6 supercharged 333-hp and an electric motor of 47 hp for a total of 380 hp combined with campbio 8-speed Tiptronic S, but only by RWD: In this configuration, the Panamera hybrid states an average consumption of 6.8 l/100 km and emission of 159 g / km of CO2, a record for the German made with special low-friction tires Michelin offered as an option . With the standard values rise to 7.1 l/100 km and 167 g / km.

Provisions, such as Porsche tradition, have not been sacrificed, in fact, the Panamera Hybrid S touches 100 km / h from standstill in 6 seconds flat and reaches 270 km / h top speed. The hybrid system allows travel on all-electric mode with zero emissions to no more than 2 km to 85 km / hthanks the nickel NiMH batteries located under the luggage compartment, butis also involved in a ” sailing “atspeeds up to 165 km / h, to maintain cruising speed speengendo the combustion engine, the same way in which it operates on the Cayenne Hybrid.

The Porsche Panamera Hybrid S version offers the same preparation of S equipped with the naturally aspirated 4.8 V8 from 400 hp and adds an accessory standard air suspension with PASM system and the system Servotronic. A special display is also present in the instrument cluster to inform the driver about the status of the hybrid system and interaction between the engines. S The Panamera Hybrid will be available from June 2011 to a target price for the European market of 106 185 Euro, taxes included.

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