Hyundai confirms Elantra Coupe, redesigned Azera for U.S.

Automotive News reports that Hyundai informed dealers who attended the automaker's make meeting that there will be one new italic H-badged vehicles by January 2012. The first & perhaps most fascinating new Hyundai will take the size & shape of an Elantra Coupe. & we won't must wait  long to get our hands on the Elantra two-door, either, as sales will reportedly commence by spring.

Hyundai is on a big-time roll right now, as evidenced by hot-selling new product like the Sonata & Elantra. The Korean automaker could likely take a fast product development nap & wake up with a still-fresh lineup, but apparently that is not in the designs.

As expected, the Azera will even be fitted for new duds by next January with all-new sheetmetal as well as a revised 3.3-liter V6 able to at least 260 horsepower. Hyundai expects the redesign of the Azera to lead to much higher sales, from only 3,051 in 2010 to up to 20,000 for 2012.
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