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Zero Motorcycle Builds Larger Manufacturing Plant

Posted: 01 Feb 2011 09:00 PM PST

Hi guys, Paul here. Zero Motorcycles plan to double its manufacturing capacity this year by opening a larger plant next to its corporate offices in Scotts Valley. Construction funding is provided by a grant from the City of Scotts Valley for redevelopment.

Our commitment [is] to building the best electric motorcycles in the world as well as creating U.S. based manufacturing jobs,” said Steve Salyer, Vice President of Operations for Zero Motorcycles. Zero Motorcycles plan to hire 25 new employees to help staff their new total of 34,000 square feet of production space for the manufacturing and engineering teams.

This investment positions us ideally for further growth, innovation and development as we move into 2012 and beyond,” adds CEO Gene Banman.

Unlike Chip Yates’ Racing Team, whose electric motorcycles are only for racing, companies like Zero Motorcycles also manufacture motorcycles to sell to consumers worldwide for non-racing purposes.

As the motorcycles come off the line they will be crated and shipped off to meet [our] growing global demand.” says Zero Motorcycles.

One large market Zero Motorcycles is aiming to conquer is in Australia, where just recently the company started to offer their complete product line.

Street legal electric motorcycles are available in the Australian market” said Phil Wilkinson, Director of Zero Motorcycles Australia.

Expect to see many Zeros on the road in the months to come.” Zero Motorcycles are also available throughout Europe and can be ordered online.

Zero Motorcycles offer two motorcycles for street use, Zero S and Zero DS, and two dirt motorcycle Zero X and Zero MX. Power and riding times range from 23 hp and 50 ft-lbs and 2 hours to 4 hours with a range between 20-50 miles depending on terrain, luggage, and riding style.

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