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Moto Guzzi California Cruiser & V7 Scrambler

Posted: 06 Feb 2011 09:00 PM PST

Hi guys, Paul here with some interesting news for you moto Guzzi fans out there.

Moto Guzzi announced the release of two new motorcycles the California Cruiser and the V7 Scrambler. Originally, unveiled the last weekend in January to entice dealers, the Moto Guzzi Corporation has released official photographs and a few sparse details.

While similar in appearance to the Triumph Scrambler and America lines, the Moto Guzzi are slightly different. The California touts a 1400 cc transverse V90 twin-cylinder engine, 350cc larger than the 1994-2007 California editions. The increasingly curvy body changes that the California has endured for the past few decades have been temporarily abandoned in favor of a call back to its seventies roots while incorporating the generic rounded boxiness of a mid-90′s sedan. Contrary to any perceived harshness of the description, Moto Guzzi made a brilliant choice.

By avoiding the sharp and garish creases that would make the motorcycle beg for a Botox treatment, Moto Guzzi has reworked the California as a new blank slate–hence the white paint scheme–from which they can spend the next decade coming out with “new” model year upgrades and enhancements. To start them off, the 2012 edition comes with a larger, wider seat and wheels, brakes, and suspension new to the California line.

The V7 Scrambler, built from the V7 Classic, is continuing the mold breaking edge started by the V7 Sport in 1970s. In typical scrambler fashion, the V7 is adorned with spoked wheels, and high mounted exhaust. Not as high as the Triumph, but then Moto Guzzi claims they had a different inspiration, their own Ladola 175 with its “low headlamp and integrated instrument panel”. Bit of a stretch, I think, but that’s what model year changes are for.

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