A look ahead to this weekend’s episode

Hello again. So, it’s been a  calm week here at Top Gear. No major developments or notable events to speak of. Richard momentarily misplaced his mobile phone the heater in James’s Ferrari went on the blink; Jeremy discovered for the first time  how lots of fake Clarksons there's on Twitter and was LITERALLY astounded. and that’s about it.

So, to Sunday’s show, and what a delicious programme we’ve cooked up for you this week. For starters, we’ve got a check of two very hot hatchbacks on our track. Jeremy does his best to pick a favourite from the Ford Focus RS500, Cosworth Impreza CS400 and Volvo C30 PCP before discovering a tiny but  indigestible issue with each of them which will become apparent in due work.

Our main work this week is a tasty check of the Rolls-Royce Ghost, Mercedes S65 AMG and a  unusual Bentley Mulsanne which involves a overweight bloke and an untimely death. We’ll leave it at that for now  than ruin your appetite for this sizzling two-parter.
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