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Daily Automotive

Renault R-Space Concept

Posted: 02 Mar 2011 10:49 PM PST

The third product overseen by new chief designer Laurens van den Acker defines the contours of future Renault MPV, which will be more sporty and satisfying because of a new treatment volumes. With the R-Space Concept of Hash designers have imagined a compact MPV, 4.25 meters long and weighing 1,300 pounds, ovoid-profile sports and much more when compared to today’s Scenic X-Mod. The A-Space offers the new front-inspired DeZir, with numerous air vents, and logo in plain sight, while the interior is characterized by the original bench consisting of cubes and designed to “engage”the children during the transfers longer. The front and rear wheels are 21 inch diameter.

Under the hood is a new three-cylinder turbocharged engine with turbo 0.9 liters and 110 hp, the new family member of TEC, which will be introduced from 2012. The R-Space Concept Acelera from 0 to 100 km / h in 11 seconds, reaching a hundred per hour and requires only 3.7 liters per hundred kilometers to emissions of 95 g / km.

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