Fiat Grande Punto Natural Power, 2009

Fiat Grande Punto Natural Power, 2009


Fiat proudly presents the Fiat Grande Punto Natural Power, a new dual fuel (petrol/methane) version that confirms the brand's commitment to the field of environmental protection. This substantial commitment is reflected by Fiat's indisputable leadership in the field of cars with methane engines as original equipment (OEM): during the period January-August 2008 some 43,000 methane-driven Fiat vehicles were sold in Italy compared with 33,000 during the same period in 2007.

We should not forget that Fiat is the first and only manufacturer to offer, in its "Natural Power" range, a wide array of vehicles with methane-petrol dual fuel systems able to meet the mobility requirement of an extensive category of users: Multipla Natural Power, Punto Natural Power, Panda Panda Natural Power, Panda Panda Climbing Natural Power and Doblò Natural Power. Now comes the turn of the Fiat Grande Punto Natural Power, a new dual fuel car that sets standards of absolute excellence in several areas.

Firstly, a methane-driven Grande Punto proves itself to be a valid financial alternative to cars that run on conventional fuels (diesel and petrol) that are increasingly subject to rising prices. Suffice it to say that in Italy, for example, EUR 12 buys a full tank of natural gas and it costs just EUR 3.8 to cover 100 km.

Another virtue of the new model is its extraordinary range: when running on methane, it is able to cover 310 km with the tank filled to its full capacity of 84 litres. This record-breaking figure is increased by the 45 litre petrol tank capacity: this means that the Fiat Grande Punto Natural Power can be driven for more than 1000 kilometres without refuelling. So once you have a full tank you can drive with peace of mind, and in any case it is increasingly easier to refuel with natural gas because the network of service stations is extensive and continuously expanding (the number of service stations in Italy currently stands at 630).

The new model also offers a 1.4 8v Fire unit that is already compliant with the EURO5 directive and offers low CO2 emissions (just 115 g/km) that allow customers access to the maximum state incentives (EUR 2800 and 3 years of car tax if scrapped). The promotional launch price will start from EUR 12,300, complemented by 6 years of interest-free finance (offer valid to 31 December 2009).
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