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Clear Alternatives Integrated Turn Signal Tail Light

Posted: 10 Mar 2011 09:00 PM PST

Hi guys, Paul here. The latest in a round of upgrades and modifications to the staff’s 2008 Ducati 848 is this turn signal integrated tail light from Clear Alternatives. As the brand name implies, the lens covering is clear, relying on the color to come from the light bulbs. In this case the bulbs are LED. Check it out.

On our motorcycle, the wires leading to the rear lights had previously been cut and mended, so they were again cut to break the connection. The factory connection going to the wiring harness was still intact and we will keep it.

It is easy to notice in our video that the rear cowling, fenders, and seat had already been removed before this modification. Ours had been stripped down to just the sub frame. The tail light normally is attached on the rear cowling.

Since the turn signals will now be integrated into the tail light, we can remove the turn signals from the number plate holder, or leaving those attached wire them together with the tail light for an enhanced look and improved rear signaling visibility.

Our stock wire going to the tail light was pinched under the holder for the top mount of the stock number plate holder. To gain access to the nuts holding it on, we removed the exhaust cans as well as the stem for the number plate holder.

As there were no connectors (lost or not included) on the end of our Clear Alternative tail light, we had to supply our own connectors as we re-wire the tail light into the wire going to the stock connector for the wiring harness.

The coloring of the wires on the Clear Alternative integrated tail light does not match the coloring on the stock Ducati 848 wiring. It means that this installation will be slightly more time consuming, but it is important to remember that even if two of the colors match, they do not necessarily go together.

The longest wires on our Clear Alternative integrated tail light go to the turn signals. If you are leaving the stock signals attached, the wires are long enough to route down the number plate holder to the turn signals.

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