Renault Kangoo be bop, 2009

Renault Kangoo be bop, 2009


Based closely on the Renault Kangoo Compact Concept show car unveiled at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show, Renault Kangoo be bop is the latest addition to the Kangoo family. The compact size (length: 3.87 metres), original two-tone colour scheme and exclusive interior appointments of this innovative vehicle combine to produce a particularly forceful personality. Its extensive glazed area and four roomy seats afford a sense of space and light. Ideal for escaping the crowd, Renault Kangoo be bop offers open-top motoring at the rear thanks to its glazed sliding roof and rear tailgate window which slides out of sight. At the front it has two tilting glass panels, plus a fixed central glass panel.

A truly original reworking of a show car
Renault Kangoo be bop came into being in the wake of the enthusiasm prompted by the Kangoo Compact Concept show car at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show. A compact leisure vehicle with an original design and strong personality, Kangoo Compact Concept showed that an unusual car could appeal to active, sporty urban dwellers who share the values of fun and friendship. In addition to its design, the originality of the concept lay in its extensive glazed area and unique convertibility solutions, with the emphasis on space and light. Renault Kangoo be bop's designers have succeeded in producing a production model which echoes the strengths and features of the concept car.

Renault Kangoo be bop has the Kangoo front end with its short bonnet and droplet-shaped headlamps. Light floods into the cabin through the sweeping, steeply raked windscreen for outstanding visibility. Renault Kangoo be bop differs from its elder sibling by being even shorter (less than four metres in length), as well as through some original styling details, such as the black headlamp masks, specific bumpers, and 16-inch alloy wheels. Ground clearance has been raised 20mm compared with Renault Kangoo, while protective side mouldings lend the look of 'urban adventurer', ready to confront the great outdoors. Its robust, expressive lines are energized by the standard two-tone colour scheme handed down from the concept car. The bonnet, grille, outside rearview mirrors, front bumper bib and tailgate panel are Sideral Grey, while the rest of the bodywork is another colour, e.g. Etincelle Orange, borrowed from Kangoo Compact Concept. Another similarity is the elongated, semi-circular form of the side windows, which make Renault Kangoo be bop instantly recognisable.The large tailgate window slides right out of sight into the door. It is operated by a switch on the instrument panel or by a third button on the ignition key, and makes it possible to access the boot without having to unlock the car or open the tailgate. The system naturally incorporates an anti-pinch safety function.

Renault Kangoo be bop features the same convertible roof configuration seen on the concept car, with a fully glazed, forward-sliding panel at the rear. With the rear section of the roof and rear window in the open position, Renault Kangoo be bop's rear passengers are able to enjoy the delights of open-air motoring. The roof opens at an angle which creates a deflecting effect to prevent bothersome turbulence while on the move. Its 'open' and 'closed' positions are secured by two side locks. It opens independently of the tailgate with the help of two small rams.

The wide, fixed middle glazed panel contributes to the cabin's brightness, while the two front tilting glass panels ensure that front-seat occupants also get a taste of the open air. Even when open, the panels do not interfere with the forward-sliding rear roof. The glazed roof panels have all been treated to filter out the sun's ultraviolet rays.

A unique ride experience
Despite its compact exterior dimensions, Renault Kangoo be bop affords an amazingly generous, warm living space. The emphasis is on space and light. Its extensive 3.9 sq. metres of glazed area (roof and windows) flood the cabin with light. Front occupants benefit from the sweeping windscreen inherited from Renault Kangoo, while the large, semi-circular side windows heighten the rear passengers' sense of travelling comfort, redolent of the tranquillity afforded by a modern high-speed train such as the TGV. The rear windows also permit excellent threequarter rear vision for manoeuvring and overtaking.

At home in town and country
At only 3.87 metres in length, Renault Kangoo be bop is perfectly at home in towns and cities. Its wheelbase is 38cm shorter than that of Renault Kangoo which permits a smaller turning circle. Renault Kangoo be bop can be turned round between kerbs just 9.7 metres apart, making it as agile as the most manoeuvrable city car.

A vehicle for leisure and pleasure, Renault Kangoo be bop is powered by engines that yield genuine driveability and which are robust, economical, and kind to the environment, including two diesel powerplants - the 85hp dCi and the 100hp dCi which comes with a particulate filter and drives through a six-speed gearbox - and the petrol 105hp 1.6 16V unit.
On certain markets, the 105hp engine is available with a particulate filter which comes with a fifth injector on the exhaust line.

The 1.6 16V petrol engine develops 105hp at 5,750rpm and maximum torque of 148Nm at 3,750rpm. It delivers outstanding driveability and low combined cycle fuel consumption (7.7 litres/100km) thanks to the use of lightweight materials and a timing system with roller cam followers.

Whether on city streets or open country roads, occupants will be reassured by Renault Kangoo be bop's safety credentials, with active safety on a par with that of a family saloon. It is equipped with Bosch ABS incorporating electronic brakeforce distribution, emergency brake assist and automatic activation of hazard lights. Bosch ESC 8.0, combined with understeer control, comes as standard on Renault Kangoo.

Renault Kangoo be bop is assembled at the ISO 14001-certified MCA Maubeuge plant in France, contains 7kg of recycled plastics (6% of its weight) and is 95% recoverable by weight (85% recyclable). Renault Kangoo be bop dCi 85 emits just 138g of CO2/km, making it perfectly eligible for the Renault eco² signature.
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