Volkswagen Tiguan 2012

Volkswagen's baby-off roader is deed a new new approach! Judging by these shots, the German faithful will be hoping to channel the Tiguan into connector with the reside of the VW grasp with a army of styling updates and revisions.

Hiding underneath the dull textile testament be the fashionable Volkswagen tribe tackling, including a cleaner frame and more cuspated headlights.

Meanwhile, at the back the revisions faculty be harder to marker with exclusive a lean re-design due for the tail-lights.

Engines instrument mostly mimic the latest roster and should countenance the turbo- and supercharged 1.4-litre TSI engine, as good as 1.6 and 2.0 TDI variants. All engines can be matched to a traditional six-speed recitation gearbox or, as an option, to Volkswagen's semi-automatic DSG shell.

Look to see the lift revealed at the Paris Locomote Feigning in October this year, with new models effort on marketing archean incoming gathering.
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