2010 Audi RS4 Simple Preview

The RS Designation Audi entitles with it always is currently rated the best performance designation a car has today. It stands for the phrase in German language meaning Motor Sport in English, often known with the name Racing Sport Cars.

The German manufacturer is currently preparing the new monster and ready face to face competition with Bmw M3, Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG and the Lexus IS-F. The new model which will be launched in spring 2010 will carry a V8 engine capable to deliver an impressive 450 hp (+30 hp compared to the old version). Also, the new vehicle will get larger air intakes, inspired by the Audi TT-RS and by the upcoming RS5 but also a more aggressive aerodynamic kit.

2010-RS4-audi-frontside.jpeg 2010-audi-rs4-b8-01.jpg 2010-Audi-RS4-Interior.jpg
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