Dodge Challenger SRT8 : 1000hp speed test

The Dodge Challenger SRT8 CULT Motorsport has built about a year, but given its public debut at this year's SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Threatening is the word that best defines him. If this muscle car is already very rough number, imagine a black paint and a body kit widebody widened to the absolute limits.

The tires have at least 22 inches and are wrapped in almost invisible profile tires. The brake system that lives in the wheels is higher than standard, would make sense. The menacing touch clearly puts the optics, surrounded by red LEDs, which creature from Hell. The Fog receive the same treatment, and the result is a menacing look, bloodshot and very aggressive.

2009-dodge-challenger-srt8-side.jpg 2008-dodge-challenger-srt8-side.jpg

Since the Challenger has received a very special motor preparation, as can be seen consisting of a huge inlet and compressor, protruding from the bonnet-style hot-rod. Technical data are unknown, but since it is an SRT8, carries a 6.1 V8 HEMI engine that delivers the power I doubt standard. In fact, it is rumored by some U.S. forums that their real power actually round figures close to 1,000 hp.
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