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Parker Brothers Tron Lightcycle

Posted: 30 Nov 2010 09:00 PM PST

Hello everyone, you may have already seen the Tron Legacy Lightcycles built by Parker Brothers Choppers, but you could have also purchased one of the ten that they built for $55,000. If you have not, then enjoy these photos and video from Parker Brothers Choppers that have been circulating around the Internet.

The Tron light cycles were custom built and based on the photographs and videos on the Internet that are promoting the upcoming Tron Legacy film coming out December 17. The movie’s filmmakers used computer generated imagery to move the light cycles, so there never were any fully functional props, and they did not supply Parker Brothers Choppers with any models.

These light cycles are semi-functional, they do run under their own power provided by a Suzuki TL1000R motorcycle engine. The 1998-2003 V-twin Suzuki TL1000R engine originally produced 135 HP and 73 ft-lb of torque, mostly in the top-end, peaking near 9800 RPM, for which it was widely praised as V-twin’s but unfortunately, it does not appear to share the handling characteristics of neither Suzuki’s super-bike, nor Tron Legacy’s light cycles.

The Parker Brothers Choppers light cycles are over 100 inches long, do not emit a light trail, cannot drive up walls, and do not appear to have the integrating fairing for your new Tron Legacy motorcycle suit. However, the Disney store has a light cycle that can do all of those things for 1/1392 of the price in 1:25 scale. Of course, the Disney light cycles will not likely be on the upcoming cover of Playboy magazine.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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