New Chevrolet Camaro LFX V6 model: Rumor

Posted: 06 Jan 2011 06:56 AM PST

News is spreading across the web that GM are planning to release a new version of the Chevrolet Camaro for the 2012 mode line-up called the Camaro LFX V6.

The Chevrolet Camaro LFX V6 will have a 3.6-liter engine kicking out 330 hp, this new engine will be E85 bioethanol capable and will also have variable valve timing.

No specifications have been released yet but what we do know is that like all the models in the line-up, the Camaro LFX will be distinguished by a long front dash-to-axle and short rear deck, a sleek windshield profile, wheels pushed to the corners, and a muscular fender.

The interior will be distinguished by high quality leather, a sports steering wheel, and different aluminum inserts.

We will bring you more news on this new Camaro model as soon as the information is released

Source: Top Speed

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First Dodge Charger concept car up for Auction

Posted: 06 Jan 2011 06:29 AM PST

RM Auctions has announced that the first ever Dodge Charger concept car will be going under the hammer at this year’s Automobiles of Arizona event held on Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa from January 20, 2011.

The Charger thats up for auction is the actual 1964 Dodge Hemi Charger concept car with Chassis No. 6442103030. The 1964 Dodge Charger concept is powered by a 426 cu. in. Chrysler “Hemi” V8 engine developing a powerful 600+ hp.

The 1964 Dodge Charger concept car comes from the Estate of John O’Quinn, it was previously owned by collector Joe Bortz and was restored by Fran Roxas. The auctioned Dodge Charger concept is now fitted with one of the original 15 Chrysler race Hemi engines and it represents the first Dodge to wear the Charger name.

It’s estimated that the 1964 Dodge Charger concept car will fetch between 750,000 USD and 1 million USD at this year’s auction.

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2011 Nissan Micra Review: Video

Posted: 06 Jan 2011 06:14 AM PST

Autocar has released another video giving a 90 second verdict on the UK version of the 2011 Nissan Micra. The car that are test driving is the 1.2 12v Tekna model.

The 2011 Nissan Micra used in this review is powered by a 3-cylinder petrol engine that develops 79 hp at 6,000 rpm and 81 lb-ft of torque at 4,400 rpm. The power is fed to the ront wheels via a 5-speed manual gearbox.

The top speed is rated at 106 mph (170 km/h) and it has a 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) acceleration time of 13.7 seconds. And because it weighs only 970 kg, the 2011 Nissan Micra is capable of offering exceptional fuel economy and CO2 emissions level.

Watch the video below to see what Autocar has to say about the 2011 Nissan Micra

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2012 Kia Picanto Images and Details Released

Posted: 06 Jan 2011 04:05 AM PST

South Korean car company – Kia has released details and images of the new generation Kia Picanto which is due to premiere at the 2011 Geneva International Motor Show. The 2012 Kia Picanto will go on display in Geneva on March the 1st 2011, before going on sale in various European markets.

The company says the new 2012 Kia Picanto has been completely redesigned, re-engineered and offers more space. The new Kia Picanto is longer and has a wider wheelbase than the current model. It will also be available in five-door and three-door configurations.

The 2012 Kia Picanto will be available with a choice of four engines, 1.0 litre and 1.2 litre
displacements. The standard petrol engine line-up of the 2012 Kia Picanto will be enhanced by LPG, bi-fuel and flex-fuel variations, depending on the market.

For more information read the Kia press release below and don’t forget to check out the image gallery.

Kia Press Release:


2012 Kia Picanto to be offered in two body styles with four all-new powertrains
Production vehicle to be revealed at 2011 Geneva Motor Show
Kia Motors Corporation has released the first official photos of the next generation Picanto city car boasting a bolder, more mature and more self confident look.

Completely redesigned and re-engineered, the new car has grown in overall length and wheelbase and is set to redefine its position as one of the most competitive vehicles in its segment.

Kia's Chief Design Officer, Peter Schreyer, said, "In profile, 2012 Kia Picanto features significant sculpting and a very prominent rising character line. The result is a layering of light and shadow and this breaks up the height, giving the car a more sure-footed stance."

While the current Picanto is available only as a five-door hatchback, the next generation version will be offered as a five-door globally but a sportier three-door body style will also be made available in the UK and European markets.

The 2012 Kia Picanto will feature four all-new powertrains in 1.0- and 1.2-litre displacements, all boasting class leading CO2 emissions levels. In addition to the standard petrol engines, LPG, bi-fuel and flex-fuel variations will be available depending on local market requirements.

The next generation Picanto will receive its official unveiling at the Geneva International Motor Show on Tuesday March 1 2011.

The exact timing of the car's arrival in the UK market is yet to be decided.

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Porsche Cayenne Coupe by Merdad: Video

Posted: 06 Jan 2011 03:27 AM PST

Aftermarket specialists – Merdad have released details and a video of their Porsche Cayenne conversion kit. This upgrade program converts the 5 door SUV into a 3 door coupe.

Merdad are offering the Porsche Cayenne Coupe with power between 550 hp and 750 hp. According to the Merdad specs, the range topper can hit 100
km/h in 4.4 seconds.

Apart from the obvious three-door conversion, the Porsche Cayenne Coupe also comes with a new aerodynamics package that includes new front and rear bumpers, side skirts and a set of 22 inch alloy wheels. Along with the new body kit the Porsche Cayenne Coupe also comes with a lowering module that can decreases the ride height by up to 40 mm.

No price has been announced yet, but Merdad have released the first video of the three-door SUV, along with the 4 door version and the Merdad Range Rover, which you can watch below.

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Huge Car Pile up on an Icy Road in Colorado: Video

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 09:53 AM PST

A guy in Colorado Springs happened to have his camera handy and filmed dozens of cars all sliding into each other on a snowy wintry day in Colorado ,USA.

Thing is most people have themselves to blame in this video, they can see other people struggling and crashing but ego tells them that they can make it and it all ends in disaster.

Watch the icy road shunt in the video below.

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Tree trunk wheel replacement: Video

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 08:26 AM PST

In this video somebody uses a tree trunk for a spare tire on his trailer but what is more comical is the fact that it actually works.

We are presuming this video was shot in somewhere in Russia and while it may seem like an ingenious solution it could also be quite dangerous as the friction between the tree and road could ignite the trunk.

Watch the video below and give us your comments below.

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Ken Block demonstration at Quik Pro beach party: Video

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 06:19 AM PST

The monster team have released a new video showing Gymkhana expert – Ken Block showing off his amazing driving skills in France. The event took place at the Quiksilver Pro Surf contest in Hossegor in the week before Rally France.

Ken Block took the opportunity to promote his DC Shows brand and gave a Gymkhana demonstration in his Monster Ford Fiesta before being joined by Charles Pages, a DC Europe FMX rider.

Watch the video which shows Ken Block demonstrating his amazing driving skills.

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MINI Paceman concept car: Video

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 05:50 AM PST

BMW has released a video showing the new Mini Paceman concept car which is due to debut at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in January 2011. The video shows the new concept car up close and personal allowing us to see some of the finer details.

Here is a quick recap, the MINI Paceman concept car is powered by a 1.6-litre twin-scroll turbocharged engine branded by MINI John Cooper Works. It kicks out 211 hp and 260 Nm of torque and also benefits from an Overboost function that manages to increase the torque to 280 Nm.

Now watch the video below of the MINI Paceman concept car.

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Sunday Drivers Mercedes Commercial: Video

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 05:31 AM PST

Mercedes Benz has released a new commercial for this winter titled Sunday Drivers. This advert features Formula 1 champions Michael Schumacher and Mika Hakkinen.

The new Mercedes advert features the latest generation Mercedes e class which is driven by Mika Hakkinen and a classic Mercedes driven by Michael Schumacher. This new commercial offers a funny take on the two rivals from the 1990s.

Schumacher and Hakkinen are currently promoting Merc’s 4MATIC all wheel drive system which in this new ad equips the new E Class Estate and the G Class. Watch the Mercedes Sunday Driver commercial below with Schumacher and Hakkinen in the video.

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