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Smart Personal Sounds Concept

Posted: 12 Jan 2011 05:30 AM PST

It is a curiosity of the least publicized of the Detroit Motor Show (15-23 January 2011), yet the smart personal concept sounds could set the stage for a new type of car customization, so to speak, “sound”. The idea materialized in this prototype show is to combine a digitized sound to any action taken by the driver or passenger, such as opening the window, operation of the handbrake ol’accensione headlights.

A little ‘as is the case for mobile phones where you can customize ring tones, sounds on the smart personal concept can be associated with any action involving the spread of electrical activity through the speakers of a sound file or a short excerpt of music. So imagine you can combine a famous guitar riff at the opening of doors or even to start “singing in the rain”when you turn on the wipers, letting you listen to “hot in the city ” if you turn the air conditioner .. . Obviously such a system, if the public response would make a plausible entry into the list of options, allow you to download and share with friends the “sounds of a car, “just as happens with mobile phones.

Toyota Prius V Detroit 2011

Posted: 11 Jan 2011 06:20 PM PST

Ten years and more than a million units since the launch of the first generation Toyota Prius has the V, 4.62 m long MPV made from the hybrid platform now known HSD. Therefore, there are the Atkinson cycle gasoline engine 1.8 (98 hp) electric module and accredited 80 hp, for a combined output of 134 hp. Thanks to the excellent aerodynamic drag coefficient (equal to 0.29) consumption remains subdued, slightly higher than the sedan in the city are required just 5.6 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers, increasing to 6.2 and 5.9 respectively on the highway and in the combined cycle . V The Prius is also equipped with 16-inch alloy wheels and 205/60 tires, while the wheels 17 (optional) wear 215/50 tires.

The Japanese MPV measuring 4.62 meters in length, 1.78 in width and height for a 1:57 pace for 2.78 meters. The interior sees increase its volume by 50% compared to the sedan, while the trunk can stow 971 dm3. The Toyota Prius V also uses the new multimedia system called “Entune”, which allows interfacing with applications for smartphones and search through the internet browser Bing information on traffic, fuel prices, weather and sports. V The Prius will be sold in the U.S. since the summer of 2011.

During the press conference to present the top Toyota have confirmed the promotion of the word “Prius” a real brand, which will soon feature a family of cars with hybrid drive.

Hyundai Curb Concept Detroit 2011

Posted: 11 Jan 2011 06:10 PM PST

At the 2010 NAIAS Hyundai presents the Curb, and renew the concept that the extreme concepts of “Fluidic Sculpture” design. Doubtless, the car’s styling has many interesting points that, although too much show-car, could be a good starting point for the lines of its models. Starting from the side, the region “more digestible”. The headlights are quite troubled but the original styling, with curved lines coupled with taut lines and broken. The entire body makes use of convex and concave surfaces separated by muscular veins.

The car is powered by a 1.6 turbo 4 cylinder 175 hp combined with a dual-clutch automatic transmission. Quest’accoppiata provides an urban consumption of 7.84 L/100 km in highway and 5.88L/100. The wheels are 22 ‘tires and paintings fit into the grooves. If the outside looks futuristic, wait until you see the interior: straight out of a science fiction movie, with a large information system integrated into the structure of the board. Have you noticed cracks in the pillar. The Curb also has technology Blue Link technology that allows you to constantly connect the owner to the systems of the car.

Honda Civic sedan & Civic Coupè Concept Detroit 2011

Posted: 11 Jan 2011 06:01 PM PST

The Honda Civic is the ninth generation from the early prototypes bodied coupe and sedan, made in anticipation of future models aimed at the only North American market that will be shown in final form as early as the spring. The hatchback version will instead be presented at the Geneva Motor Show (3-13 March) and will share with her sisters “Yankee” some design elements, including the new front evolved than the solution today. The Japanese manufacturer did not disclose any technical details on the two concept cars, except that these are based on 19-inch alloy wheels. The Civic Sedan and Civic Coupe differ in some details to finish the front (bumper, grille specific) and of course for the development of the pavilion, which draws on both third volume just mentioned. Entirely mysterious interior, even if you promise more attention finishes.

The new Honda Civic will be powered by petrol i-VTEC engine, with a platform for next-generation IMA hybrid (present lithium batteries) and bi-fuel natural gas units. The European version will also rely on a brand new diesel engine cylinder capacity from the current 2.2.

Jeep 70th Anniversary Edition Detroit 2011

Posted: 11 Jan 2011 05:57 PM PST

Jeep is celebrating its 70th anniversary with a special series that will be offered throughout the range, unveiled at Detroit. After beginning as a manufacturer of military vehicles, Jeep has started construction in 1945 of HJ-2A, the first half calendar and come so far, consolidating its role in off-road vehicles and SUVs.

The Chrysler Group will celebrate the anniversary with the 70th Anniversary version of Compass, Patriot, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee and Wrangler painted in special colors Bronze Star, Bright Silver or Black with logos and dedicated. The interior will be in perforated leather, color Dark Slate or Dark Olive with stitching color and personal touches costrastante inside.

BYD E6 Detroit 2011

Posted: 11 Jan 2011 05:51 PM PST

BYD at the show in Detroit the E6, the final version of the 5-seater crossover Electric announced two years from now. Already presented in previous editions of the American living room, the e6 is now at its standard version, which will debut in the markets but only in 2012. Renovated in aesthetics, especially in the frontal area and in some technical details needed for approval in the United States, the E6 is powered by 60 Kwh lithium batteries, which allow it to reach a peak of 140 km / h with a range of about 320 km (200 miles) and recharge time of 6 hours.

According to the scant information provided by the manufacturer, the American version will have a power of 150 kW, compared with 75 Kw of the Chinese version, while the list price should be within the threshold of $ 35,000. BYD, remember, Mercedes has recently entered in the galaxy thanks to an agreement to work together on electric cars, which could lead to a future Chinese auto manufacturer even beyond the borders of the Asian and American markets.

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