VT Commodore Drivebelt Replacement – V6

Posted: 17 Feb 2011 07:14 AM PST

Today we are looking at what is involved in replacing the drivebelt on a V6 VT Commodore. This is a nice easy job as long as you have either a 15mm spanner or 15mm socket and ratchet. The spring-loaded belt tensioner is a little tricky to get to as the top radiator hose can get [...]

Video – How To Reset The Service Reminder Message – VT Commodore

Posted: 16 Feb 2011 11:30 PM PST

Just serviced your VT Commodore and want to get rid of that pesky service reminder message? Here’s how to do it. Start with the ignition in the OFF position Hold down both the ‘up’ and ‘down’ arrow buttons on the trip computer Turn the ignition to the ON position while still holding both trip computer buttons [...]
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