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Nissan GT-R and GT-R Egoist 2011

Posted: 08 Feb 2011 12:11 PM PST

Nissan has released new images and information of the GT-R model year 2011 and the GT-R variant Egoist. The GT-R was in fact updated contents and equipment, common to all versions, three years after its debut on the market. A glance is recognizable by the LED daytime running lights inserted in the front bumpers, part of a new aerodynamic kit that has improved by 10% to the value of drag coefficient cx of 0.26. The 3.8 twin-turbo V6 engine is increased from 485 to 530 hp, while torque has increased from 588 to 612 Nm, while reducing power consumption by 3.5% (12 l/100 km on average, 279 g / km).

E ‘recognizable by the red paint of the upper part of the ducts. New calibration with unprecedented buoyancy in aluminum dampers, as well as the electronic management, but updates have also been carried out on the braking system Brembo, now enhanced with front discs and 390 mm tire: were developed specifically because the new Dunlop SP Sport 600 DSST CTT MAXX 20 “. The GT-R Model Year 2011 touches 100 km / h acceleration in 3.046 seconds thanks to Launch Control and reaches a top speed of 315 km / h.

In detail, the engine was modified in VR38DETT pressure turbine and timing, has received wider intake, new exhaust system with modified catalysts, new radiator and new oil scavenger pump to maintain a constant flow of oil to the turbines and fuel from the tank to counter the large lateral accelerations in the GT-R is capable of. A system of four-wheel drive and 6-speed automatic transmission, which is now equipped with the SAVE mode, which reduces the torque and better management of gear changes to driving in traffic, thus optimizing fuel economy.

Force India VJM04 Formula 1 2011

Posted: 08 Feb 2011 12:02 PM PST

Force India unveiled VJM04 Formula 1 for the 2011 season, the only one still missing among all the teams in the world. Designated drivers, with the exclusion of Italian Liuzzi, I’m Paul di Resta and Adrian Sutil, Nico Hulkemberg while he serves as third driver.

Formula 1 Virgin MVR-02

Posted: 08 Feb 2011 11:57 AM PST

Virgin Racing has taken the veil yesterday the new MVR-02, the car that the team line up ‘in the 2011 World Formula 1. The machine ‘was officially presented during an event staged at the BBC Television Centre in London. In last week’s test in Valencia, Virgin has used a modified version of the car 2010. The new ‘creature’ debut ‘Thursday’ on the scheduled testing session at Jerez.

Cadillac TSS V Sport Station Wagon

Posted: 08 Feb 2011 11:52 AM PST

back door of the Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon European premiere of the concept and view XTS Platinum 2010 in Detroit. Since the autumn it will be possible to buy in Italy the family Cadillac V8 engine of 6.2 liters and 564 hp, 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. Brembo brakes and 19-inch Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires. The car show all the other features in version V, as well as automatic magnetorheological dampers Magnetic Ride Control. The Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon promises performance similar to that of the CTS-V sedan, with about 4 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km / h and a top speed around 300 km / h.

Opel Zafira Tourer Concept 2011

Posted: 08 Feb 2011 06:58 AM PST

The third-generation Opel Zafira will advance from prototype Zafira Tourer Concept, which was rebuilt as a hologram, pending the submission during the Geneva Motor Show (3-13 March). The German people carrier, the more portly of the current series, the solution maintains the rear doors swing up and presents the original “fangs” that include the front light clusters, thus reducing the gap introduced by Ampera family feeling. The Zafira Tourer Concept interior also offers a versatile and voluminous, configured to accommodate seven passengers in three rows according to the canons of the Flex7 system and seats designed to recreate the comfort of a sofa – Mark Adams, head of form design, use this About the term “lounge on wheels. ”

Lal C Zafira will be available beginning in late 2011 with the 1.4 Turbo engines 120 and 140 bhp 1.6 Turbo 180 hp and drives a diesel 1.7 CDTI and 2.0 CDTI in the different steps of power.

Hyundai HCD-12, i40 and Veloster

Posted: 08 Feb 2011 06:54 AM PST

Department operations for Hyundai ahead of Geneva Motor Show, which opens its doors on 1st March. The Korean manufacturer is set to launch a new world premiere, the i40, a European premiere, the Veloster submitted one month ago at the Detroit Motor Show, and the concept HCD-12. This prototype, in particular, more is not made unless the Curb Concept in Detroit and curiously renamed for landing in Europe.

Fully developed at the research center RÃ ¼ sselsheim, the i40 goes € ™ s interesting discourse stylistic baptized Fluidic Sculpture, which featured all of its more recent products. Hyundai’s new media will be on sale from June in Italy already in the station wagon version, with a further upgrade to the package than Triple 5 (five-year warranty, free roadside assistance and controls) with unlimited mileage.

The Veloster that finally we will see in Geneva, will be slightly different in some aesthetic details from that shown in Detroit. © The new coupé will be exhibited with the 1.6 petrol engine with direct injection, which will go on sale in May in Europe.

Electric scooter E-Max 120S

Posted: 08 Feb 2011 03:05 AM PST

E-MAX, a company founded in 2003 with the aim of developing electric motors that meet the needs of modern mobility and purchased in 2010 from Sportmotorcycles group, will premiere at the Milan fair Do the Right Thing (25-27 March) a new electric scooter much interesting.

E-MAX 120S is a 125 cc scooter with a brushless electric motor of 4000 W and 48 V that can reach a top speed of 80 km / h (self-limited value) and have a range of between 70 and 90 km through the silicon gel batteries which recharge time is around four hours.

Another distinctive feature of the new electric scooter is the presence of some sort of KERS combined with the rear brake, so when braking you have a recovery of energy from the rear, but before the brake system is quite traditional.

At the Milan show E-MAX will set up an external circuit to allow your visitors to test the new 120S or the 110S, more zero-emissions vehicle in its line.Regarding the price, E-MAX has a cost of 4300 € (VAT included) that will be reduced to € 3440 using eco incentives provided by the regional government of Lombardy.

Among other things, it seems that the scooter in question has already been approved for use on Italian roads that could really be missing very little before it can be seen in action, because the data seem to be very good, especially those dealing autonomy, yet still very sore key for this type of vehicle.

Alfa Romeo MiTo Version Super

Posted: 08 Feb 2011 02:54 AM PST

Starting from this month Alfa Romeo introduced a new price list set up for the MiTo, which is characterized by various sports items. The new staging Super is already available for all versions of the MiTo, except for models with a 1.4 Turbo engine for LPG and Quadrifoglio Verde.

The Super name was linked to the history of Alfa, and will surely be another welcome return for fans.
This set-up offers to 1,150 € in addition, 16-inch alloy wheels Elegant model, the shells of mirrors in titanium gray and a new air stripper fake on the rear bumper.

How are instead included a leather steering wheel with integrated radio and telephone controls, manual air conditioning, the Blue & Me and the radio mp3 cd with 8 speakers. This set is a super place them somewhere between the basic preparation Progression and Distinctive.

Prices start at the Super MiTo € 16,150 for the 78 bhp 1.4 Junior MiTo, however, below you can read all prices Super:

1.4 Junior 78 hp € 16,150
1.4 MultiAir 105 hp € 17,150
MultiAir 1.4 Turbo 135 hp € 18,750
TCT MultiAir 1.4 Turbo 135 hp € 20,350
1.3 JTDm S & S 95 hp € 18,850
S & S 1.6 JTDM 120 CV 20550 €

Infiniti New Compact Coupe in Geneva

Posted: 08 Feb 2011 02:50 AM PST

Japanese media reports that Infiniti, the luxury brand of Nissan, will officially launch at the Geneva Motor Show 2011, which begins March 3, a new and unique 3-door coupe, created in collaboration with Renault and Mercedes.

The compact 3-door coupe of the Infiniti, which will be presented in Geneva, should go to position in the market segment just below the Infiniti G37, and always as written by colleagues of Japan, should be similar to the Mercedes CLC as the type of car.

The style of the new coupe, of which there is no indication yet on the name, should remember that the concept Essence (see photo).
The platform of choice for the new coupe should be that of the next Renault Megane, and even the small engines would be the French company.

In addition to these, should also be available with some versions 4-cylinder engines of Mercedes origin, including the CGI 1.8 turbo 204 hp.

Mercedes among other things, Infiniti should provide the platform for future S-Class for the new flagship of the Japanese brand.

Volkswagen Up blue-e-motion

Posted: 08 Feb 2011 02:41 AM PST

Volkswagen is planning to submit a Volkswagen Up super efficient, able to offer lower power consumption to 2.9 liters per 100 km. This version of the new Volkswagen Up city car should be called blue-and-motion, as anticipated by the authoritative British magazine Autocar. The model will be powered edition of the standard engine in the XL1 Volkswagen concept car presented at the last Salone del Qatar. This variant of the Up should borrow other technologies XL1 an interesting prototype.

The car should make a small two-cylinder 0.8 engine from 50 hp (even if the manufacturer has repeatedly denied the possibility of such a solution), assisted by a 30 hp electric motor. These two units will be combined with the seven-speed transmission with double clutch.

The Volkswagen Up-and-blue motrion not have the ability to travel alone to power, as the car batteries will be sufficient only to keep power to the electric motor at the start and during hard acceleration. The energy will be regenerated during braking to provide long-lasting battery power.

Thanks to the device seen on Pulse Starting XL1, the Up will offer a super-efficient version of the Start & Stop system more fluid than other models in circulation. The concept car is able to offer lower fuel consumption 2 liters per 100 km, which is not accessible from the city car that weighs 300 kg more and more drag.

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