Ferrari California

Of coursework, that didn’t cease the Ferrari from getting stares in every Bavarian village they blew through. Even the least elegant Ferrari attracts camera-phone photographers, it seems. and those gawkers missed the view under the hood, where two giant inlet tubes run up to the red valve covers. Everything but the engine is covered, and it’s a visual treat.

there is one giant issue with the Ferrari new york, and it starts at the rear. The tall tail was necessary to provide room for all the hardware needed for the folding top, and this gives a classically stunning shape to the new york in side profile. The trouble begins when you look head-on at the car’s butt. The round taillights are placed well inboard of the fenders, and the swaths of sheetmetal extending to the edges increase the visual width of the rear. and, they serve  small function: The braking and turn-signal lights are in a triangular cluster closer to the bumper. The stacked rear tailpipes, like those of the Lexus IS F, are purely cosmetic and have no physical attachment to the ordinary exhaust pipes they conceal.
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