Mercedes-Benz GLK350 4MATIC

If comparison tests were decided on the basis of styling, this spunky tiny Benz rolling on Pirelli 20-inchers might have won here. But low-profile tires are noisy, and they often make the steering vague on-center; both complaints echoed and reechoed throughout our drive. All the other vehicles wore 55 and 60 profiles and elicited no squawks. Surprisingly, given the tires, the Benz’s ride was comparatively smooth, better than the BMW’s.

The GLK350 looks sharp inside and out, with chunky expanses of neatly twisted and brushed metal punctuating the black interior. The dash, and  the tool cluster with its crisp markings, seems clean and contemporary. they like the firmly stuffed driver’s seat, pronouncing it  right for all-day journeys.
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