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A Bid Adieu

Posted: 07 Feb 2011 09:00 PM PST

Aye this is Studdly here, what's good y'all? Today I'm here to give a tribute to a past special object in my life, and that's my Quickstah. Yes this bike was so special to me. Only a measly four year marriage with her, and now it's over. Why you ask? Well because someone trashed it.

What made this bike so special compared to all the other Gixxers out there? Well for one it was mine to ride. I could ride her anytime I wanted and she had no complaints. She wasn't paid off, but I greatly appreciated the time and access I had to her. She humbled me in ways I never knew possible, and she taught me much about the passion for riding.

When going out onto the reckless streets, she took care of me; hauling ass and leaving the knuckleheads behind. She was a very smooth operator and knew exactly how to handle the streets. Quickstah was admired by everyone; even those who didn't really like the idea of motorcycles. She gave me that extra cool flare. The ladies especially dug her and would request rides all the time.

But one night (the night after Christmas to be exact) a moron decides to run over her, basically leaving her for dead, and me helpless without the slightest clue as to what happened. All I know is the next morning I saw a murdered bike laying in the streets with some of her parts beside her, and a big ass empty space in front of her. No witnesses, no sorry note, no nothing, just me and my broken bike and heart.

The damages racked up to nearly 5K resulting in more trouble than what it was worth to fix her. I ended up selling her in hopes of lessening the damage to the existing note I had. I guess whoever did it thought it was a bicycle. When will cagers learn that motorcycles are very expensive to repair?!

The experience is still painful, but I suppose I have to move on now. Getting another bike is in the plan, but which bike I will get next is in question. Maybe some of you guys out there have an idea of which bike I should try out next.

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